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  1. I am a solo cruiser in Aqua. I’m also not the kind of person to spend more money for a short cruise to get to the next tier. The bennies aren’t that great. It is funny though just how motivated you can get to shoot for those 5 little points 😂. I mean 5 points, come on!!
  2. Haha, you are absolutely correct!
  3. I was afraid of that. I thought I read at one point you could pick up points thru the casino but after re-reading it, those are separate casino loyalty points. Thanks for your answer.
  4. After my August cruise I will be 5 points short of the next tier level which has decent perks. Is there anyway to pick up extra loyalty points?
  5. We did a similar itinerary over Thanksgiving on Azamara. Wonderful cruise. We’re in our mid 60s and active. We met many people in our same demographic. We also spent 7 days in India doing the Golden Triangle before flying to Dubai to start the cruise. It was a great add on to a fabulous cruise.
  6. Exactly what I was going to say. So nice to read a positive post. I board the Nautica from Athens Nov 16.
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    Do solo travelers get charged a different amount in a penthouse? Kathleen
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    Thank you. This is good info for me to file.
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    I have a Lufthansa flight in Nov from DEN to ATH with a stop in FRA. Will I have to collect my bags in FRA and go through immigration? Or will my bags be checked through to ATH? Also if I do have to collect my bags in FRA my stop is 1hr 15mins. Will there be enough time to get this done? This is on one ticket. Thanks for your help.
  10. We loved our Christmas cruise. We spent Christmas Day on Easter Island. Santa showed up for a few hours that morning. The kids on our cruise were in their early 20s. We received a small gift from Oceania. As mentioned before the day was pretty low keyed and we loved it.
  11. I’ve been looking into tours out of Haifa for an upcoming Nov cruise. I’ve communicated with Guided Tours Israel and they have 2 tour options: Day1Jerusalem/Bethlehem, Day 2 Nazareth/Galilee. My question is have any of you taken these tours? Did you feel you had enough time in Jerusalem? Is Bethlehem another big city where you’re looking at sites replaced by a modern building and the same for Nazareth/Galilee? I’ve contacted Ika Schweitzer and though he’s acknowledged my message I’ve yet to hear what he can do and it’s been almost 2 weeks. Is it worth it to keep on bugging him? I’d love to spend more time in Jerusalem, maybe the Dead Sea and Masada. Any opinions out there? Kathleen
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