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  1. There is Tilba Tilba an historic little village up north on the coastal highway in the hills not far from Eden. Very pretty and just interesting to walk around. It was an old dairy farming community I think. Plenty of tempting homemade crafts to buy. And lots of old historic (by Australian standards) cottages. There is also Cobargo a very small historic logging town. It would be worth the drive if you had a hire car and enjoyed driving through nature. You would get a good look at the Australian bush on this drive. If you just want a relaxing few hours off the ship, a walk around Eden itself is worth it. The town itself is a bit hilly. And as Mic said the Whale Museum is worth a vist. It is a lovely small fishing town and you would get to see a country town in Australia. There are of course great beaches in the area to walk along or go swimming at. Beautiful vistas will be seen on a coastal drive and there is an old historic wharf at Tathra which you can sit on and listen to the slaps of the whale's tails at the right time of year.
  2. Exciting news, glad to see regional NSW getting in on the action. I am curious about the unexpected vist in 2017 mentioned in the article. Thanks for letting us know about this developement especially for those of us who live in Southern NSW.
  3. If you love beautiful old buildings the Seattle train station is worth a look at.
  4. Here are some photos from when we were on the train. I'm sorry about the quality of some of the photos but they were taken through the window of a fast moving train. The train did slow down when we went through White Rock so we could get a good look at the eagles on the beach. Some of them flew really close to the window. It was a memorable trip on the cassades train. We went business class and for the extra $20 it was worth every penny. There were only three seats across the carriage (they were very padded ) so it was very comfortable.
  5. Thanks Terry for the contact details. Valentina sounds like a great guide especially in the old market. I am looking forward to viewing the Royal Opera House after seeing your photos. It was not on my list before but is now.
  6. Thanks Terry for all your wonderul photos and information about Muscat. Interesting reading for our port day there in November. I too would be interested in the company/guide name that you used for your day in Muscat.
  7. Our cruise on the Sapphire Princess in November this year is still going ahead.
  8. Have a fantastic time OzKiwi. When we did this cruise they put on a party lunch in the MDR just before we dropped off the Auckland passengers. I'm sure they will do something special for your cruise as well. Enjoy the shopping in Hawaii and don't be suprised at how many sketchers people buy. Bon voyage! It is a great cruise for those that love sea days (that's me).
  9. Enjoy the ice skating show. I make no comment on the mad part.😁
  10. Do they have seat belts on those trucks/buses yet? It's a fun ride around the island on them, with stunning views. Now you are making me want to go back. 🤣 Thanks Gwendy for taking us half way around the world with you and keeping us up to date on the Kiwi/Aussie World Cruise. It has made my winter here at home just a bit brighter.
  11. Thanks for updating us about the Grand. Always good to get up to date information.
  12. Thank you Idahospud. Since the price is under the US system I just wanted to make sure that it was not something that was added onto the fare.
  13. I am wondering what NCF means it is the last column of the fare download after the taxes and port fees. Any ideas anyone?
  14. I looked at the photo of the beach in the article and couldn't believe my eyes. And this is happening on an Island where nobody lives. And as you said this is a World Heritage Site. Shame on us as a species. We can't change the past, but we can change the future. Lets hope that man can clean up this mess in the oceans and on land but it seems a lot of the time making money is king and increasing the GDP of a country always wins and the enviroment loses. Just my opinion. Thanks David for the link.
  15. Hi Syliva, When a PVP from Princess sends me an e-mail at the bottom it always states, please disregard this message if you are working with a travel agent.
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