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  1. Can someone explain where and how to do this pre-cruise. I don't see anything on-line and loathe the idea of another extremely long wait on hold if the only way to find out the upgrade cost and or purchase the upgrade. If anyone knows the upgrade cost for the meraviglia sailing on December 8th, that might save a long call to msc to find out and decide on the cost.
  2. For $120 what do you get, is it full access to everything listed or... or there restrictions, limitation or exceptions. Is there more than one experience with the XD cimena? Do you purchase one and per cabin? (the information online says the fun pass must be assigned to one person, but can be used by the whole family. What else should be known before purchasing?
  3. Happy to hear someone was listening to you and address your outcome as it should have been in the first place. And, kudos for being patient when things like this happen. It is so easy to get frustrated and then let that ruin what might otherwise be positive resolution. I have had a similar experience. Resolved some problems but not without much time and frustrations. However, many things remain dysfunctional, including, for example, things like pre-booking excursions, event and dining, etc., not functional or available for Canadians. Booking anything for Canadians is currently on board only and therefore must pay the added costs to book on board (plus the added foreign exchange fee). When I identified the issues with the CSR the response was; yes, we know, we (MSC) messed up, we didn't get the proper tour operator licenses, our (MSC's) failure, we hope to fix this by the end of the year (too late for our cruise). This exchange left me with a; not doing anything about our lack of service nor really care how you are affected and a; too bad to be a Canadian with MSC. Things like not being able to pre-book anything or realize the saving of doing-so will not be the end of the world and we are still looking forward to making the most of and enjoying our cruise. But we will not be spending our money on MSC’s excursions nor likely on any other MSC services. Booking private excursions. But nevertheless, for some of us Canadians trying MSC for the first time, MSC failings, not meeting or delivering on its offerings and services, the poor CS and the dismissive attitude just leaves a bad taste.
  4. good point, however not all phones have ir anymore, but I have old samsung s4 with ir and also a harmony that could work. thanks for the tip. So my tablet with movies or shows saved, with a mini to regular hdmi cable and a s4 or harmony might work. Might be worth a try, if it works that would be great, if it doesn't I have only had to pack an extra cable and cellphone.
  5. managed to call the 800 number and after about 40 minutes got through to CSR. she checked and said there was a problem with missing Region information, asked what Province and said she need to input it (note the Canadian website information input screen has a field for both province and region but inputs for the region field is block (we have no region)). After she did her input thing, the said all done, did I want the e-ticket sent to my emails and stayed online while I confirmed getting the email and attached e-ticket. All is good,
  6. I've read somewhere on other cruises lines that it is the remotes that are reprogrammed to disable the input selection on the remotes. so you cannot select other input even though there are more input on the tv that are functional. and a compatible remote for the same brand from home will work to change inputs. It would seem logical that remotes are custom programmed rather than the tv's. If anyone know what brand or brands are on the Meraviglia?
  7. Put all info in and website says and checks off that we have provided all the info required and security photos. But when I go to check-in I get this message: "You haven’t filled all the necessary information for the passenger of the cruise, the documents will be ready as soon as you provide all the data needed." TA tells me never mind, and we don't need the electronic docs as long as the website says we have provided everything. "Just show up at the pier with our passports". I am totally convinced and besides, I want my documents to confirm we have everything taken care don't want to show up at the pier to find out we have a problem, and bags tagged when we arrive and to hand off to porters before we go inside the terminal. I have sent in a request for the e-docs via MSC's website contact_us form but haven't had much luck waiting for a reply. The Canadian 1-800 number is only open 9 to 6 and I work all day and cannot stay on hold while at work. Have others not be able to complete their web-check-in and how was it resolved.
  8. What Channels are available in English on the TV in your cabin on Caribbean itineraries? What does it cost to watch a movie in your cabin? Can you connect an HDMI device to the TV to watch movies?
  9. We sail Dec 8th and I don't expect MSC to do anything to fix their Canadian Customer service issue before we sail. The only recourse for Canadian's they offer is to say; Canadian eh, no pre-booking excursions, must book when on-board, must pay 20% more, will likely not get the most popular excursions that sell out pre-cruise. The least they could do is at least be genuine and honest that they messed up and as I suggested earlier, maybe make it up by an offer to Canadians towards a reduced on board excursion booking fee, maybe 20% to be fair. If that would be too difficult to manage and sort, maybe a small OBC to be spent on excursions. Would be a nice gesture for messing up the Canadian clients access to pre-booking excursions?? Not holding my breath. In the meantime still going to make it the most of it and looking at private excursion alternatives. Not really complaining as stuff happens, but it would be nice if MSC just dealt with it rather than dismissing it.
  10. I have done this other cruise lines, but can anyone confirm that can ask your cabin steward to remove all the drinks for the duration of the the cruise. That way you can make use of the fridge and not worry about getting a charge for something that was stocked for a fee.
  11. I can link so that is not my issues, but I cannot access and see anything under cruise details and cannot see or book any excursions.
  12. I think we have all registered accounts on msccruises.ca. It's the website that does not function, and 1-800 number is of no use or help even if you get someone at MSC's end to pick up. Would be nice however if you have some magic that fixes what seems unfixable or at least what MSC cannot seem to figure out.
  13. Hi Pete, do you have any information on Cabin 10346 on Meraviglia, cabin pictures or balcony pics and details? Are the elevators and or stairs nearby for crew only or guests?
  14. It seems the problems right now are with MSC's Canadian Website and Office, through which all Canadian bookings are all now assigned. As I understand the Canadian website and office has just recently been implemented but not working as it, and no fixes or IT or customer support. This may be growing pains for MSC, but it does not help those of us with current bookings. MSC should have had a contingency, e,g, a special customer helpline and workarounds, or re-open the US website for Canadians to access and manage their bookings, as it was before MSC implemented a dysfunctional Canadian site with no support.
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