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  1. I am in the beginning process of finding a cruise for August 2019. When I first started this our priority was to see the Scandinavian countries. However in doing my limited research we have found a cruise that we like: It is a Holland America 21 day cruise (Norwegian Fjords and Baltic Jewels) next August. Besides Norway, it goes to St Petersburg, Russia, Stockholm, Finland, Estomia, Germany, and Estonia. I have searched Norwegian, Princess, Viking, Cunard, and Celebrity cruise lines and there don't seem to be a great selection of cruises to this area (if combining Norway and the Baltic.) I would appreciate any advice as to cruise lines or any other helpful information that anyone has to offer regarding cruising to this area. Thank you.
  2. Thanks to everyone for your comments. Looks as if we will not include Japan into our itinerary next year as China has enough to see. Also will do China by land as I have found most people recommend the land tours. We have also narrowed it down to April or May 2019. Anyway I do have one question regarding bathrooms in China. I have read elsewhere that bathrooms in China are horrible. I'm hoping that bathrooms being horrible is an exaggeration but could someone comment on the state of the bathrooms in hotel's and public restrooms. Thanks.
  3. :confused:I'm in the beginning stages of planning for a 2019 trip. Our main priority is going to China. My first thought was doing a land tour, then I thought maybe a river cruise and after more thought I am thinking maybe an ocean cruise would be best. Additionally I got to thinking maybe it would be a good time to include Japan. I've tried researching this but can't seem to find any good info on which companies would serve me best. Before talking to my travel agent I would like to narrow things down a bit. Anyone out there that has done both China and Japan either as land, river cruise or ocean cruise, or anyone else that could provide some direction to my problem? Thanks.
  4. We have not received specific info on disembarking yet but the following is a description of the excursion which is six hours long: "See the castle and old medieval town so steeped in romance that they stood at the center of the German Romantic movement. You will join your guide for a drive to Heidelberg, several miles up the Neckar River. The town sits on a narrow passage of the river at one end of the graceful Old Bridge. You will ascend to the majestic Heidelberg Castle, which has long inspired writers as varied as Johann von Goethe and Mark Twain. Originally built during the early 13th century, it was the residence of the Palatinate monarchy through the 18th century. Descend into the Altstadt, or Old Town, for a walking tour toward the turreted Heidelberg University. Founded in 1386, it is Germany’s oldest. You can see the school’s tower in which unruly boys were incarcerated for misdeeds, and the Red Ox tavern in which they boasted to their mates about their imprisonment." Based on the info you all have provided we will probably go to Heidelberg since it will be a once in a lifetime experience. Thanks to all!
  5. We are sailing from north to south from Amsterdam to Basel. I was told the group will join the ship later in Gernsheim or Mannheim depending on the direction of the cruise. I am not familiar with the towns but looking on a map these two towns seem to be north of Heidelberg which doesn't make sense to me.??
  6. :cool::cool:We will be taking a Viking river cruise on the Rhine in June and are trying to decide on our excursions. We have a free option to disembark and transfer for a tour of Heidelberg which is supposed to be fantastic. Those that don't go to Heidelberg will stay on board and sail to another town. The sailing is supposed to be thorough a scenic area and is supposed to be very gorgeous. We are considering staying on board to enjoy the scenic views. Looking for anyone that has done this cruise and can provide some information as to the pros and cons of staying on board or not. Thanks.
  7. $299 per person. At some point in time I read where it is fully worthwhile (13 hour tour), however I will check out your suggestion and Google private tour guides. Thanks
  8. We will end our tour with an extension and are being offered the Pearls of Switzerland tour for $299. This looks like something we would like to do. But are there other tours through private tour guides that could do the same thing for maybe less cost? Thanks.
  9. :cool::cool::cool:We will be taking our first riverboat excursion on the Rhine with Viking in June, 2018. I was wondering if it is necessary to sign up for their shore excursions now or would it be advisable to wait until we are on the cruise? Anyone that can advise on this would be helpful. Thanks.
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