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  1. Just wave at Anchorage as you/they pick up the car and are on the way to Denali. Spend a few days there and try to get to Elison VC. Anchorage is worth about a day.
  2. I have been buying it over the last few days with the last 60 today. Tanking was good for me 🙂
  3. It might be morbid, but this is the kind of news to buy shares on to get to the 100 for OBC.
  4. Just go up to the sports deck with the 2 year old and throw balls and stuff around. You can see scenery and wear the two year old out. I’m dead serious about this. My 5 year old and I had a lot of fun up there and saw other younger kids with their parents there.
  5. We did the non-narrated shuttle and the driver talked the whole time. That’s the best way for them to get good tips.
  6. If you aren’t going to do a flightseeing tour McKinley Lodge is not that great. I would have much rather had another day in Denali. If I could do it over I would look for something without it and a third day (or more) in the Park. in Denali I highly recommend doing a bus that gets you to Eilson visitor center. Amazing views there.
  7. I you like hiking on your own or with your group, check out my trip report, lots of pictures and hiking on my own and it was amazing. We had lots of time in each port so it made it much more enjoyable. Highlights were Upper Dewey Falls/Devils Punchbowl and at Kenai Fjords. Deer Mountain was pretty good too. As we summited we came up on a bald eagle and it took off right by us
  8. Thank you, the search tool was how I found the Sunday one just a little bit ago. Is that tool pretty inclusive of all lines? I had never used it before, I have always been on Princess. I thought about Vancouver but if my race goes well I’ll finish by 1015, if it goes bad I’ll be done 1130. Then shower/clean up and get to transportation. Just not sure that would leave the time needed to make it to departure at 4.
  9. Actually did find a Sunday departure for Holland (oosterdam) that could work. Any other lines worth looking into?
  10. Ok, pretty specific question here. I’m looking for the various cruiselines that go to Sitka as one of the ports, that leaves from Seattle. I want to do a race in Seattle in 2021 and add a cruise after if I can. The race is on Sunday so that is another limitation in needing a Sunday departure. I can look up schedules but just not sure what lines go out of Seattle and go to Sitka. I’d be good with round trip or one way. I saw Holland America does but looks like they leave on Saturday. Who else should I look into?
  11. We did a combo of both DIY and a Princess land tour and both had their upsides. DIY - we did Anchorage and Seward and it was nice to have a car and do what we wanted and when we wanted. Being on our own schedule was nice. Downside is all the extra planning for what to do, where to go, where to stay, etc. It was fun for a while in the planning but did get a little overwhelming at times. Princess Land tour we went from Anchorage to Denali for 2 nights and then to Talkeetna for a night and then a train right to the ship. The nice part about the land tour was I didn't have to do any driving and all the bags were taken care of. The rooms were all taken care of too. With a large group, this was nice, I didn't feel pressured to find the right spots and get everyone to the next place. That was all on Princess. The downside was being on a schedule with them. If/when I do it again I would probably do the land part on my own so I could get exactly what I/we wanted. If you do Denali (and you should) make sure you get at least 2 nights by the park, 3 or 4 would be better. Our second lodge seemed almost like a waste of a day with the travel there.
  12. We did the Princess transfer and did the pre-clearing of Canadian customs with the form they sent to our room so it was super easy. We basically walked from the ship down an escalator and on to a bus. When we got to the airport we picked up our luggage on one of the free carts that the airport provides so it was really easy. It made sense for us since we had a couple suitcases and big car seat backpack that we didn't want to haul on our own.
  13. rma2001

    2019 Trip Reports

    High level itineraryDay 1-3 Travel to Anchorage, sites around the city and the Mayors MarathonDay 3-6 Travel to Seward, Kenai Fjord cruise, Kenai Fjord visit, Harding Icefield hike and travel back to AnchorageDay 7 Connect with Princess Land Tour group and travel to DenaliDay 8 Bus ride to Eielson Visitor CenterDay 9 Bus to TalkeentaDay 10 Train to Whittier for cruisingDay 11 Hubbard GlacierDay 12 Glacier BayDay 13 Skagway Upper Dewey, Devils Punchbowl, Lower DeweyDay 14 Juneau Mendenhall Glacier DIYDay 15 Ketchikan Deer Mountain hikeDay 16 at seaDay 17 Vancouver and home https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2682706-trip-report-junejuly-2019-diy-landcruisetourroyal-princess-southbound/
  14. Day 16 I got up early again and went for a run on the treadmill and even from way up high we were spotting humpbacks. It’s not every day you can run and whale watch at the same time. It was getting to the end of our journey and it was a little sad. We spent most of the day in Horizon Court by the windows and saw a log of wildlife as we went alone. Whales were everywhere as well as a few porpoises and otters. Outside of packing, not a whole lot was done this day. Not a terrible way to end the busy vacation. Day 17 I got one more run in, this time on the running track outside. It was a dreary morning, only the second bad weather day we had so no complaints. We were on our way back to Denver today. It was tough knowing we would have to go back to the real world, but getting back in our own beds and seeing our animals again. We got the bypass Canadian customs thing, so getting off the ship was really easy. Hopped onto a bus and went straight to the airport. We did have to wait in the lobby for a bit before we could check in since it was a little over 3 hours before our flight. Once we got check in and bags dropped off it was pretty easy to get through everything. Since we had a young kid they let us go through the more “Express” lines. I think we were through security and US Customs in about 30 minutes. Not too shabby. Hopefully this was informative, and sorry it was so long. Didn’t realize how much we packed in. I'll be putting up some more about what the other people in my group did in ports too as soon as I get some reports from them
  15. Day 14 We headed into Juneau this day and main goal was seeing Mendenhall Glacier. As we were getting into port I did a quick run on the treadmill to loosen up my legs from the day before. I was interesting to see the area as we sailed in. I had rented a minivan about a year prior from Avis. I did the walk over to Avis and got there right at 9 when they opened. I highly suggest that since the line got a bit long with other passengers coming over. I picked everyone else up at the ship and we took the drive out to Mendenhall. It was nice to get out there early as we got to park about as close as you can be. We picked up a Junior Ranger packet for my daughter and headed out to Photo Point trail. It was a nice spot and there was a ranger there taking questions and doing a little talk. We then took the nice Nugget Falls trail. This was a pretty easy walk with great views at the end. After some time there, we went back to the Visitor Center, watched the video there and turned in her Junior Ranger badge again. We headed back to the ship and turn in the car. Some of the group went back off to get some lunch, but we were good to eat in Horizon Court. I think if we would have had more time more of us would have gone back off, but we wanted to relax a bit. We sat out by the pool, had a couple adult drinks and talked. Really nice afternoon. Day 15 I got up early again and headed up to the treadmill. As I was running we were pulling into the port. It was interesting to see our huge ship navigating around all the small ships. My goal for the day today was hiking up Deer Mountain with another member of our party I didn’t really know (boyfiend of my brother-in-laws sister). We got off as soon as they let us (around 10:30) and walked to the trailhead. Others have suggested taking a cab to the trail but it was a bit of a mad house so we just walked it. The last part is steep like everyone has said before. Nice warm up though. The trail up wasn’t as bad as the Upper Dewey/Punchbowl trip, but it was still strenuous. We didn’t have a lot of time in the port so we did a quick tempo hike with not a lot of stops to rest. There are a couple of places to take in views and turn around if you are short on time, but we had a goal so we kept on. We saw a fairly fresh bear track in some mud but no other sign of four legged creatures. We did see a TON of bald eagles. In fact, as I turned the corner to summit the mountain I heard a sound and felt a woosh of air as a bald eagle took off. Scary and amazing all at once. My phone locked up on me so I didn’t get any pictures at the top unfortunately. It took us just under 2 hours to go up and just about an hour to make it back down to the trail head. Then we started walking back into town and stumbled upon the 4th of July parade the town was having. They had quite a few floats and I even got some candy, bonus! We got back to the boat about an hour before we were scheduled to leave so I just grabbed a beer and ice cream by the pool after cleaning up and it was time for our routine of dinner and a show and after show activities.
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