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  1. Finzo4

    Whale Watching

    What is the BEST place to Whale Watch in Alaska??? I see it listed in almost every excursion . Im going in May of 21 but looking ahead now. This is a must do for me !!! Thanks in advance.
  2. Or is it better just book thru a company to do transfer before and after cruise??
  3. So correct me if im wrong.... so staying by the airport hotels is cheaper but not much to see or do??? Im ok with that cuz it would be a later flight and just need a place to sleep before cruise the next day. Also- is it just best to Uber to the pier ? I mean what really is the cheapest way to get there. Thanks to anyone who responds in advance
  4. Where exactly do i find this search. I've kinda looked and not 100% . any help would be nice
  5. How much is the military discount? Y'all make it seem substantial but mine was $200.. just curious if that's a good deal. Also I was told to bring our DD214... other cruise lines have you send a copy before you go.. Am I understanding my agent correctly??
  6. Finzo4

    Alaskan Cruises

    Hubby and I are both 50ish and we are more into a lot of things other than History tour- I wanna go do fun new things. I've whale watched before in Hawaii and would do it again in a heart beat. As far as the other excursions - I just wanna do some MUSTs Sees and Dos
  7. I always fly in the day before- I love to get to the ship early the next day and start my vacation . I need a good clean hotel that isn't to expensive and close to airport and cruise port. Transfer would be nice but if close enough than its not necessary. Thanks in Advance
  8. Finzo4

    Alaskan Cruises

    Ok I've never done an Alaskan cruise only Caribbean- so I need to know the MUST SEEs?? Im leary and need info and who better to ask than people who have been there. Please give any info and thanks in advance
  9. he will be back home.. Im not worried about Sea day (3) but more of the days im in port
  10. Ok Im new to NCL and Im going on an European cruise... I want to stay connected to my Husband while on this cruise , Im a lil uncomfortable being in a foreign country. Do I need to have phone service and Internet thru ship?? or will just phone service be enough??? I don't even care to be able to talk to him but would like to be able to text, email or fb... just some lines of communication ... and Yes actual phone service for emergencies .... can someone please help me wth whatever service I will need. My phone carrier is AT&T thanks in advance
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