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  1. You should have enough time. It was about 45min. to an hour each way to the falls and back to port. It took us about 2 hours to do the falls. Once we arrived at the falls they suit you up with life jacket and helmet. Then put you in a group. Make sure you tell them you do not want to be in a large group. Ours was about 14 people and moved very fast. Large groups will slow you down. Yes we tipped the driver $20 and also tipped the guides who help you during all of the falls. Cash is king on the island. Take your own water and don’t eat the lunch. Our driver said some had gotten sick. Patti
  2. Yes, my sister and I took a taxi in January 2019 to the falls and did 16 of the falls. It was a blast. She is 49 and I am 64. The taxi is $100. Most will hold 4 but we only had 2. $100 regardless if 2 or 4. They wait on you at the falls to bring you back. It’s about a 30 minute ride. The entrance fee to the falls was around $15 each. You do have to hire a photographer (they call them a paparazzi)in order to have pictures. That was not explained to us and we were disappointed not to have any photos taken. You hire the photographer in the same area you pay the entrance fee. It was a great day with no issues. Our taxi told us prior to leaving the falls that a lunch was provided, but not to eat it, because some people had gotten sick. After the news of people dying in the spring it made me think back to the drivers comment regarding lunch. Patti
  3. You should be fine. We are in port for only 7.5 hours in August and we are traveling over. I have done the DIY several times with no issues. The only issue I would be concerned with is how many ships are in port. Also, you would need to catch the ferry no later than 3pm back. You should be able to catch the 9am ferry and be at the beach no later than 9:45am. I would probably spend three and a half to 4 hours and catch the 3pm ferry and allow myself plenty of time to get back to the ship. I have only docked at Havensight so my information is from this dock only. Patti
  4. I am so saddened to hear this. My husband and I enjoyed dining there while he was working on the island last year. Patti
  5. We were at the falls in January 2019 and we did not eat the meal. We had been told by our taxi driver better not eat the meal because people have gotten sick. We enjoyed the falls and headed back to the ship after. Spent the rest of the day in the port area. Patti
  6. Recommendations would be appreciated for LAX to Residence Inn downtown Long Beach 🏖? Shuttle, Uber/Lyft, Taxi. We sail from the East Coast primarily so not familiar with this are. TIA, Patti
  7. pittypat


    Totally agree! I definitely would not recommend renting golf carts. Last year while in port my family rented from Karib and the golf carts were in very bad shape. We worried if we would make it back to the ship. We had rented from Karib in years prior with no problems and carts were in good shape. Pittypat
  8. I received the upsell/upgrade email and did not take it. The offer was to go from balcony on deck 7 to a balcony on deck 9 for $46.00. Didn’t seem like it was of value to me. Turned it down. I am platinum and this is the first upsell I have ever received. pittypat
  9. We too, are easy going cruisers and sailed Norwegian Pearl last year to Alaska. It was our first cruise on Norwegian and probably our last. The cruise was fine but I just prefer food, room, and entertainment on Carnival. As far as the parting that is totally up to you on what you want to be involved with. That isn’t our thing so we don’t participate. I think it’s truly what you want and the choices you make on a Carnival ship regarding the partying. I am platinum on Carnival and our Norwegian Cruise was our first to try another line. After the Norwegian Pearl we felt we will stick with Carnival. Booked the Carnival Legend for July 2019 to Alaska. IMHO You should be happy with your choice of the Legend. pittypat
  10. My opinion having visited both Magen’s and Trunk Bay multiple times is Trunk Bay. I spent a month in May 2018 and visited both. Both are beautiful but Trunk, Cinnamon and Maho on St. John are my favorite any where in the Caribbean for different reasons. Trunk for the beauty and snorkeling. I will be visiting Trunk again on a cruise on my own with family in January 2019. Hope this is helpful. pittypat
  11. I visited in May 2018 for a month while my husband was working. The area still had significant damage and extreme seaweed in that area. Would recommend Magen’s Bay or St. John beaches for now. pittypat
  12. What is the usual fare for 3 people with 3 bags to Port of Miami from Miami International? TIA, pittypat
  13. There is open air seating on the top deck. Enclosed seating on deck one. Ride can be rocky depending on lots of different things. It is a rather quick ride over from Red Hook. The beaches are certainly not to be missed. They are beautiful on St. John. pittypat
  14. Spent time in Magen’s Bay May 2018 and left valuables at our chairs while swimming. No problems whatsoever.
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