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  1. They did not let us downgrade our kids classic alcohol package to the premium non alcoholic one even though the woman at the cafe said they would. They went from classic alcohol to classic non alcohol.
  2. Alejandro was on our Alaska Infinity cruise summer of 2017. We loved him.
  3. We did this 5 day on the Infinity this past Dec 17, and paid 900 for an oceanview with drinks package and 300 onboard credit. I don't expect to get that kind of deal again, especially now that they are paying to upgrade the entire fleet.
  4. We did this as well and loved it. They knew we were coming for the ship and were waiting for us. The trip was amazing and we made it back with time to shop in town even. Highly, highly recommended.
  5. We did the tour with native choice as well. Half the price for a much better experience.
  6. We went to the ruins with them in December, they were fantastic. Small group, informative guide, comfortable van. You need to exit the pier area, go through the door that says no exit, honestly. The pier people don’t want you leaving to spend money with anyone else. The cost was half of what the ship was charging to go to the same location for less time with an entire bus full of people.
  7. Our 7 night Alaska. Raise had 2.
  8. We were on a short Infinity cruise recently and there is one evening chic night. Yes there was a noticeable difference in how dressed up people were.
  9. We took a ruins tour in Costa Maya with Native Choice and it was amazing. We walked to the office as it is outside the cruise port. Totally safe. The man at the office told us that they don’t even have a jail in the town. They are adding on the port to allow more ships amd they don’t support it because it will bring more people amd more trouble to the area. in Cozumel we took a taxi to the marina to take a fantastic snorkeling trip with Cozumel H2O. Wonderful folks.
  10. On the Infinity recently Cellar Masters had 2 or 3 folks working whenever it was open. Best service on board by far.
  11. Unless you consume no food on board the cruise, leaving the tips as it is the fairest way to take care of everyone. If you remove tips and tip as you go, do you tip the person who scoops you ice cream in the buffet, or every waiter who brings you a drink every time for the entire cruise, or Cafe al Bachio each time you grab a coffee or a cookie. Too much work, easier to just let the system work as it is supposed to.
  12. We always tip extra for people who we felt did a nice job. For us, this would be the cabin steward and dining room servers and wine steward, and a handful of bartenders as well. On our last cruise, we tipped the team from Cellar Masters extra the last night, as they were just wonderful.
  13. 25th Anniversary Martini. Our go to wine is Decoy Cabernet Sauvignon.
  14. We loved Celebrity for Alaska because of the enrichment speakers. There were talks and events every day focusing on what we were seeing and going to see and giving information to enhance our experience. On our cruise we had Mickey Live and he was just the best.
  15. HI, never cruised MSC before but I am seeing offers for Seaside from Miami in March that say all in:free drinks in all category cabins. At 549 for inside cabins, I don't see how this is true. Does this offer sound weird to anyone?
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