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  1. Here lies the problem. Carnival is refunding everyone money who request it. But as has become the norm with the me generation. People think they can call say refund me my money. And everything should get dropped and they should be able to instantly go online and see that the refund has been processed. They can not accept the fact that their PVP can not process a refund. He/she puts in the request. It goes to another department. Where who knows how many thousands of refunds are being processed right now. And given that refunds normally are a lot fewer then bookings. I am willing to bet there i
  2. We always book excursions thru Carnival. When you book thru Carnival if it is laye returning the ship waits. If you are on our own, t may be waiting it may not. And yes we try to book before the cruise if we can. Nothing is more upsetting then having an excursion you are really looking forward to and finding out it is sold out.
  3. Never missed the ship but twice came close. On our first cruise used the fly 2 fun program. After getting up at 2 am for our ride to the airport. Two delays later were the last to board the ship. Stright to our cabin and get out life jackets for the safety briefing (yes at least back then you had to wear your life jacket). Since have booked our own air and left a day early. Then in Panama our excursion got a police escort back to the ship. We were the last group to get on. A group of 12 had done the same tour on their own. They got to stand on the dock and wave.
  4. 0kay now were back waiting at San Diego Airport. On last bit on our hotel they said they had a free shuttle to the cruise port. You could sign up the day before you cruise. We got to the hotel at 3:30 check in was 3:00. We were told first available shuttle was 2pm. Ol we are taking a cab. 9:15 called for a cab he was there at 9:25 at 9:35 we are inside the waiting area at the terminal. 10:00 we head to a second waiting area get our zone number. Yes this cruise we hit 75 days we are now platinum. As a result we are priority zone C. We are on the ship dropping of our carry ons at 11;00am.
  5. My first attempt at a review but he5e goes. Long hard day to San Diego. Had Tobey up at 4am. Car service pickup was at 6. Ride to Logan airport was the expected 90 minutes. Thank god for TSA precheck. Thru security in under 5 minutes. Due to my bad feet we got early boarding. Turns out that was good and bad. Took off for Phoneix on time at 9:35. Flight is 6 and a half hours (never do that again). Flight to San Diego wad a mere 55 minutes WOW. Had to call the Baymont downtown 5 times before anyone answered to send the shuttle van. Got to hotel finally at 4pm local time. Yup been up fo
  6. Point is if other companies are doing the same thing then why is only one getting in trouble for it?
  7. So this piece leaves me with a question. If all of the "dumpings" since they pleaded guilty have been accidental, how does that show any wrong doing? Next question, seeing as the original event was only found because of a whistle blower, How many like events have other cruise lines committed? And finally, they claim that it is wrong for Carnival to clean up a ship prior to an inspection. I will only say this, I have been in the transportation industry for over 30 years. Every company I have ever worked for has brought every vehicle due for an inspection of any kind, into the shop a few days
  8. YES we are doing it Booked 560 days out but ...... NOW WE ARE DOING THE SINGLE DIGIT DANCE. Board the Mircle for 15 Day Hawaii Cruise in 9 days
  9. Congrats, know how you feel. We hit 75 days on the very last day of our 15 day Hawaii cruise this month. Felt real good to see Priority. And the free laundry will be great, not as much to pack.
  10. However the OP has already said they DO NOT want to cary their phone with them
  11. Can't tell anything yet. However we are in 7299 for 15 day Hawaii Cruise leaving on the 17th. So will replay again if thread is still up when we get home on Feb.2
  12. I for one can not see the lure of YTD. But we look to do things we don't do at home when on a cruise. And making a reservation or standing inline to get a table for dinner, we can do that any night of the week.
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