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  1. Thank Guys. No doubt we will find something to do. OH isn't one for sitting around in the sun but I'm sure we will be able to amuse ourselves.... we will be on hols after all! 🙂
  2. Whoops - I misread and thought you were there in October! Looks like we will be there on the same day - also the 16th. We are on Celebrity Silhouette.
  3. Hi Jane - what did you think of Rascals? We are considering this for our cruise in December as we are there on a Sunday and had originally planned to visit Mt Gay Rum Distillery and wander about town, but it seems like a lot of places are shut! Now thinking we might head here and hang out for the day.
  4. I've read that most shops are closed on Sundays, but also read (albeit a very old post) that in the run up to December a lot of places are open. We'll be there Sunday 16th December, so only a week from Christmas. Is there any point in us heading into the town to have a look around, or should we just find a beach bar to hang out at? Thanks!
  5. Jeans are fine - even for dinner. I often wear jeans in the evening (not ripped ones) with a smart top, as does my OH. Breakfast it would be no problem at all.... unless things have changed in the 2 years since we were last onboard, and I doubt it.
  6. Hooray for the Eggs Bennie ! That has made my day. I might branch out and try the salmon benedict if I'm feeling really adventurous!
  7. It's been a couple of years since we sailed Celebrity and the menu seems to have changed in Blu since our last cruise. I've found links to the revised dinner menu, but does anyone have a link to the breakfast menu? I saw someone mention Eggs Bennie is on there now? If so, I will be in heaven!
  8. Does anyone know easy it is to get to Pink Plantation House? We've made lunch reservations for 12.30, and I'm guessing we will need to arrange a taxi. Not sure how much that is likely to cost, and whether we should try and book a taxi in advance? Thanks!
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