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  1. My guess is if you were clearing the day after Thanksgiving many of the workers were on vacation. Therefore, slow lines.
  2. My cruise goes to Hawaii. I just need to know how to book a cabana other than on board. Some people said I could book ahead on Holland website
  3. My cruise Eurodam is 8 days away. I cannot find booking a Cabana anywhere on Shore Exchrsions. Help!
  4. Thank you catl331 for taking the time to find the picture for cabin 6035 eurondam. Most helpful. Where did you find these pictures? Jo Ann
  5. I am a party of one, anytime dining. What would my chances be for getting a table for one? Any suggestions of how to do it. Eurodam. Jo Ann
  6. Thank you Ruth for the information. I appreciate your taking the time to explain. Jo Ann
  7. Hi Ruth I am obviously having computer problems or I do not know what I am doing? More likely! I would really like to know what the answer was to my question. Leaving Feb 3 and hate to have surprises. Would you be so kind as to tell me where this post is because I cannot find it? Need to read more Holland America for Dummies I guess. Jo Ann
  8. Cabin 6036 VB quad eurdam I have been assigned this cabin. I am a single. Anyone know if pullman pull down is stationary or does it retract. Hopefully it folds back into wall. Help! Jo Ann
  9. I have been assigned VB cabin 6036 Eurodam Quad I am a single traveler in a quad room. Question: Does the fourth bed that pulls out from the wall retract back into the wall or is it permanently visible and not able to disappear. I would prefer that it retracts so I do not have to see it. Hopefully someone who has been in a quad veranda can provide me this information. Thanks Jo Ann
  10. I will be a single person assigned eurodam cabin VB 6038. The cabin is a quad. Question: Will the fourth bed that pulls down from the wall be able to be retracted so it is invisible? Or is it stationary and will be permanently suspended in the cabin? Jo Ann
  11. Taosjellybean i am booked as a single in eurodam cabin VB 6036. It is a quad I want to know how the fourth bed works. Where is it and can it be put away so it is not visible Jo Ann
  12. DAllen TDY David Can my husband drive me into San Diego Pier in our car so I can be dropped off where the Porters are? Thanks Jo Ann
  13. If you take the bottle of wine to the dining room is the corkage charged then?
  14. How does Holland charge the $18 corkage fee when you bring on more than one bottle of wine on board. Also what manner is used by Holland to know how many bottles you have brought on. Do you tell them or what?
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