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  1. Assuming the CDC doesn't kill cruising out of the USA entirely - something I think is a real possibility to consider - I think we may have seen the last of the huge ships delivered. My thinking is this: Destinations are going to limit the number of ships docking for a day and the number of people allowed to visit from them. Thus, a ship with four or six thousand passengers may find no where to visit. The destinations have found they like not having hordes of people clogging up their venues. Moving the size of ships back to smaller vessels which I prefer. I also believe the virus
  2. We are traditional cruisers. We like things done as they were for years. We love having a set table, a set waiter and assistant waiter, a set wine steward, that we get to know over the trip. We also love the specialty restaurants, though not the upcharge. Our favorite line - HAL - allows us to have that. We love a promenade deck that is level, goes all around the entire ship, for long relaxing walks. We used to love the shows; not so much any more. They are fewer, not extravaganzas or broadway shows, and usually only one or two on a cruise. We used to use the spa for treatments, bu
  3. Everything is ok (case intensional) but we really miss cruising. Our last one was January 2, 2020 of this year and we are so thankful we got ONE this year. We were scheduled to go to Alaska in May and do a Transatlantic in September/October. We'd have been packing right now for the trip as we were going to spend a week in London and a week in Rome before embarking. Trip we had scheduled in December as replacement for those is cancelled also. We are hoping the cruises we've got scheduled in January (Southern Caribbean) and May (Alaska!) this year embark and go. Based on the newest in
  4. I miss most the Marvelous Veranda Room Service Breakfasts on those "dam" ships. With Mimosas to kick off another Marvelous Cruise day. The smiling cabin Stewart, the smiling friendly folks all over the providing great service, the Cleanliness, & the motion of the ship... Great Entertainment! Great Relaxation! Not a dish to wash or bed to make! Just got out cancellation of our TA cruise from Rome in October. 😭
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