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  1. You want to include a tour of St George's which is a UNESCO World Heritage Center. Since you're visiting Bermuda on the Escape, you'll be able to use the free NCL ferry to SG and return. If you were to take the first ferry over to SG and how long you toured there, you could fit the visit to the caves on the same day. SG is at the eastern end of Bermuda and caves are close by, not walking distance. You'll be saving travel time if you do them on the same day. You could take the public bus to the caves from SG. Depending on when you complete the tour of the caves, you could return to SG for the ferry. Otherwise, you would take the bus to Hamilton where you could catch the Hamilton > Dockyard ferry. SBtS
  2. There was a recent thread titled - Walk to Acadia National Park From Tender drop off Here's what I posted in reply: I think it is a little more than a mile (from the tender dock). But the real question would be what can I do by entering the park that way. There is nothing within walking distance from where you entered the park with the exception of hiking to the top of Cadillac Mountain on the North Ridge Trail, but I'm not too sure where the trail head would be vs where you entered the park. In season and if you are on the Park Loop Rd, you could flag down the Island Explorer bus..... I would say my reply answers your question. The only other options would be hiring a taxi or an independent tour. However, take a look at Toms Port Guide for Bar Harbor which has information on the Bar Harbor Great Meadow Loop Trail (page 12). It may be what you are looking for. SBtS
  3. Oli's Trolley will unload about a 5 minute walk from the tender dock. Oli's has been doing this for years, and if Oli's says that the tour will be back at 4pm, you can count on it. If there is a line waiting for the tender and if the line is more paxs then the tender holds, a second tender will be provided for the overage. No paxs will be left standing on the tender dock. SBtS
  4. That's the problem with the tours, 15 minutes per stop does not give you enough time to do your own exploring. You can get a 4 hour.tour by Oli's that provides 30 minute per stop, better than 15 minutes but it still may not be what you want. Not sure when your cruise is, but in season, there is a free public bus service (Island Explorer) which has routes that include ANP. It is HOHO with designated stops, and it runs frequently. The down side is that there is no tour guide providing commentary and you have to work the schedules for what you want to see. SBtS
  5. Yes, do a tour. That is the only way to see ANP. I would suggest using an independent tour company, such as Oli's Trolley or Acadia National Park Tours. You could hike or rent bikes but you would be limited at what you would see. SBtS
  6. I agree with you about HAL, but unfortunately, HAL is no longer doing Bermuda. SBtS
  7. In your other thread, I offered 3 'what to do' suggestions: Climb Gibbs Lighthouse for a great view of Bermuda. Walk the portion of Railway Trail that is on Somerset Island. Tour Fort Scaur. Charles4515 suggested Fun Golf (mini golf) next to Snorkel Park at the Dockyard. Also, you could visit the National Museum of Bermuda at the Dockyard. SBtS
  8. You could take a mini-bus going to Horseshoe Bay and as you board the mini-bus, ask the driver if he will drop you at Warwick. The fare would be $1 more. If that does not work, take the public bus (route #7), and ask the driver to drop you at the bus stop closest to the access road to Warwick Long Bay. You start at WLB because you want to end at HSB which has a concession stand, showers, and restrooms. Plus, you'll find waiting mini-buses and taxis in the parking area. WLB does not have any of these except for porta-potties. I posted a satellite photo of the beach path here. Only a small portion of the paths are on beach sand. At night, the Frog & Onion Pub may have live music and local brew. Or visit Club Aqua at Snorkel Park. SBtS
  9. too much to list, read here: https://www.tripadvisor.com/Attractions-g155033-Activities-Quebec_City_Quebec.html http://www.toeuropeandbeyond.com/things-to-do-in-quebec-city/ https://www.quebecregion.com/en/what-to-do/activities-attractions/must-see-attractions/ SBtS
  10. All public beaches in Bermuda are free. What are your plans for the 1 full day? Time you will start? Will you spend time in the water at each beach you pass on the walk? etc.... You get the idea. Without knowing more details, it is difficult to offer suggestions. Here are 3 suggestions. Climb Gibbs Lighthouse for a great view of Bermuda. Walk the portion of Railway Trail that is on Somerset Island. Tour Fort Scaur. SBtS
  11. If you want to snorkel. especially if you lack snorkeling experience, go to Tobacco Bay; otherwise, go to Warwick and then walk to Horseshoe Bay. You'll have more beach time at Warwick since it is closer to the Dockyard. SBtS
  12. HAL has the better itinerary because you visit Quebec City and Montreal, but it is one way; NCL does not. SBtS
  13. IMHO, not having the Orange Route ferry is not a big disadvantage if you are docked in Hamilton. You would first have to take the Blue Route ferry to the Dockyard where you would switch to the Orange Route ferry, and the OR ferry only makes 4 round trips per day. The BR ferry takes 20 minutes, Hamilton <> Dockyard, and the OR ferry takes 45 minutes, Dockyard <> St George, plus any waiting time for the OR ferry. A route #10 or #11 bus makes the trip in 50 minutes and the 2 routes in combo depart every 15 minutes from Hamilton. The bus ride may not be as enjoyable as the ferry ride, but you get to see Bermuda close up. SBtS
  14. You are correct about going to your left as you face the ocean. That direction would be northeast. Just walk until you can not continue on the beach. Hare is a Google Satellite pix; is this the photo you referred to? SBtS
  15. from https://www.lilibermuda.com/pages/afternoon-high-tea: Afternoon Tea At Lili Bermuda Perfumery Every Wednesday and Saturday 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm Sweet P offers afternoon tea in the elegant gardens of historic Stewart Hall in St. George's. Enjoy our fresh and seasonal treats that highlight local ingredients. Sweet P's tea is a perfect option for a late lunch in a relaxed setting. Indulge in a selection of fine teas, finger sandwiches and petit fours. Our popular scones are served with local honey, jam and chantilly cream. Fee $30 per person plus 15% gratuity (Sorry, no cards) Sweet P's is located in St George's. Depending on when your visit is, you would take the Dockyard <> St George's ferry. If that ferry is no longer running take the ferry to Hamilton and then a bus or taxi to SG. 2 things to keep in mind are, high tea is only available on a Wednesday or Saturday and a reduced winter ferry schedule from Hamilton to the Dockyard. While in SG, you should visit the Unfinished Church and St Peter's Church. SBtS
  16. If your cruise ship is docked at the Dockyard and the ferry to St George is still running, you would take the ferry to SG and either walk, take a taxi, or shuttle (if running) from King's Square, SG to Tobacco Bay. If the ferry to SG is not running, you would take the ferry to Hamilton. From there, you could take a taxi to TB or a public bus, routes #10 or #11, to SG and then either walk, take a taxi, or shuttle (if running) from King's Square, SG to Tobacco Bay. SBtS
  17. Just curious, but why did it take so long to get a tender?? SBtS
  18. Yes, and by best, you don't mean least expensive? Next time, take a cruise to Bermuda, best of both worlds. SBtS
  19. I have never heard about such a restriction by a port, but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist. Newport is a tender port. When you decide to return, you'll stand in line, outside, and wait for the tender. There will be someone there to check that you are a passenger on the cruise ship, but that is all they do. I would call customer service again for clarification because the cruise line may have a prohibition on what can be taken onboard at a port-of-call, but the port does not SBtS
  20. You can request a stop anywhere, but what route you are on will determine if there are any worthwhile stops. If you take a look at the Island Explorer routes schedule, you will see the listed scheduled stops by route. These would be considered the best stops and most excursions, both cruise line and independent will visit these stops. The cruise line and independent excursion will limit your time at any stop. IE will permit exploring on your own. If you are not familiar with Acadia National Park, then this site will help but a guide book maybe the most helpful. Toms Port Guide is another good source of information for Bar Harbor and ANP but I did notice that the section for the IE schedule was not up-to-date. SBtS
  21. The winter schedule should be released a few days before it becomes effective. Last year it started on 10/30. This year's schedule should closely follow last year's schedule. There is a copy of that here: http://www.rccbermuda.bm/Documents/BMOC/Winter%20Schedule%202018_Web.pdf SBtS
  22. The departure point for most of the Island Explorer routes is the Bar Harbor Town Green. The Town Green is about 2 blocks up Main St from the tender dock. There is no cost because it is a free public bus provided by the LL Bean Corp. There is only one pickup point, the Town Green, within walking distance of the tender dock. SBtS
  23. The taxi fare would be about $17 plus tip for 1 to 4 paxs, Mon - Sat travel; about $25 for 5 to 7 paxs. SBtS
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