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  1. I have been booked on the Meraviglia Sept 18 cruise for months. I just received an e mail on itinerary change and when I checked my cruise, my cabin assignment went to a GTY from a confirmed cabin. Called MSC and had to select a new one. No reason was given. You may want to check your booking if you have a cabin you like.
  2. Cruise Industry News just reported Senior executives at Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings sold off shares in the company on March 1, 2021, according to SEC filings. Of note, President and CEO Frank Del Rio sold 80,821 shares at an average price of $29.85 each for a total of $2,412,506.85. Harry Sommer, president of the Norwegian brand, disposed of 18,854 company shares at $29.85 for a total of $562,791.90. Robert Binder, president and CEO of Oceania, sold 21,278 shares at $29.85 each for $635,148.30. Jason Montague, president and CEO of Regent Seven Seas Cruises, s
  3. I have been looking at a 12 day Europe cruise in June 2022 since it was open to book. Inside cat. F has been priced at C2609 .Canadian Dollars Saw this sale was coming up and was ready to book at C2609 less 30% = C1827 . I check out the sale and it went from C2609 to C2342 . It now shows a WAS price of C3346 less 30% = C2342. It never was at C3346. I have 2 other cruises that also now show super inflated WAS prices. How can they do this... they put in these terms and conditions Original rate prices quoted are offering prices and may not have resulted in, and saving
  4. Let me reword what I should have said. "requirements that will be hard and costly to be done "
  5. What I read is this article on Cruise Radio https://cruiseradio.net/explained-the-cdcs-conditional-sailing-order-for-cruise-ships/ This is where I read about no cruises longer than 7 days. It also says all the conditions are subject to change.
  6. Also cruises that are longer than 7 days will not be allowed. The CDC is upset that they could not extend their NO SAIL order and have put in place 40 pages of requirements that cannot be done. Very sad.
  7. I finally have my FCC but would like to know if it only covers the cost of a new cruise (including taxes and fees) Also, can the credit be used for prepaid gratuities, shore excursions, food and drink packages etc. I checked the internet and it seems to vary by cruiseline. Thanks
  8. Hi I finally got my FFC and the amount was correct. Now lets hope NCL stays in business
  9. Hi We were booked on the NCL Sun for May 1. Was cancelled March 30 and was told a FCC would be issued by Apr 3.. Still no FCC on my account. Called 4 times in 2 weeks. Just told to be patient. Meanwhile a cruise to South America i am looking at has gone from 1575 cdn to 2815 cdn. since my cruise was cancelled. Even with the 125% FCC and 20% discount it is still way more. 21 Days+++to process a FCC seems ridiculous . Very poor customer service.
  10. When you TRIPLE your cruise rates overnite that to me is greedy. I agree that the cruiselines will take a hit...so are we. Check your investments..or don't. NCL is building 6 new Project Leonardo ships at $5.1 BILLION dollars. I am not going to cry for them. We all are affected by this. I hope this situation improves for all of us.
  11. Hi I was looking at the NCL Sun cruise 20 Day Panama Canal departing May 1 . The price yesterday was $1070 CDN for an inside guarantee. Just now the price is $2155 CDN for the same cruise. They are raising prices so fast, the website shows two different prices for the same Caribbean cruises.. files attached So you cancel your cruise and get a FCC but the new cruise cost way more... and don't get me going on Service charge increases.. 20% tips on $3 soda that cost them pennies.. and fuel prices falling in half...
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