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  1. Surprised that no new posts since Monday 18 th so testing if its working OK ? !
  2. We booked via the TUI website ,on line. Last Friday we decided to try and call and ask what was going to happen . We failed to get through despite trying 200 + times on various lines we were given . Then later in afternoon we were sitting with paperwork in front of us and TUI called ! No argument over refund or attempt to pursuade us to do anything else and 7 days later money back on card ! The only thing we wondered is whether they detected our number calling 200+ times and decided to call us ?
  3. This morning we received a full refund for our Tui Danube River Cruise. This follows them phoning us 7 days ago and asking us what we wanted . We opted for refund and 7 days later its arrived ! We were due to go on Mon May 11 so refunded before date of travel ! We are happy and I think lucky . Hope others get what they want soon .
  4. An update ! Have been trying almost continuously all day without success . Then sitting there with all the paperwork in front of us got a call from TUI !! We asked for a refund and apparently it will be back on credit card within 28 days ! We shall see but at least they have finally reached out to us .
  5. Thanks Trigger would you be able to look back and see what number called you and let me know please ? We are getting sooo frustrated here trying to get thru . Thanks
  6. Triggerdroitwich that is very interesting .We had a river cruise booked for May 11 and have heard nothing ! May I ask did you book on line or through a TA ? Thanks .
  7. When we got our £500 we gave it back to them same day as deposit on TUI Danube river cruise for May ! If they had cancelled Cambodia and Vietnam I think that would def have been a very significant change and forced them to offer full refunds etc .
  8. News from friend on board the ship.Apparently they are skipping Cambodia tomorrow due to Coronavirus and going to Vietnam for 2 days instead .
  9. ekco ...How did you book ? We eventually found out that because we had booked through a TUI shop we had to go into a shop to process refund ! We didnt realise we had booked through a shop ! We booked over the phone and the call was routed to the Mansfield shop ,about 150 miles from where we live.We were able to sign for refund in local shop but it was processed through Mansfield ! No one actually told us this ,we only found out when we rang to ask where refund was ? !
  10. If you fly into Bangkok the airport in U-tapeo which is not actually in Bangkok .It is about a 45 min /max 1 hr transfer to ship . i am glad we started in Laem Chabang as we started with the weaker week and ports got better as we went along finishing on a real high in Koh Samui. We also really enjoyed the long stay over two long days in Langkawi in the middle. It felt like we were there for ages and was very enjoyable. Also if you start in Langkawi the first few days are very hectic after the long flight out . Starting from Laem Chabang is a more gradual start. Hope this personal opinion may help anyone looking to book in future .
  11. Cambodia and Vietnam $US Singapore need Singapore dollar Langkawi and Penang and KL we used both US $ and Ringit. Thailand we used Baht and US $ There are plenty of money exchanges ,the one in Penang before you exit the terminal gave a very fair rate. The ships rate is poor but convenient and if you only need a few is an option.
  12. Sihanoukville is worth getting off ship for . Take a taxi to the temple and see the destruction the Chinese have caused then head to the Sokha beach resort for a few hours.
  13. Now we are home thoughts turned to our £1000 refund for 4 people. We have been checking account for a while but no refund. We rang and were told we had to go to a TUI shop to sign for refund ! Pity nobody told us . We went into local shop and signed so hopefully money will appear overnight ! You
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