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  1. Coco Cay looks like bend over $$$$ Cay to us. Harmony 9/22.2019
  2. Watch your wallet they want you to spend another 4k as you will see at the end of the week. Beatles show is not to be missed. Elevators suck, they want you to use the stairs. Local is great for a bloody mary and an omellete at breakfast and after closing the casino at 4 am... Captain is awesome as is Lucas the cruise director. DO NOT MISS getting a fantastic cocktail form Bong & Chocolate Cowboy at Mojitos. Tell em Sean sent you (our special needs son they have known for years... ) Steakhouse is a must do. Pools look like Coney Island in the 20's>> very sad. Pre mixed drinks watch out. To many people = Bliss. 5,800 hundred passengers and a three story atrium and 12 elevators, you figure it out. :) Booked the Harmony and Mardi Gra> can't wait ! We are the Moore's Tampa Bay
  3. 2000 Sovereign of the Seas 7 dayer, Jerry Lewis got on the ship in Puerto Rico with lots of gucci luggage. He was great, brought hie own band. LAADY! The amazing Kreskin, who shook hands with the crowd on the way on stage and picked 10 or 12 watches form the audience... so funny. Carol Lawrence was in form also. Those were the days... 🙂 Ed and Debbie Moore Tampa bay (Brilliance from Tampa Feb. 28th> March 4th 2019)
  4. NCL missing a port or two? nah... Keep da money on da boat.... PS- at 8am tomorrow you are persona non grata... come again! LOL We are the Moore's Tampa Bay
  5. MS We want Kevin back. His two ships are doing 2/3 nighters out of Port of Palm Beach...look out NCL. 😎
  6. Sean and the Master and Commander of the Bliss. 🙂 We are the Moore's Tampa Bay
  7. 🕔OK FOLKS, This posting is reaallly getting funner by the post. Good job Dave.😎
  8. This is a fun post! You brought back the Rib Eye, Now bring back a Labstah or two... Kevin now has two ships, look out NCL.😎🌏
  9. I never saw more than 6 people ever at JB's. We used to see him in concert for $15pp, and we showed up at 6am to sell cokes to get in to the concert. I have a family of 4 x 15 x 20% whoopy fee? For lunch? Went to Cagneys $77 for dinner. Awesome. Alacarte is coming back to JB's if FDR can give us peasants a break... Hey new ships Mardi Gra Carnival with a roller coaster 2020. Guy Fieri Burger joint INCLUDED as most things. Reviews are outstanding for Guy. And new ship Velvet Lady by Sir Richard Branson in 2020. Virgin Cruise Line. No Kids. Upscale. And Kevin's new cruise line out of West Palm Beach Port. Kevin Kevin!! Bong and our son Sean in pics 12/01 Bliss. It's all good. We are the Moore's Tampa Bay
  10. We wanna see Kevin! (as do many others). 🙂 We're the Moore's Tampa Bay Ie: Bliss pics.
  11. We had a fantastic time on the Bliss. Our special son meeting Robert & Vincente was a lifetime event. Will be glad to answer any questions you have. DO NOT miss the Beatles show in the theater Friday night! A must do. Book Cagney's Online before cruising. Here is our son with the Master and Commander Of the MS Bliss, and Dad and Sean looking for Bong at Mojito's. And Bong and Sean.(Bong got to keep the the Captains hat. 🙂 And Sean looking for Pirate ships.) We do prefer 2k passenger ships, 4.5k is somewhat large for us. We are the Moore's Tampa Bay 😎
  12. Kevin is now here folks. Note to moderators, this is a news article and we are not selling anything. We had folks on our last cruise wanting to find him so that is what we are doing. Also check out port of west palm website for more information. Had an absolutely great time on the Bliss. Take care and safe journeys. It's always five o'clock on the ship. We are the Moore's Tampa Bay 🙂 https://www.palmbeachpost.com/news/norwegian-cruise-ceo-buys-port-palm-beach-cruise-business/s1KysNGP5tisrlmnek2y1L/
  13. Any body got their radars working to see what ships Kevin is working these days?? Inquiring minds want to know.... 😎
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