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  1. We plan to self-disembark this Friday off Solstice in Sydney. The Celebrity Today yesterday explained that we could wait in public areas starting at 7 a.m. My big fear is getting an elevator on disembarkation day. Any tips? I was thinking that we would try to get out of our cabin by 6:45....maybe ahead of the rush....and then go for breakfast at CAfe al Bacio or Blu (if they are open).
  2. While preparing for our March 29, 2019 cruise on Celebrity Solstice out of Auckland, I found little information about the embarkation on these boards. so I am now going to Pay it Forward for future cruisers. Celebrity Solstice docks right in Auckland CBD using the pier adjacent to the Hilton Auckland (where we stayed on points). About 2 weeks in advance of our cruise (and several times afterwards), we received an email from Celebrity telling us that we would be embarking by groups and laying out the time slots for each group (Aqua, Suites, Concierge, etc.). We were AquaClass and were assigned the first time slot (11:30 a.m.). On the day of embarkation, it was chaotic around the Hilton as passengers were disembarking and grabbing cabs, tours, etc. We had been told that we could probably check our bags in early and then go off to explore more of Auckland. This was true. The port authority has a great ambassador system as there were many workers around the pier willing to help. We were led to a somewhat hard to find area where several port workers were accepting luggage. We dropped all of our items off (being sure to keep our paperwork and passports with us for check in) and went off to the Auckland Museum. We arrived back at the port around 1:30 p.m. and joined the queue for checkin. While it looked chaotic, Celebrity had the process well-oiled and we were checked in and onboard in less than 15 minutes. It clearly didn't make a difference that we checked in after our proscribed check in time. And our suitcases were waiting for us outside of our stateroom. It was odd to embark right into the Martini Bar but Deck 4 has often been used for the Gangway on this cruise. Happy to answer questions now or later.
  3. I am currently on Celebrity Solstice cruising towards Hobart. We received our immigration cards in our cabins last night in preparation for our arrival in Hobart tomorrow morning at 8 a.m. We have been assigned group numbers and will be called to meet with immigration by group number. I'm guessing it will be a slow process...will try to update actual process after tomorrow.
  4. In case it's helpful, we are cruising fjordland today and it's magnificent!! Blue skies and cool but we feel very lucky!! Rough seas overnight coming around the southern tip of NZ. On Celebrity Solstice
  5. Like others on this board, I am very sorry to hear that Carol is gone. I, too, have enjoyed reading and benefitting both from your blog and your posts on CC over the years. Clearly you two knew how to live each day to the fullest and the memories you made together will certainly envelope you with warmth and love as you go through the coming days. May she rest in peace.
  6. May I tag onto this topic started by a fellow Solstice cruiser? Can someone tell us if Celebrity would allow us to check our luggage in sometime prior to noon and then let us embark later in the day? We understand from others that once we board, we cannot leave the ship. So we are thinking that we would like to check out of our hotel (Auckland Hilton), get rid of our bags and then do a tour during the afternoon. Before I book a tour, it would be great to hear from others if this is possible. If not, we will ask the Hilton to hold our luggage.
  7. I haven't read your entire report yet but have loved the parts I've read! Great sense of humor and great sense of family!! And had to call out this section regarding St. Croix... We have visited STX for 23 years and, for the past five years, have spent the winter on her. Needless to say we love her. And we are glad you enjoyed your port stop. Rhythms and Rainbow Beach are at the top of our list for great times at the beach. Of course, we avoid going on cruise ship days when it is less crowded. And the island is much more low-key than many with less shopping, etc. And Frederiksted is the smaller of the two towns and was hit hard by Hurrricane Maria. Definitely com back for a longer vacation. And, if you do, take a look at staying at the Buccaneer. It would be a perfect spot for your family.
  8. If gecko still offers a quad bike plus jet ski experience, your kids would love both. Mine did as late teenagers!
  9. I love both beaches and have been to each many times. If you are renting a car, then consider Isaac Bay. If not, Sandy Point is AMAZING. just make sure your taxi will return to pick you up and know that there are no facilities and barely any shade there so 2 hours will be enough
  10. For what it's worth, I have done a lot of hotel looking in Sydney for mid-April 2019 and have been surprised at how inexpensive it is for a big city. I haven't booked anything yet but am leaning towards the Shangri-La on their Horizon Club floor. That will probably cost us upwards of $400 a night but I'm willing to splurge as this will be the last stop on a five week cruise/land tour of NZ and Australia. Go to Tripadvisor or Booking.com and put your dates in and see what you get. Intercontinental, Grace, Shangri-La all might come up under $300 a night.
  11. Thanks, all. We'll probably go for it. I realize there are risks but we're quite adept at managing airports 🙂 We will budget an hour for getting and taking the taxi. Thanks for the realistic advice.
  12. I hope it's o.k. to piggy back on your question as it seems you've gotten great answers... Our Solstice cruise gets into Sydney at 6:30 a.m. on March 29 (a Friday). We would like to make a 10:45 a.m. flight to Yulara (Uluru). Google maps says it's a 16 minute cab ride to the airport. We are fit and seasoned travelers. As long as we take our own luggage off, can we make that flight?
  13. O.k. We may shoot for the 12 noon flight then. Trying to get a bit of the Great Ocean Road trip under our belt when we get there so 11 would be preferable.
  14. we will be arriving at Circular Quay on Celebrity Solstice at 6:30 a.m. On Friday, April 12, 2019. We want to fly to Melbourne that day. What would be the earliest flight you would consider? Would 11 a.m. Work?
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