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  1. Bitte (you're welcome). It sure was a pretty little town.
  2. Yes you are right, they do convert when they start cruising out of Australia. We were on the Emerald out of Sydney for a NZ cruise (the Emerald came out from the west coast for one season only and returned there at the end of that season) and onboard charges were in Australian dollars.
  3. We have found the menus to be basically the same on Princess no matter where you cruise with them in the world. They always have a few regional specialities on the menu but this makes up a very small part of the food on board.
  4. Hi John, We did this tour with Princess in 2015. We had plenty of time in Handorf. At least a couple of hours. We walked the main street twice, visted the art gallery, browsed the shops, walked up to St. Paul's church and had a bite to eat in a lovely cafe to fill in the time. On the drive up the hill the bus driver stopped the bus for us to see a koala up a tree ( I don't get to see them in the wild where I live) which was a treat for us. After Handorf we had lunch at a restuarant that over looked Adelaide and had an extra ten minutes here to look at the view and use the facilities. We both enjoyed the day. If you are concerned about the amount of time in Handorf look at the excursion on the Princess site (I assume you are refering to your cruise on the Sun Princess next year) and on the right side you can click on the Handorf part and it will tell you how much time at the site and what facilities are there. I find this very handy when selecting excursions.
  5. On our crossing we did have rough seas with the drawers in the cabin opening and closing by themselves. ( the old Dawn Princess) I took another sea sick tablet in the morning, popped the sea bands on and had an extra cup of coffee to stay awake. Then we spent the morning in the atrium (center of the ship down low) with half the ships passengers having a wonderful time talking and filming the waves crashing on the windows while the other half of the passengers stayed in their rooms. The rough conditions only lasted a few hours and settled down when we reached the mainland as the captain hugged the coastline. Take some ginger along too, to settle the stomach. Do read the information on the packet to see how many tablets you can take.
  6. Pretty sure the first one was at 7pm and I didn't go to the second one but 9pm sounds about right. We arrived about 25 mins before the show and found a seat easily. The first night we arrived 5 minutes before the show and missed out.
  7. I last went on Pacific Explorer last August, this is how they did it then. You went to the dining room (the Dragon Lady on my cruise) during the day and booked a dining time. You could also book dinner times and which restaurant for the entire cruise if you wanted to. If you wanted to do the paid for afternoon tea or the Love Riot dinner you would book it here as well. I found when we turned up at the allocated time there was no line and we were seated straight away. I think you can also turn up without a booking to see if there are any tables available. The lines for booking tables was quiet long on the first full cruise day and we found there to be no line at all on the following days. Most people seem to book on the first sea day so don't be put off by the line you can always come back and book later. I thought the best dinner on the cruise was the Love Riot meal which we paid extra for. Other passengers I spoke to enjoyed their dinner at Shell and Bones. There were two shows each night. The door were open 30 minutes before the show. The show times stayed the same each night so just check the newsheet for times. I hope this helps. I always feel a little lost on the first two days on a new cruise line until I work out how things are run.
  8. My front yard. My place is a bit of a zoo. Seriously Taronga Zoo would be the easiest to get to. Just a fabulous short ride across the harbour in a ferry from Circular Quay right near the cruise terminal. Not exactly a natural setting but a great backdrop of the harbour. Another place I saw on Google was Symbio Wildlife Park in south Sydney in Helensburgh which is on the city rail network. The further out of the city centre you go I would think you would be more likely to find a natural setting but then the travel time eats into your day.
  9. When taking the train to the airport we sit just inside the doors (no stairs involved) where the seats have their backs to the windows and hold onto the handles of our suitcase or put them between our knees to stop them rolling away. Yes I agree with NSWP the government/RailCorp should have put lugage racks on the airport trains. You can manage without them but you shouldn't have to given the extra money you pay to use the airport stations. I personally would not use the bus due the the lifting required and buses for a non local are harder to work out where they go to. Last time we caught a taxi from the airport in the afternoon traffic to a hotel down near the Quay (near the overseas passenger terminal) it was over $70, that included a toll towards the end of the journey. The train cost about $16 each.
  10. On the Sun Princess in March this year they collected our passports and organised the visas for us. On our last port in Vietman we dropped off our visa cards in a box at the end of the day. You could of course have obtained the visa yourself before the cruise and saved some money. We were asked at check-in if we wanted Princess to obtain the visa for us.
  11. I shall look out for it on my next cruise. Thanks for explaining it.
  12. I was on the relocation of the Sun in March and was suprised at how many people used the promenade deck. Lots of walkers out for a morning stroll and even after the show at night you would find about 6-12 people in their excerise gear doing laps (perhaps this way they avoided the heat of the day). I hope your cabin cough gets better soon, ours took a few weeks to go after coming back. Glad to hear you had a good time on the port days. Hopefully you came across some good shopping bargains.
  13. Just my opinion: The first cruise if you just want to see Australia and really want to go the Great Barrier Reef. The second if you want to go swimming and snorkling and meet people from a very different way of life. Some of these are very poor countries with very friendly people but sometimes basic facilities. The third if you want to see Australia and New Zealand. There is fantastic scenery and a bit of different culture. I think you will get the most variety in the ports in this cruise. It would be my pick if I came from overseas. Akaroa and Napier are unique towns with a charming feel to them. Google some of the places on these cruises to see if these are ports you wish to vist.
  14. I haven't been on the Grand but they have been in the aerobics studio on every Princess ship I have been on so I would think they are considered basic gym equipment on Princess.
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