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  1. Hmmm.....projected rate of cruise return, allowing for all variants , variables, and data projections....2099.
  2. OMG....you mean when media blasts us with "POSITIVE TESTS!!", that Covid is survivable? OMG !!
  3. IT's all about the CONTROL....Keep the pot stirred.
  4. Got my first Moderna shot about mid Feb, just a sore arm. When I got the second Moderna shot, I was ok till about 8 hours later....fever, chills, body ached all over, tremendous headache. That second shot was a real knock ya down. Stayed in bed for 24 hours, slowly got better then fine after about a day or so. I noted some people have this reaction and others do not..just surprised how intense the second shot effects were. Wife had #2 with no problem at all....go figure?
  5. a "little while" is turning out to be a wee bit more than expected. Disney open, people flying, ballparks with crowds....time to realize CDC cannot protect against every, conceivable danger to health.
  6. At last we agree.....waiting on the BUGTUSSLE variant to emerge...it's the endless wheel.
  7. guidance modified = yet another delay. Enough already....
  8. There is no ending or cure to the Covid, and the er,hum,et from the CDC is more than annoying. Who's to say that once cruise lines submit to the " no un-turned " rock mandates, that yet another mandate will emerge. For example....now we have the Variant, so we'll need all cruisers to receive the ( you name it) XYZ vaccine . The gold post moving mentioned by previous applies.
  9. Looks like NCL bookings from Montego Bay, and Punta Cana.....get the hint CLC.
  10. Yes, indeed......let our people go....and dont start this" the variant is coming" mantra...
  11. I fell your pain....now I know why our state is a #1 outflow....mostly headed to ( oh my) Florida. Time to crawl out from under the bed....headed to Vegas ourselves.
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