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  1. zqtchas.....when are you departing on your cruise?
  2. We were planning to book La Dame for our 30th anniversary night on Spirit in October. Seems like we might just as well go to Atlantide.... Decisions! Decisions! And dining reservations open up tomorrow for us.
  3. Lois, we sailed Auckland to Sydney in March/April 2019 on Celebrity Solstice with nine days in NZ pre-cruise and 9 days post-cruise in Australia. Loved it but will say it is really interesting to visit those counties and realize they have an even younger history than our own. Our big trip before our Down Under trip was to Israel in October 2018 and the contrast was great. I'll just add some tips that aren't comprehensive but will give you food for thought. Perhaps we can fill in details when we sail together in October 🙂 Auckland - we stayed at the Auckland Hilton on
  4. Thanks for sharing the link to that video. SUPER helpful to newbies. Can't believe how many different dining options there are for such an intimate ship. So looking forward to this new experience.
  5. Thanks, Lois! We are cruising with you 🙂 I will join the Roll Call you started in the next day or two. Have to say I am VERY impressed with MySilversea for excursion planning. Website is light years ahead of Celebrity!! Do Silversea passengers ever 'go it on their on' for excursions? I am so used to doing that on Celebrity but enjoyed the ease of booking ship's tours when we were on the Paul Gauguin two years ago so I am fine either way.
  6. Silversea newbie here about to pay for a Spirit cruise. I am still more than 120 days out from specialty dining reservations. Do I have to be sure I book early on the 120th day? Just not sure how difficult the reservations are to get. And can someone point me to a great place to learn more about the different specialty options and which ones are most popular? We are celebrating our 30th anniversary while onboard so I am planning to dine at the high end restaurant ($60/person) on that night unless others think that's a bad idea.
  7. How do I find out about the SS hotels pre cruise? Ask my TA I guess.
  8. Considering booking and not excited about telling my husband he has to wear a jacket...But it seems that although you can eat more casually on formal nights that you can't walk around the ship without a jacket on those nights. Did I understand that corrrectly? I like to dress up and we've brought tuxes and gowns on cruises before but schlepping too much luggage when we are adding on land-based travel on either side of the cruise can be a pain.
  9. My husband and I are seriously considering joining LoisR (whom I remember fondly from her days on the Celebrity board!) on the October 8, 2021 cruise out of Lisbon. We would fly in several days earlier and tour Lisbon. I didn't know we might have an option of a Silversea hotel. Did I misunderstand something? Additionally, I called our credit card company today (Chase Sapphire Preferred) to inquire about trip interruption or cancellation coverage for COVID-driven events and was somewhat surprised at her answer. She said that we would be covered if, for some weird reason, we test
  10. So if we are willing to wait two years, we will receive the cash back from our FCC from last year’s cancelled trip?
  11. We had booked and paid for a July 2020 honeymoon cruise for our son and now daughter-in-law. When it was canceled last year due to COVID, we were offered FCC at 125% or a refund. We took the FCC. Today, our travel agent informed us that the rebooked cruise due to go out of London on 7//12/2021 is also canceled. He is having trouble getting through to Viking (understandably) but thinks the message he watched from the Chairman of Viking indicated only FCC would be offered. We are very disappointed about this as who knows whether our happy couple will be pregnant, etc. in 2022. W
  12. Just thought Royal watchers would find it interesting to know that Adventure of the Seas has been hanging out between St. John and st. Croix today. Since arriving on St. Croix in December, we have seen only a few cruise ships passing by (unlike normal times when we’d see quite a few) but today’s activity has been interesting. Wonder if they are doing some kind of training. Anyone know?
  13. Got an email from our travel agent last night saying he had heard from Viking that they are extending cruise cancellations to August 31, 2020. We will now cancel and rebook under the Risk Free Guarantee.
  14. I wonder if Viking is waiting until the Risk Free Guarantee May 31, 2020 deadline passes before cancelling the cruises. I am considering starting a new booking for July 2021 before the deadline so that I will still have that protection and then take my refund for the 2020 cruise when they finally cancel it.
  15. Our son and his fiance are booked on a Viking Ocean cruise on July 12 from London to Bergen. I am just now reading that Norway has extended its border closings for international travel until mid-August. We have been expecting Viking to cancel this cruise and would prefer to wait until they cancel so that we can get our money back. I know no one has a crystal ball, but would you think that Viking will cancel cruises whose itinerary includes multiple Norwegian ports? Or will they simply re route elsewhere?
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