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  1. Aviendah

    Spirit ship

    If your budgets allows I would opt an aft wrap balcony Vista Suite. It connects to an extended aft balcony cabin perfect for Alaska as all family members can fit on the aft wrap and you can open the balcony divider. It's still chilly but much less wind when you are aft. Search cabins 4228 or 4237 for reference as they have full overhead coverage in case there is rain. I can't stress this suite enough if you are in Alaska; it's the only time we have opted for a suite.
  2. Aviendah

    Holiday Inn Port of Miami in March

    ^^^^^ Came here to say exactly this. We love the location across from Bayside.
  3. Thank you! Sailing in 2 weeks!
  4. Aviendah

    FTTF suddenly available!

    Just got it for July 17th on the Legend!
  5. Aviendah

    Dream Aug 5th...just got FTTF!!

    I just got it too! Thanks for the head's up, I have been checking every day since January for our cruise in July.
  6. Aviendah

    Recommendations for new Binoculars

    Love the Leupolds. I'm taking a pair of 8x30 and DH is taking 8x42.
  7. Aviendah

    Salmon boats that book a single passenger

    Look up Bill Meck at Ketchikan Charter. Great reviews.
  8. Aviendah

    Info on Legend 2018 Dry Dock

    The seaside theater was not added during dry dock. Also no stateroom updates other than new mattresses. I got this information from the Carnival Legend FB group post.
  9. Aviendah

    Excursion truly sold out?

    For the stingray excursion we prefer to book on our own with a private vendor; sometimes even at the dock. We like the smaller boats with fewer people to deal with. The cruise ship excursions are usually packed and you don't get as much individual attention.
  10. Aviendah

    Would LOVE some insight, thank you.

    On a cruise there is bound to be someone not 10ft away that will make you feel like you're a beauty queen even with your added curves. I can also guarantee that there are just as many attracted to a curvy girl with a confident smile as to any skinny girl rocking a bikini. Have a wonderful trip!
  11. This is the best explanation I've seen! Thank you for taking the time to post this information.
  12. Aviendah

    Ice caves in Juneau

  13. Update from Vigor Industrial on FB at 5:14pm PDT: Vigor Industrial Here's a time update. While it will be 7:30 before the Carnival Legend starts getting loaded on drydock, you'll have a great view by 5:30 while the lifeboats are unloaded close to the railroad bridge near the shipyard. Envious of our Portland cruisers that get a chance to see this process!
  14. Aviendah

    Online Check in error. Anyone else?

    Try a different web browser or clear the history and cache of your current browser. It may be a cookie issue.
  15. Aviendah

    Upgrade within final payment window?

    Keep checking the mock booking. I just got an aft wrap balcony suite for Alaska 85 days before sailing.