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  1. This is about 4+ times the balcony real estate of a normal NS. Just consider that you have 4 balconies that happen to be connected, one of which has an obstructed view;)
  2. dundeene

    AMEX bonus offer is back

    I may seem like a Debbie-Downer but I agree. This is a good deal and the $$$ is free even if you use it correctly to buy excursions or book a cruise. If people try to "game the system" and abuse the intent of the offer, it will likely be pulled. Carnival/HAL have social media personnel who keep up on CC. It would seem pretty obvious to me what people are doing if they choose to buy $500 worth of chips and pull them back out on day one! Good luck everyone and happy cruising.
  3. dundeene

    Dress Code? The slobs have won.

    I have cruised with Oceania 9 times. It is far dressier than HAL. You cannot wear jeans, shorts, sneakers or t-shirts in any dining venue in the evening except for the buffet. This dress code is enforced in my experience and I have seen people sent back to their cabin to change clothes. The specialty restaurants are very dressy with most men in jackets, women in dresses, skirts, and heavy on the LBD. I hope you enjoy your cruise.
  4. dundeene

    Changing Dining room Etiquette

    My Mom taught me to place my knife and fork at about 11 o'clock with the fork prongs pointed down to signal for the waitstaff to clear plates away. I don't know if this is an American thing because my Mom is French.
  5. dundeene

    Neptune Suite worth it? I don't think so.

    5190 and 5191 on Zuidie and Westie
  6. dundeene

    Neptune Suite worth it? I don't think so.

    For those of you who want a private balcony in Alaska or on your Panama Canal cruise,. . . . where you can watch the scenery go by with 30 or 40 of your new friends. . . . yes, the Neptune Suite price is worth it;)
  7. dundeene

    Weekly spa pass now available online (but not cabana)

    Wow, this could make it harder to get a pass onboard. On the smaller ships, they only sell about 25-30 for the week. thanks for the info! This is also a great way for HAL to make these passes out-of-pocket$$ instead of OBC. I am torn because this cuts the rush to the spa on the first day, yet I usually use OBC for this expense.
  8. dundeene

    Dress Code? The slobs have won.

    Sometimes referred to as a muscle shirt. This is the older version of a man's "undershirt"
  9. I think your Costco rep quite frankly is clueless:( HAL in our experience simply puts a hold on your credit card for about $60 per day for the cruise and does not charge anything until the last night. It does not matter what day you spend your obc because it all comes off of the total at the end. The only thing that is charged immediately to your card are the items you purchase before you board! If someone else has a different experience please chime in.
  10. This is confusing as it should not matter. My understanding is the the OBC will just show up on day 2 as a credit against your total bill. It should not matter when the OBC is credited to the account, it will still subtract from the balance. ex. day 1 you purchase a bottle of wine for $50 then grats of $15 x2 people =$80 total day 2 you purchase excursion at $100 x 2 then grats of $15x 2=total $230 your acct shows you owe $310 day 3 OBC shows up $500 credit you now owe nothing and have an additional $190 left to spend
  11. Just a reminder the soda card is "fountain soda". Technically just the stuff in the guns at the bars etc. When we wanted orange or ginger ale they were difficult. We found a bartender who would open the cans, pour the soda over ice in a glass, but we were never given a can. I have heard differing experiences on varying HAL cruises.
  12. dundeene

    Dress Code? The slobs have won.

    My understanding is that Alaska cruises on HAL tend to be less dressy. I am assuming more of the luggage space is taken up with cold weather gear. I was thinking just black pants or skirt with silk tops for gala nights.
  13. I am curious as to how the Alaska land tours work. For my sailing there are more than a dozen different land options. Some have an overlap of both date and location with ours, some don't. Will I be together with the same group throughout the tour? (same bus, same hotel, same train car) Is there any way to find out how many people are on the exact land tour? Can I expect a group of 30 or a group of 150? I appreciate any insights from past HAL Alaska land-tour veterans. Thank you!
  14. If you buy the fountain soda card online, the cost is $25 and it is worth $50 in soda onboard.
  15. dundeene

    tax on beverage package

    We priced out an NCL cruise vs HAL. Both came with "free" perks. The tax and grats on NCL's "free" perks totaled almost $400. The tax and grats on Explore 4 were zero.