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  1. GREAT BLOG My wife Claire will be back to the CP in June. We will have spent appx. 20 cruises on Her. My question is: After the Crane fell on the RC ship in the Dry Dock the CP was scheduled for, we heard the CP was rescheduled as DRY DOCK. Later we heard it labeled Dry Dock/ Wet Dock. Was the ship actually DRY DOCKED ? They needed to cut a hole in the ship to work on the Engine(s). The propeller and the shaft (and who knows what else) needed replacement to "fix" the horrible "vibrations". I don't know if that repair (which was scheduled for more than a year) was actually done. The problems was mostly Mid Aft. We experienced LOUD sound and VIBRATIONS that made it impossible to sleep. After 3 days they moved us and all in all it was a great cruise. We love the CB and for a 14 year old she is still one of our favorites. Princess bends over backward to make right any problems. Any information you may have (or get) will be greatly appreciated. If not, I will ask myself in June. Thanks in advance, John
  2. We are enjoying your updates and look forward to more. We are working on 50 plus Princess cruises (not many by some standards) and are booked on the Sky for the Caribbean on Dec 4-18th. Maybe we will have the pleasure of sailing with you in future. John & Claire (the Other John)
  3. I am looking forward to updates on this topic. We will ne on the Regal for B2Bs at Thanksgiving. Thanks, John (the Other John)
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