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  1. Per the latest press release and the summary sheets available at the link posted by MrRandal above: "Upon arrival, non-vaccinated and non-immunized travellers will all have to quarantine for 10 days in Tahiti, whatever the results of their test is. The summary sheets have been updated."
  2. Tahitianbigkahuna, your photograph is beautiful. I will be buying a new camera for our cruise with PG on March 28. Which camera did you use for this shot?
  3. We booked the Intercontinental through our travel agent as part of the pre-cruise stay with PG. We had a choice of staying on Moorea, Tahiti or Bora Bora. We opted for Moorea as we did not want to have to fly to Bora Bora and we had also read that there is not much to see on Tahiti. Since this will be our first trip to French Polynesia, I'm sure that any place we stay will be fantastic.
  4. Hello... We are are a group of 4 adults who will be arriving on March 24 for a 3-day pre-cruise stay at the Intercontinental Moorea. We are thinking we would like to do an excursion during our pre-cruise stay and are leaning toward an ATV tour or a street food tour. Does anyone have any recommendations for tour operators? We would possibly do a private tour. Thank you.
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