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  1. This was discussed in length on other treads when it happened. The day before they announced the first round of cancellations, they raised all future cruises on average 25%. It no different from when they start one of their "Sales" in which the day before the sale starts most cruises jump by the same amount of the sale.
  2. I believe they will sail no matter how many cabins are sold/unsold. There is no way they want to refund even more money. I would also think that if they start cruising in September out of NYC that a lot of people that had their cruises canceled and are hanging on to their FCC will start booking into these initial start up cruises and those cabins will fill up quickly.
  3. If they are cruising out of NYC in September (and I believe they will - just my opinion however) the cruise will sail. If Canada is not re-opened yet they will just go somewhere else. Good luck.
  4. I called to cancel my add ons for my cruise (scheduled for 4/12) on 3/27. NCL cancelled the cruise on 3/30. I was told 7/10 days for the refund of the add-ons. Still have not received it.
  5. Correct, as long as they cancelled and not you.
  6. Correct. But in theory, if they cancel again they would probably offer the same type of deal so you would get a 25% bonus back as part of the new deal (no guarantees they will do that though). You also have a unique situation where you have two different bonus's. Have you already booked a new cruise? I would be curious if they will allow you to use both on one booking.
  7. I used mine yesterday. In the morning before my FCC was applied the cruise I was looking at was $3649PP. After they credited my FCC and I went back in to book, that same booking was $2919 (20% less). I needed to add both Latitudes numbers before the $2919 showed up for both people. Also, the extra 25% FCC comes off the price of the room, not as a payment. After I booked the PP price dropped to $2136 PP. The 100% FCC shows as payments.
  8. Must have been a clitch as they are showing up now. May 17th through August.
  9. Can we see our FCC on our account on NCL.com or is that only visible to NCL? If yes, where can we see it? Thanks, Chris
  10. I'm booked on the 4/13 Bliss cruise which I'm expecting NCL will cancel. I'm going to wait until the last minute (48 hours) to cancel to allow them to cancel first to get the max FCC as possible. My question is how do they determine FCC? I currently have $521 in prepaid items. If they cancel, will that be refunded to me or included in the FCC? If not, I'll call and cancel those items. If there included in the FCC, I wouldn't mind getting the extra FCC especially if they give 125% FCC. Thanks in advance. Chris
  11. She is currently anchored off of Staten Island
  12. I think the jack up in prices on Monday is because they know they will be canceling cruises. The POA cancelation offered a 150% FCC, if other's follow suit, they need to cover the 50% extra FCC. And as JamieLogical states above, also to stop people from canceling just to rebook at a lower price. I believe by EOD today, we will here announcements about cancellations from the rest of the industry.
  13. Code Red - Outbreak of norovirus or illness. It means the ship must undergo deep cleaning and sick passengers should stay in their rooms. Code Green and Code Yellow indicate less severe problems.
  14. Thanks for the info. I was inquiring about the Bliss ( I guess I should have included that in my original post).
  15. 1. I'm sure it varies but typically what time does the Vibe close? 2. How is access controlled? Do you swipe your card to get in? 3. Is the only entrance the main entrance or if there a another entrance for the Haven quest who also have Vibe passes. I only ask this because I know the areas are right next to each other. Thanks, Chris
  16. Does anyone know what time the Vibe closes at night?
  17. Your Kids probably won't enjoy the full effect of the Haven. The outside Haven area is restricted to 18 and older. They will probably spend most of their free time in other parts of the ship. That said, if you decide to bid I would go for the H4 so you will be in the Haven proper. We did the Escape Haven last cruise and loved it. The amount of your bid is all depending and what you feel the value of such upgrade is and availabilty. We were upgraded to H5 at $1050 PP and upgraded early in the process (3 weeks out). I probably would have gotten it at a cheaper price but I really wanted it so I went a little on the high side. Good Luck!!
  18. Do the ships dock at Great Stirrup Cay or do they utilize tenders?
  19. After my initial post I realized the same thing. It's only the Haven that is priced lower for the 4/12 cruise. $800 PP difference for an H5. That's too much of a savings to pass up so we booked the 4/12 cruise. It appears both cruises will be somewhat impacted by school vacations so we will take our chance. I typically don't let to many things bother me when I'm cruising so we will be fine.
  20. We are planning a cruise out of NY on the Bliss to Florida/Bahamas early April 2020 (Easter is 4/12 and Passover is 4/8-16). The two cruises we are looking at are 4/5 through 4/12 or 4/12 through 4/19. We need to do one of these 2 cruises due to construction being done on our house. We prefer not sailing with a ton of kids and we realize this is prime time for this but like I said we are limited to these two weeks. Do you think that one week to the other would have a substantially different number of children sailing? If so, could that be part of the price difference? We are looking to book the Haven and right now there is a pretty big price difference in the two weeks. $1600 lower for 2 people on the 4/12 cruise. The pricing for the week of 4/12 is an anomaly when the previous sailings prices are considered. I realize I'm asking you to take a guess at the mind of NCL, but can anyone speculate as to why there is such a dramatic price difference? One would think the Easter week cruise would be priced higher, not substantially lower. Thanks for all input.
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