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  1. The Emerald has a narrower promanade deck. While the Sapphire has a covered pool the emerald does not. This is where MUTS is set up. It still has two large pools. If you are into table tennis they are outside on the Emerald in the sun and wind. The Emerald has Share up the top with a Jazz room next to it. These are the changes that I can remember, I'm sure other people will add to these. We really enjoyed our NZ cruise on the Emerald even though it rained a lot of the time (due to a cyclone up in Fiji) and ports were cancelled. I don't know if you can on the Sapphire but you can order your coffee during the day on the Emerald in the wheelhousse bar and drink it there. This helped a lot with seating in the atrium.
  2. Enjoying the photos from around the ship. I have never been on any HAL or ex HAL ship. No doubt the decor is completely changed just like the Explorer.
  3. Don't be too hard on yourself. Sometimes a cruise is just about checking out the ship. A 4 night is perfect for this.
  4. No card with the dates/venue and available munchies of the day in the cabin (march sailing) when we got there so I assume nothing has changed on the Sun. They haven't had these events on the Sun class ships since I have sailed on them.
  5. Have a wonderful cruise John. Does the Aria have a night light strip in the cabin like the Explorer? Enjoy the suite.
  6. Hi John, We have just finished a cruise in the last two weeks on the Sun. As well as the ones Cool Cruiser mentioned there is also the Crab Shack that was open on select nights. Not a speciality restuarant but a suprise was that we had a pub lunch in the MDR one day. The first time for us on one of the small ships. John can you tell Eileen that we had one win in trivia and took home some water bottles. The Sun was in good shape and we really enjoyed the cruise up to Hong Kong. Thanks Karryl and Warren
  7. There is no better feeling then walking down the corridor and seeing the departure forms and bag tags in the mail slot and knowing there is nothing in your mail slot. Enjoy your B2B. I have been to Akaroa 3 times and I still haven't seen everything in that small town. We just have a relaxing day and walk a different way each time. I think that next time one only way left is straight uphill.😁
  8. I would be interested to know why it didn't go to Sydney as well. Not that we will ever find out unless someone knows someone on board. Looks like an OK day for them in Tauranga with only a bit of cloud around to start the day. Thanks for the shot David.
  9. We tend to enjoy Windjammers more than the MDR on RC ships. They do have a wide selection up in the buffet. Thanks for the review. Good to hear that the Radiance is still as enjoyable after 6 years. Will have to try it some day.
  10. Thanks Sinbad for the information that I can buy a ticket onboard. I will keep in mind the 2 hour time limit. Yes By the Bay, it would make it easier if we could have one card for all over Australia. Especially when you are cruising and just in a city for one day. Thanks for the replies.
  11. I will be in Brisbane next week for one day on the Sun Princess. I have looked it up online and see that you use a GO card for the public transport. My question is, can I buy an old fashioned paper ticket onboard the ferry. I plan to go from Bretts Wharf to Regatta Point Toowong then to the CBD and then back to the ship. What would be my best option in terms of a ticket or GO card? I may be a two years before I go to Brisbane again so dont want to buy a plastic card if I don't have to.
  12. Hi Libby, There will most likely be a knitters and sewers group listed in the patter for around 9 to 9:30 each sea day. If you prefer the afternoon just turn up in the morning (venue listed in patter) and ask if anyone is interested in an afternoon knitting session. Have a wonderful cruise and enjoy the beautiful Islands of NZ. Karryl
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