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  1. A side question......are they still charging $14/day/person to upgrade from the classic drink package to the premium drink package? We were on the Equinox in late January and they were charging the $14/day/person, even though the out of pocket "retail" price to purchase them had both increased by then to $59/day and $69/day for the classic and premium, respectively. Thanks.
  2. Hey Norris, Just getting back to the CC boards today after returning from our Equinox cruise on Saturday. If memory serves me correctly, Carol and you were originally booked on the 19 Jan Equinox cruise as well before you switched over to the Azamara cruise. We had a group of 12 on our cruise, we all had a great time, and a few of us spent quite a bit of time at the Sunset Bar enjoying a variety of cigars. It would have been even more enjoyable to have been able to meet Carol and had you join us for some of your smoke breaks as well, but alas, it wasn't to be. Very much looking forward to following along your Azamara cruise for the next few weeks, and I'm already wondering what the verdict is going to be at the end.....continuing to cruise Celebrity, Princess, and perhaps now Azamara as well,.........or.........? Thanks. Bruce
  3. We're on the Equinox next week. I thought I had seen a rumor here on the boards that since the classic beverage package had gone up to $59/day, the classic package drink limit was going to be raised to a max of $11 per drink, to take effect the beginning of this month (1 Jan 2019). The premium drink limit price was raised to $15 I believe when that package price was increased. Has anyone heard or personally experienced anything about this since 1 Jan? Thanks.
  4. Sailing the Equinox next month as a group of 12. Can anyone tell me the largest party that Murano and Tuscan Grille will accommodate at one table? I know Murano has a private (or semi-private) room with a fairly large table, but not sure of the max it can possibly seat or perhaps if it's only for "special" groups or occasions. I'm still not sure if I'll be able to get all 12 of us together for these dinners, but I'm just wondering if I'll be limited anyway to a max number for seating at one table. TIA
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