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  1. Can anyone do self assist or do you you have to have FTTF or platinum or above status?
  2. We have cabin 8138 booked on escape for January 2016. When do you have it booked? Would love to know if it is the same as getaway and breakaway.
  3. Loved your review! Thank you for taking the time and providing great info. Glad you had a great time.
  4. We had a large balcony cabin on NCL Epic and we asked the cabin steward for 2 loungers, tipped him $10 and he had them there in about 15 minutes. Best $ we ever spent!
  5. I looked at his web site and he is on getaway until early June. My husband is thrilled that he will be on our sailing! Check him out on utube.
  6. A long time ago I saw a board, I believe it is under the roll call boards called disabled cruising and there was a woman on there that cruised with her guide dog all the time. She was very informative. You might try to find that board. I hope that helps.
  7. If you want to see South Beach leaving Miami then Port is the best side. However, the best side is starboard when leaving st. Maarteen and st. Thomas.
  8. Yes I installed the app and started the countdown clock and the same thing kept happening to me. I finally deleted the app and will install closer to sail date.
  9. Check as much as you want with the baggage guys. Put a room tag on it and it will show up with your luggage. We always drive to the Miami port and we take a case of water and between then 2 of us it is always gone before the end of the cruise. Can also do the same thing with sodas.
  10. Yes, Epic has the old 4 cup coffee maker. We took our own 4 cup filters and coffee with us. We love coffee and it worked out perfectly. We set it up the night before with coffee and water and all we had to do was hit the button in the morning. PERFECT!
  11. On our 1st cruise with NCL I lost a pair of designer sunglasses and thought for sure that they were gone forever but they were at lost and found. I was so thankful to the person who turned them in so there are still good people that do the right thing. On our most recent trip in November on the Epic we were in the garden cafe and noticed there was a purse hanging on the back of a chair so we told one of the attendants. He brought his supervisor over to take the purse to lost and found. I really hope that the rightful owner got it back by going to the right place to pick it up. I still believe that most people are honorable but there is the occasional bad apple and I am sorry that your husband had that "guy" cross his path.
  12. We were on this past Thanksgiving cruise on the Epic and made reservations to LeBistro for Thanksgiving. They offered the traditional thanksgiving dinner there although we did not have it. However, we were very glad that we made our reservations prior to the cruise because just as we suspected several people told us they waited 2 hours to get into the main dining rooms. We had a very quiet romantic dinner with some of the best wait staff we have encountered. ENJOY!
  13. When we were on the Thanksgiving week cruise they had it set up for karaoke. VERY disappointing!
  14. On the Epic Thanksgiving week they had turkey sausage in the buffet and in the main dining room. It was very good.
  15. We were on the Epic Thanksgiving week and there was not one college football game. We put hotspot on my husbands phone so that we could watch the noon game on my ipad while sitting in the port of Miami before we sailed. As soon as you get on the ship you must use their Wifi, even on boarding day. We were very disappointed. We made a decision not to sail during football season again. I know it seems extreme but it made for a very unhappy start to the cruise. We finally got the college scores at the first port of call when we went to the Hard Rock in St Martin with iPad in toll. Free internet with purchase.
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