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  1. Thanks for this, I had another look and the 50's are paper and the ten are plastic. I didn't know they were a mixture. No need now to exchange them or visit the Post office on my return. It must be the stress of the big trip and my attention to detail is slipping. 😲
  2. We leave tomorrow so it's to late to do anything about it now but as people have said above they heard about this rule a while back so I'm wondering why I got 10 pounds notes from whoever the Post Office uses for their currency conversion. I will when we get back go and see the girls at the local PO and mention how disappointed I was to get notes that I couldn't use to buy stuff in England, not even a cup of cofee or a taxi ride. I know it's not their fault but hopefully they can pass on the complaint to the right department in their organisation. At least Dobby forewarned me before I tried to use one of the notes.
  3. Thanks Dobby for the heads up. Just checked my money from the post office and I received three ten pounds notes so it looks like I will be off to a bank in London next week. May find you under the stairs soon on the Sapphire.
  4. Well the Sun Princess is doing a 4 night return to Brisbane via Sydney in November next year. Inside $512 and balcony $884. On the 24th of January for 4 nights from Brisbane on the Pacific Aria, twin from $614, not many rooms left on this Australia Day cruise. If you can pick up these cruises for a good price and you didn't live far from the port they would be good short get away for some people. The 4 night ones out of Sydney to Morton Island seem to be popular at the moment. I was on a cruise that went to Morton Isalnd and there were passengers on board whose families were coming out from Brisbane for the day to catch up with them.
  5. No doubt there would be a few as it would be a nice four day cruise, with a day in Sydney to catch up with friends and family for lunch, maybe a spot of shopping or a trip to the zoo. I once did a 5 day return to Melbourne from Sydney for some christmas shopping and a bit of sightseeing. Better than flying.
  6. If Princess thinks they can sell more tickets and therefore have less discounting by going down to Sydney to pick up passengers for the cruise and there is space in White Bay then if possible they would do this. Money talks.
  7. Good advice especially if you are staying for a few days. If staying right near Central there are lots of transport options and only a few minutes to the CBD or Darling Harbour and you can have a decent dinner for under $20 AUD a person. Great option if you are on a budget.
  8. Does it go around the top of Australia to reach Perth or does it go through Adelaide and melbourne? If it goes over the top through Darwin perhaps it has the four day down to Sydney to pick up passengers wishing to leave from Sydney for the cruise.
  9. Yes that is it. The coffee is still the same as what you get in the IC but don't expect the same range of food. They place out one covered tray of snacks on the bar. Disappointing food wise when compared to the IC.
  10. No need to be embrassed, it will be a long time before Sydney gets its act today to improve cruise facilities on the right side of the bridge. It seems that in major cities in our region it is in the too hard basket to find a spot for the big cruise ships to dock as nobody wants them in their backyard. Too much noise and too much traffic and the voters living in the area could lose their views for the day.
  11. I don't think some overseas companies really understand how much a ship full of Aussies can drink. That may be why you ended up on a ship with no beer.
  12. So your recomendation would be not to take a cruise on them? 😁😄 I did see a fly/ cruise/hotel deal for $3990 going to the following places; Milan, Venice, Dubrovnik, Corfu, Argostoli, Kotor, Split, Trieste, Katakolon, Heraklion, the Suez Canal, Aqaba, Salah, Muscat, Khasab and Dubai. But I think I will give it a pass now and anyway my husband wouldn't let me book it as he was worried about the amount of smoking onboard.
  13. I have done it on a ships tour and there were interesting things to see. We took the tour in which you had 4 hours on your own and I found it very hot walking around the city and trying to cross the roads. Next time I would take a tour thats drops us off at the door of the attractions instead of trying to cross the road. It was fun once. There is not that much to see around the port. There should be a shuttle that drops you off at a supermarket and from here you can bargain for a local tour. Our friends went to a local resort on the river and enjoyed the trip. Last time we went on the War tour to see the tunnels. The bus did not go far too from the ship but the city would be a better option if you have not been there before.
  14. I'm looking at the June 14th cruise to Queensland. I didn't like the the thought of going to Queensland on the February QLD cruise (too hot for me) and the winter one sounds lovely to escape the cold weather down here.
  15. Thanks for taking the time to post about your cruise. I enjoyed reading it, especially the part about the letter with your dining time. This sounds new. I wonder if everyone gets a set time? Sounds like you had an enjoyable cruise, I'm just waiting until the Pacific Adventure cruises start to go on P&O again.
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