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  1. This doesn't look so good right now. Download the NOAA links to keep up with the updates. We're the Moore's Tampa Bay Harmony 9/22 and 10/06 https://www.nhc.noaa.gov/refresh/graphics_at5+shtml/203609.shtml?tswind120#contents
  2. Somebody has to be getting tossed a little tonight. Somebody will have ships running from the storm. Stay safe. Please update as we are cruzin' soon... We are the Moore's Tampa Bay
  3. Check this out: https:/:/www.youtube.com/watch?v=uAxjfd2Kd4s Smart kid :) We are the Moore's Tampa Bay
  4. Cruises are for newlyweds and nearly deads... We had a ghost in our room on the ncl spirit, as other rooms near us were as well. deck 12. We had a room down the hall and they were freaking out, but were glad to know we had Casper also. We mentioned this to a ships officer and he said that is why they call the ship the Spirit. 😎 not trying to convince anyone at all. When you see a ghost and other experiences you will know it. Boo!
  5. go to youtube. punch in pier runners and missed the ship. when we are in cozumel it is a sporting event to watch all the drunks running and the captain sitting on his horn like a cabbie in nyc. it seems it is happening more and more with self absorbed cruisers...
  6. 😎 We are 76 days out and still can not book shows on Harmony. Anyone else ? booked all shows 122 days out for 9/22 cruise... Just want to book asap as our special son will not understand... Thanks, We're the Moore's Tampa Bay ' m /
  7. We are going to Coco and Haiti soon. Can we take my scooter off the ship? Even with trams I can not get around much... Thanks, The Moore Family. 😎 m m m mm i
  8. What? We go to bed when the sun is coming up everyday... really. I became infamous when a lifeguard at Castaway Cay told me: One of the guests crashed the crew Barbie party last nite at 3am, I wanna party with that dude... I said that would be me. Everyone dressed up like Barbie> Everyone. Really wild , even for me. (shh) Crashing crew bars is also fun now and then, I say I'm with the band. I advise to get one of the rooms on the 8 floors on the ship with only cabins, Boardwalk cabins speak for themselves one would think. Another CC post much ado about nada. Take care and may your Seas be flat and your tummies be fat. We're the Moore's Tampa Bay 😎 Harmony 9/22 Canaveral Harmony 10/6 " Brilliance 12/19 Tampa Bay
  9. Go to youtube.com Search for : Orbs They are very very real. The Moore Family BOO! m
  10. Hot Dogs and Sausage looks good! Harmony 9/22 Harmony 10/6 Brilliance 12/9
  11. Cheap cheap cheap...😎
  12. Thanks neverbeenhere... 😎 that reply is really funny!
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