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  1. I called yesterday and was able to book shows for our August cruise!
  2. I am going to suggest a TJ two day tour of SPb. They do small (10-12) groups and skip all lines, and are cheaper and cover much more than the ship excursions. Our guide shared so much history and special tidbits. I do hope you reconsider this wonderful opportunity!
  3. I did a two-day tour of SPB with TJ Travel last spring was very impressed. We had 10 people on a small bus with a tour guide that crammed in so much sightseeing and continually sharing history, information on sights, etc. She was willing to make adjustments to her schedule to accommodate us. I would highly recommend TJ!
  4. I just got back from this cruise and only had a credit card and some US $. Never had a problem not having local currency.
  5. Not true! I just did this cruise and a tour with TJ June 3rd. I only needed a passport to board and I used my passport and tour ticket to enter Russia.
  6. Just got off Epic where I had 11075 with this balcony. Loved it. It had two lounges, two chairs and two small tables. Large enough that even when sunny you could still have shade or enjoy the sun.
  7. Thanks for the info, Richstowe! I sail from there next Saturday. Do they screen your suitcase during the screening in process or later after you turn it over to them?
  8. Ken, I would love to see the dailies. I'm a planner. Cruising in August. Thanks!
  9. I would love to see copies of the dailies! I cruise in August (during the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally) and like to make plans and reservations in advance. Thanks!
  10. Would love to read the long version! Same cruise in August.
  11. I am comparing Carnival''s Spirit to Golden for an Alaska cruise and would like some info for comparison. I am interested in menus (MD, room service, etc) and Alaksan Patters. Does Princess still have formal nights in the MDR or have they gone the elegant route? I would really appreciate any info. Thanks!
  12. This cruise was one of my favorites because of the special Christmas things. It ended on December 22nd but the ship was beautifully decorated. On our last sea day Santa came to the show lounge and all the kids from Camp Carnival were brought up on stage . There was singing and stories. The best was when the lights were turned out (except on stage) A crew member represented their country and came down the aisle carrying a candle. It was very beautiful and emotional. It felt like celebrating the holiday with the world.
  13. We were just n the Legend in December and the ATD did not work for us. We wanted a table for two and were told that we would be seated with a larger table because they needed to fill up all available seats. Asked if we could wait for a table for two and were told no. The Asst Maitr'd told us that there was a table for two at the late seating and we took it. From our experience I think that I will continue to do assigned seating rather than take my chances on ATD. For us it was like they seat you for lunch and breakfast except that they wouldn't accomodate you if you wanted to sit with only your party.
  14. We just returned from our Legend cruise to these ports. My only tip to share is the new port beach at Mahogany Bay. We were the third ship to stop there and it was soooo nice. They have a shopping area, and a private beach for Carnival. You can walk to it or take a chairlift that deposits you on the beach for $5.00/ride all day. There were plenty of lounge chairs in sun or shade, and all of the amenities yo expect at a beach. It was great!
  15. I was collecting the Carnival ship placemats that they give you on the last night in the dining room. They did not give out placemats on my last three cruises and I would love to get them. If you have a placemat for Carnival Glory, Carnival Legend or Carnival Spirit I would love to have them. I will gladly pay postage. You can email me at missyandmokey@yahoo.com. Thanks!
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