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  1. If only I could afford the monthly maintenance fees. Thanks for the dream David.
  2. Everytime Timothy does his laugh, I have to chuckle as well. We really enjoyed the series. If you can't go cruising it's the next best thing. My husband even made me serve him afternoon tea while he was watching it. (just kidding)
  3. Thanks By the Bay, I will go and set it to record.👍
  4. While this Albatross is not Royal he is a wanderer. A good news story from the ABC. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-05-21/wandering-albatross-produce-the-most-eggs-in-a-decade/12272370
  5. Thanks for posting this information. Good to know that there are some countries that will welcome back cruise ships.
  6. We had a Princess cruise calling in at Darwin, Brisbane and ending in Sydney on the 16th of September cancelled yesterday by Princess.
  7. That drive should be happening soon Don. Maybe a week after NSW allows it though.
  8. I think that the Sea Princess is/was using Aus dollars all year. So I would consider it an Australian ship. Some would think that the Sun Princess was one of the Australian ships but it has been doing the winter season away from Australia so I would no longer classify it as Australian.
  9. Beautifully framed shot David. Thanks
  10. Good idea you mentioned of new paper menus for each person, but they did say in the articles about cleaning the menus. I do find the Princess theatres to be more crowded than when we went on Celebrity. I remember the first time I went to a show on Celebrity and ten minutes before the show wondering where all the people were. I found on there that I didn't have to go 45 minutes before to get a seat. I'm not knocking Princess (big fan) but I think my biggest chance of catching something would be standing in a line to embark the ship (or any line on the ship) or going to the theatre. I don't know about land based theatres as we live in the country side and have to cruise to see a show.😁
  11. The new proceedures sound good but I still think that the Princess theatre is a hot bed of disease. Maybe if they have already elimated all the coughers due to the new rules it might be safe to go to the late show where you are not packed in like sardines. I did take note that the menus are to be cleaned between uses. Hopefully they will get rid of the paper ones and use laminated menu for easier cleaning. They will not look as good but surely will be safer. We have always wondered about the menus when the flu starts overunning the ship on a long voyage.
  12. Good ideas OzKiwiJJ the cruise industry in Australia needs to start slowly on uncrowded ships and build up confidence in the industry again. They can't afford to have any incidents on the first cruises back.
  13. I heard on the news that Princess has given $50 000 to a local (Wollongong/Ilawarra?) charity that sent care packages to the crew onboard. Earlier in the week someboby posted a link to a story that stated the Rev John Kewa was delivering boxes of goodies to the ship that the people of the Ilawarra had donated. The ship also had a huge banner hung on the back of it thanking the Ilawarra region. Well done of Princess to thank the people/region who remembered that this was not just a big corperation but the Ruby was a ship with actual people left on board. Thank you to the people of the Ilawarra region for their kindness and humanity shown to the crew.
  14. After watching Great Canadian Rail Journeys last night on SBS maybe my next cruise will have include Prince Edward Island. Though some cruise passengers I have spoken to do say that the ships fequently can't get into the harbour so maybe a land holiday might be better. One of my top destinations was Jordan for Petra. Though on the day I remember the dust being kicked up by the horses but I would still love to go back there.
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