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  1. Do you know how much the excursions will be? At the moment an excursion is £40 per person on average. We are a family of 4 and have 10 ports during our cruise. Total £1600. Even if they slash the price of excursion it will still be a big budget just to be able to get off the ship. Also while on shore, most passengers I guess would respect the current social distancing and hygienic rules and where a mask to minimise the risk of infection. I am not sure the P&O organised excursions will be safer than me walking around town on my own.
  2. I understand their thinking in a way as one of P&O requirements is you can only board the ship at the beginning of your cruise with a negative Covid test. And everytime a passenger leaves the ship in one of the ports, he risks contracting the virus from somewhere and P&O doesn't want Covid to be brought onboard half way through the cruise. However this not a holiday for me.
  3. Yes you can stay on board, but that would be a bit boring in my opinion. However standard cancellation policy will apply as P&O reckon that albeit a few changes guests will still have a wonderful holiday.
  4. I think you are correct and it is unlikely that the rules will change by November 2021. And yes I am waiting for P&O winter cruises 2022 to come out and then I might change the dates ... hoping there will be a bit more freedom in 2022 🙂
  5. Thank you Wowzz. I understand the need to change some practices and that cruising will be different than before. However this is a really major change in my eyes and I am just a bit shocked to be honest. I booked the cruise 15 months ago before the the pandemic started, and I just stumbled upon this new T&C. I never received any email or letter advising about this, and this is going to be a deal breaker for me. I have until August to pay the remainder of my cruise so I will wait till then and hope they reconsider this new rule. Otherwise I will be cancelling I am afraid, which is a shame as the whole family had been looking forward to it 😞
  6. I just saw on P&O's website that they are making few changes on their cruises due to the pandemic which I guess is fair enough. However the one that is sticking out for me is that they will not allow passengers to get off the cruise ship in ports unless they are booked on one of P&O approved excursions!!! What I like most about cruises is being able to get off the ship and explore and get lost in the cities on my own. Not only will I not be able to do what I want on the cruise but they will charge me a premium to have to go on excursions which I have no interest in! My cruise is booked for November 2021 and if this new rule is still applicable I will be cancelling. See below the link to P&O website: https://www.pocruises.com/cruise-with-confidence?otprrf=direct I have also copied and pasted a couple of their FAQ from their website Why can't I explore independently? Why can't I leave the ship without booking a shore experience? In line with the approved health protocols all shore experiences will be on organised excursions only using vetted operators who will be subject to regular testing and ongoing guidance. Our shore experience operators will be subject to new screening and guidance/ temperature checks/and or health screening may be carried out prior to boarding the ship after time on shore. As guests can only go on shore on an organised excursion, does this mean the tour is included in the cost of our holiday or is it an additional charge? We are currently working on a new programme that will be available including options at a lower price and available to purchase via My P&O Cruises eight weeks prior to departure. The new programme and additional options will ensure that we have options available for all guests to travel ashore.
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