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  1. We stayed in an 11th floor inside spa room in January on the Horizon. There wasn’t any noise at all. You do have to up up a couple of floors to get to the spa area but at the end of the hallway is a special staircase. I’d say you won’t hear too much noise from Serenity during the day but I bet when they put the lounge chairs on in the morning you will. We’ve done a spa balcony on the Magic, I think, and we prefer the covered balcony. On our Panorama cruise in January we were booked on the 12th floor in a spa balcony and moved to the 11th floor spa balcony to take advantage of almost $400 OBC. Honesty, put me wherever as long as I can enjoy the thermal suites.
  2. Can’t wait for your posts. We sail on her in January!
  3. It took us about 25 minutes to get from the airport to our hotel, Ohla Barcelona. Our flight arrived at 7:00am and when we got to the hotel they had a room available for us! Offered us a glass of champagne but after a long day of travel we just wanted a shower and a bed to rest our eyes. Ohla was in a great location. We could walk to many places and we did a HOHO bus our second morning there. There was a bus stop right down the street and we were able to explore all over with the bus route. It took us twenty minutes from the hotel to get to the cruise terminal and that was with some streets closed for a half marathon.
  4. Yes, the back part of the buffet area has a coffee bar. I was on the Legend in May.
  5. Alaska is an amazing cruise. As mentioned in a post above, it’s a port extensive cruise. Even though I’m 29, I’m always in bed early. It doesn’t matter if I’m at home or on vacay. I think many people on these trips want to rest up for busy days but all of the night time activities are still scheduled. It’s a trip of a lifetime. Don’t let negative reviews keep you from going on it.
  6. Not really. When we were sitting on the balcony we didn’t notice them. You could see them when standing at the rail but definitely could see the water too. I don’t really have any pictures but in the video you can see how we’re sitting back a little bit from the normal balconies and at the end you can see the lifeboats below. 7D344319-5A43-4072-9D94-367A33DF944A.MP4
  7. We had an extended balcony on the Legend in May. Room 7233. The extended balconies sit more inward on the ship and the lifeboats are below.
  8. It will not reflect on the Carnival website. The 10,000 points you redeemed will be deducted from your credit card balance, not directly from your cruise balance.
  9. I would call again. On our January cruise DH’s documents were messed up. I’m platinum so his said “priority” at the top because he gets to benefit from it too. He is gold however his documents had him as a first time cruiser. I called our PVP. I guess DH somehow had a second VIFP number created so he was able to get rid of that one and put it under his gold VIFP number. Once it was fixed, his documents still said priority, but he was changed to gold.
  10. We did zip lining and Dunn River Falls in a January. After they took us to Margaritaville and we had jerk chicken and rice and beans. When lunch was over you got back in the bus and you had the option to be dropped off at a shopping area or back near the ship.
  11. This is the brochure the had out when you get off of the ship in Icy Straight Point
  12. This is a brochure from the White Pass Route in Skagway. In the morning we booked dog sledding through Carnival and then booked the train independently due to what times were offered on Carnival vs the train website. The only thing different was we couldn’t board by the ship and had to board at the depot. We were already in town so it wasn’t a big deal at all.
  13. Here are a few of the brochures or maps I have. I’m sorry for the delay in posting. This is what they leave in your room for Glacier Bay.
  14. I don’t, I’m sorry. Through the week I kept the fun times but when we were packing up I just dropped them into the trash. I may have the Glacier Bay info they leave in the room. I’ll check.
  15. You’re welcome! This was our first time too. Y’all will have a blast!
  16. You’re welcome! It’s was a memorable cruise. I definitely wouldn’t mind to go back again. It was so much fun spotting all of the wildlife and the snow capped mountains were beautiful. I wish the weather would have been sunnier in Juneau and Skagway. That’s too funny they have a special appearance in it.
  17. Thank you. This was hubby’s first video he’s made. He enjoyed it and decided to make one of our cruise out of Barcelona last year too. I did enjoy the ship. Like I mentioned in an above comment at first I was just comparing her to the Horizon. Obviously the Legend isn’t as new. It doesn’t have all of the speciality restaurants and we tend to eat at those often. The layout is nice and they put out the retractable roof once we were in Alaska. I like that serenity is on the back of the ship. Some of our tours included lunch so we didn’t eat at too many places in Alaska. We went to Duck Point Smokehouse in Icy Straight Point. It’s right where the ship docks. We saw a whale swim by while eating lunch. There is a fit pit outside and a large fireplace inside. It was a cozy place. In Skagway we went to Skagway Brewing company. Downstairs has bar foods and a drink menu. We got some appetizers and drinks down there. Upstairs has a full menu but we didn’t go up there. I’m not sure if you have time in Seattle before your cruise but we ate lots of yummy food there.
  18. The Legend is a great ship. Our previous two cruises were on the Horizon so at first I wasn’t impressed. After spending a week on her I grew to love her.
  19. Hi Pink! I remember you! The Fantasy feels like it was so long ago. That was my second cruise, and I remember being impressed by how many cruises you’d been on. I still wear my Carnival hat. 😊 Alaska was one of my favorite trips and the Legend is a great ship. It still has urns everywhere. I hope you are doing well!
  20. You are welcome! This was hubby’s first video he put together and it’s a great way to remember our trip. Have fun and enjoy Alaska!
  21. You’re welcome! Enjoy your September sailing! Alaska is so beautiful
  22. Thank you Enjoy your trip next week!
  23. We were on the May 6 sailing on the Legend. We had two days in Seattle pre cruise and we went to Juneau, Skagway, Glacier Bay, Icy Straight Point, and Ketchikan. DH put together some of our pictures and video that were taken. I wish we would have had more pictures to see ahead of time while we counted down to the trip so I figured I’d share the link. It was a memorable cruise and hopefully one day we’ll sail to Alaska again.
  24. I got a Tervis cup on the Legend this month.
  25. I carried on two bottles of Capricio Sangria in January. (Hubby doesn’t drink wine so his bottle was for me)
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