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  1. Have you checked on your rollcall to see if someone would like to split the cost?
  2. My TA forwards me all emails within minutes. I have grabbed a few in the past. My advice is that if you are interested in upsells, be active on your rollcall. I often hear from someone else that they received an upsell offer from either their TA or PCC. Sometimes the offers go first to those in a VS to NS or to people with OV to Balcony etc.
  3. We were on an Oceania cruise with a beautiful cheese board display in the Italian Specialty Restaurant Tuscana. The wheels of cheese were huge! They were obviously for display and there were smaller wheels for carving. A little guy (about 4 years old) walked around the display running his hands over each of the unwrapped wheels of cheese. He then began to take pieces of the sliced cheeses and lick them, then return them to their place on the trays. I called over the waiter and he was appalled. He ran over to the 4-year-old and said: "Stop doing that, where are your parents?" The parents got up from their table and grabbed the little guy, who was kicking and screaming and left the restaurant in embarrassment. Kitchen staff came out and started removing the entire elaborate display.
  4. My dog is a nationally certified service dog. She is trained to alert nurses and caregivers for panic and anxiety attack as well as brain seizure. She is also a hospital dog:) She also assists small children coming from the foster system who have been traumatized by abuse safely transfer to care centers and foster families.
  5. We are booked with Island Wings and Michelle in 2 weeks. I am very shaken up about this crash. My Aunt and Uncle were on this tour through Princess and on the flight right before the one that crashed. Thank goodness the staff on the ships asked the people who might have a worried family to call home!
  6. My aunt and uncle are on this cruise and booked this tour. I have been nervous since I heard. We are going to Alaska in less than 2 weeks and shared all of our tours and itinerary. (we also booked this tour) I just got a hold of my cousin and found out my Aunt and Uncle took this flight this morning. Thank God they are safe. They said that they were told by the staff that they should phone home and tell the family they are fine. I hope others on the cruise contact those that know they booked the float plane tour to reassure them. My thoughts and prayers are with the friends and families that are affected.
  7. Again because I am part of a certified service animal team, I will try to answer a few questions. The reason that there is not a national certification process is cost and access. There are many places where there are no certified dogs or trainers. (ADINA certification is the legitimate credential) The government (Medicare, Medicaid) does not pay for or train these animals. No commercial insurance policies cover service dogs either. (there are some grants etc.) By requiring specific licensing the Federal Government would have to run and establish these programs and provide access to everyone who qualifies. The cost to train is 10k-12k There is not a federal definition of a wheelchair. There are thousands of different models/types. There are many different skills that are necessary for service animals and ideally, they are trained from puppyhood for a specific type of patient. (blind, hearing loss, seizure, PTSD etc.) My working animal was specifically bred and trained for pediatric use. She was exposed to an environment which included the sights and sounds of hospitals from the age of 6 weeks. She will lay calmly in a bed next to a 4-year-old connected to many tubes and machines with perfect stillness until released. You cannot even imagine the calming effect a soft little dog can give a scared child who is in pain. She will never step foot on a cruiseship, but if she did I can assure you that she would not EVER adversely affect your experience. Please do not judge the acceptance of a true service animal on the "faux" versions you have been subjected to onboard.
  8. We read reviews of the bear viewing flight in May and found many people who said it was just too expensive since they did not see a single bear. We decided to switch to the Denali flight with glacier landing. We thought our chance to see wildlife would be about as high as the other flight, but that we would see amazing views in Denali.
  9. We really wanted to see bears but will be in Alaska from May 22 to June 2nd. Most people have told us seeing bears is unlikely. We actually asked the owner of the plane what the chances were. He said less than 25% chance. We canceled the flight as it was very pricey. He said if you want a guarantee go to the zoo;)
  10. Holland America has Mass and a priest on all their cruises that include a Sunday,
  11. Here is the quote I referred to earlier, very basic stuff. . . . A person with a disability cannot be asked to remove his service animal from the premises unless: (1) the dog is out of control and the handler does not take effective action to control it or (2) the dog is not housebroken. When there is a legitimate reason to ask that a service animal be removed, staff must offer the person with the disability the opportunity to obtain goods or services without the animal’s presence. In the instances described earlier the animals do not have to be allowed based on the above requirement. A service dog MUST be under control and housebroken, Period!
  12. I am an early childhood center director and own a service dog. (pediatric panic attack, ptsd and anxiety) You see her photo as a puppy to the left. It took 2 years for her to get her certification. In order to pass the test, she had to go into public (restaurants, stores, parks) and remain at stay/down without me until recalled for 20 minutes. This included being passed by people, wheelchairs, strollers, vacuums, bikes, children etc. She is welcome in hospitals, hospice, etc and would never relieve herself when not approved. The dogs you are describing should never be called service dogs. There are people who are able to thrive and function only with the assistance of their service dogs because of a variety of medical conditions. Unfortunately, I have seen many instances of doctors who are family, friends etc. who will write the necessary letters for people to be allowed "service animals" simply because they want to bring pets along. There are many fake certification sites on the web. By ADA standards if the dog is not housebroken, or not under the control of the handler/owner they no longer meet the standards and should be expelled from any place where only service dogs are allowed
  13. Yes of course, my point was that even though no one needs to be the designated driver ( I believe they are taking care of that on the bridge) bartenders will stop serving those cruisers who appear dangerously impaired.
  14. I will mention that I saw a bartender on HAL cut off a man after he hit his 15 drink limit. It was about 5 pm. near the pool on a sea day. The guy was; as my ship's captain father would say, " 3 sheets to the wind". He was not being rude or belligerent, but definitely having trouble with balance and heavily slurred speech.
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