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  1. QShip

    Cruise Credit??

    Thanks everyone, will be good information for when we rebook. What we are really interested in though is how and how long to receive the amount of the credit? Cannot really plan without knowing the amount.
  2. As part of our decision to take a voucher we will apparently receive a 25% 'cruisecredit'. It is not at all clear what this means, but we are presuming we will receive an onboard credit to spend on the ship of 25% of our original fare, rather than any adjustment to the new fare (other than the 10% discount on the new voyage).
  3. Since my last post I received two more responses from Hurtigruden. The prior reply appears to be a general response, the last two directly address my original questions: 1. (7-15-20) Hi Mike, We are sorry for late answer, but unfortunately we have to follow what the government say and at this moment you are not allowed to enter Norway. That can ofcourse change, but we don't have anymore information about that. What I recommend you is to fill out a form on our website if you want to refund or rebook this for a future voyage. Here you have the link: https://www.hurtigruten.com/practical-information/coronavirus-update/ If you want refund and the borders between USA and Norway is closed, you will have the full amount back. If the borders is open, you will not get the refund and you have to follow the terms and conditions. If you want rebook, you will have 10% discount on your new voyage and 25% cruisecredit. Remember that your future voyage have to be before 31th of December 2021 and you have to fill out the form on our website before 30th of July 2020. When you have decided your new voyage, I recommend you to call us since we have a lot of requests by e-mail. Hope you got all your answer and do not hesitate to contact us directly by phone if you have any questions. Have a nice day. 2. (7-16-20) Good afternoon! I am very sorry for late reply. If you decide to change you reservation for later departure, sure, you can wait with new date as much as you need. There is no hurry. Unfortunately voucher is not transferable for third party, but another person can take over the booking before we make rebooking (BTW, we have decided accepting a voucher is the better course for us. See you all sometime next year!)
  4. Here is the essence of the email I sent to Booking@Hurtigruden.com on Saturday. Their response was from Port2port@Hurtigruten.com. I am very impressed with the speed of the response. I was apparently wrong on the timeline to request a voucher, will need to make up our mind by the end of the month. Will see what Norway does on July 15, but am not optimistic based upon the abysmal response to the virus in the US. 1. When can we expect to get notice from Hurtigruden as to whether or not the cruise will actually depart or be cancelled? 2. We will be coming from the US and cannot quarantine for 14 days. What plans does Hurtigruden have for those of us who are not allowed to enter Norway, if that occurs? Will we be able to cancel and receive a refund? 3. We understand we can rebook as long as we request a voucher not later than 48 hours before scheduled departure. Is there a time limit on when the actual rebooking must be made? 4. If we are not able to travel are we allowed to transfer our cruise/cabin to a family member or other third party? Response: Thanks for your message. The MS Kong Harald will start its operation from the 16th of August 2020. You will find our latest updates regarding sailings by following this link : https://global.hurtigruten.com/practical-information/coronavirus-update/norwegian-coast/. At the moment, it is possible to apply for the rebooking program online. This offer allows you to rebook to a new dates with us up to the 31st of December 2021. Please note that you do need to apply to this program the 31st of July 2020 latest. As mentioned on the rebooking offer, you don't need to know your new travelling dates yet. It is possible to change the passengers travelling on your booking but the paying customer won't be changed. Please note that the booking reference that you indicate on your email is not correct. If there are any other questions, please don't hesitate in sending us a mail, so we can help you as soon as possible. Best regards, Jeremy Lefranc Reisekonsulent Nordisk marked Hurtigruten: +47 810 30 000
  5. hallasm Thanks for your reply, I have sent a specific message to 'booking'. Due to the pandemic mess I expect they have changed some of their procedures and permissions. Will post their reply.
  6. Our departure is scheduled for Sept. 29 on Kong Harald. Has anyone tried to transfer cabin/cruise to a third party?
  7. We have a Hurtigruten cruise planned for late Sept. We are concerned that we will not be allowed to travel from the US due to Norway travel restrictions. Hurtigruten has not yet informed us of any change in the status of the cruise, so we presume it will depart as scheduled. I sent Hurtigruten an email asking about the status of the cruise and about transferring our cruise to a third party. I received no response. So... 1. When can we expect Hurtigruden to advise us on the status of our cruise? If we want to change our cruise date to 2021 what is the latest date we can do so? 2. If we decide we can no longer take the cruise at all can we transfer it to a family member or other third party? If so, how is it done? 3. Is there any chance of a refund, or will we be limited to changing departure date?
  8. I am pleased at the ongoing interest and great information on this thread. We still have our slot to leave Bergen around 9/28. Hope it happens! I wonder, is there a way, and would it make sense, to ship baggage from Oslo airport to the ship so one does not have multiple 'bag drags' and the inconvenience of having the bags on the train. Would there be a security problem?
  9. Thanks, Hallasm. It is obvious I did not make myself very clear. What I am interested in is whether Hurtigruden is making the same cancellation offers to those who booked on .no to those who used other sites such as .com to arrange their cruises.
  10. We have a 12 day BKB scheduled for late Sept, booked through Hurtigruden.no. Have not, of course, heard anything about whether it will go or not, but curious if there is any difference in the Hurtigruden offers between the .no site and other sites?
  11. When we recently traveled to New Zealand we learned that medical care there is at no cost to everyone, including non-resident travelers. What is the situation in Norway? We have passage booked for late Sept. The trip was put on a credit card that includes trip cancellation coverage, but no medical. We are looking at medical and medical evacuation insurance, but are unsure just what we need.
  12. We are looking at the Kong Harald for 9/29/20. The ship description shows an Expedition team on the ship, but there is no specification of our desired date. From the write-up of the ship it looks like the team is permanently onboard, so we think we will just proceed with that assumption.
  13. I am planning a 12 day up and back for the fall. We particularly want to be sure our ship has an expedition team on board. Are they on all ships? If not, how can we tell if a ship has one or not?
  14. For trying to decipher my inartfull question you did very well. We are looking at a Coastal Voyage, and needed information on the wine package. You provided it. Thanks.
  15. We think we would like the drink package, but do not need one for each of us. Will they allow one package for the cabin, shared at dinner?
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