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  1. Have a May 2021 Alaska cruise. Attempted to L&S to 2022 but request denied because no same itinerary sails before May 4!!!! I still wonder if the 2021 cruises will go but since I’ve already had four cruises cancelled with the “opportunity” for prevailing rates with pitiful OBC while I lose rate and benefits including booking on board obc, I am ready to pull the plug on Celebrity. We are Elite+, not that that counts for much anymore. The new prevailing rates are way too high—why pay $600 to $1,000 pp more for the dames perks and no obc?
  2. Once you’ve sailed with Viking, you can usually get that down to 6 months before the cruise. We’ve not had a problem. One of the on-board booking perks is also the 6 months.
  3. We went on the shorter trip-with an Asado lunch. It was great LOTS of penguins. There were also sea lions waiting off shore for penguins who took the plunge. There was also a hare—look closely in the one picture. Lunch was excellent at a farm and the drive was nice. We heard negative comments about the longer trip.
  4. Why not back to private island? I really enjoyed the zip line.
  5. Just got the same email canceling our Jan Constellation cruises out of Tampa. Debating whether to use FCC on our September 2021 cruises from Vancouver and around Japan. Not sure of all the risks as the 125% leaves us with $ on the table. We are in a sky suite so prem drinks, etc. already. Can it be used for excursions? What happens if one or both are canceled? So many questions. Guess I need to call TA.
  6. Celebrity cannot start sailing without certifications (assuming a certificate per ship?). So wondering if anyone has heard that any Celebrity ships are starting to do test runs to comply with certification requirements? Since they are still selling cruises in January 2021, including some over 7 nights, one could be skeptical that they will sail if not even one Celebrity ship has been scheduled to trial protocols.
  7. Our June 4th 10 night Bermuda cruise was just canceled but have heard NOTHING about our B2B January cruises from Tampa to the Caribbean!
  8. We tried. Told absolutely not. Must book at prevailing rate which is $1,200pp than our cancelled cruise! No way we’re going to pay that increase to receive the same thing. Very frustrating. Given the new prevailing rates, our cruising is going to undergo some serious rethinking.
  9. We are on the June 4, 2021 NY to Bermuda via Charleston—10 nights. Not sure what happens there. Specifically selected that cruise for Charleston. We are also scheduled for Jan 4, 2021 for Constellation out of Tampa for 11 nights followed by 10 nights B2B. Wondering why Celebrity has not communicated anything!
  10. And better yet, you can time your own departure from the ship. Our Viking transfer left at 5:30 am for our 10 am flight (time to airport was 15 minutes). They bundle folks to fill the bus/transport so you could be going very early for your later flight.
  11. We are taking the Viking River Portugal cruise and two days after debarkation taking the Budapest to Bucharest cruise. Has anyone used Viking air to do this? What was your experience? Thanks
  12. Some of the countries are closed at this point so Viking cancelled yesterday. This makes the third cruise cancelled for us! Unfortunately there is a domino effect with other cruises when attempting to rebook. I know, nice but frustrating situation to have. Was really looking forward to Bora Bora and New Zealand......
  13. Promotion code is JUL4. We were able to “rebook” two long cruises (Pacific Treasures and Southern Crossing) to get the additional OBC and Silver Spirits pkg. Ended up saving money as the Pacific cruise is 21 days so the SS pkg was over $1,500. The additional Obc will cover gratuities and our TA gives $1,000 in OBC too. We also did the same for a shorter cruise—going down a category and using the “free upgrade” to get back where we were plus SS and OBC. Able to get same preferred cabin as Viking was quick to cancel out. All around a win.
  14. Thanks. That gives me a target. Will probably be too late for lift and shift.
  15. Due to cancellations and shifting 2020 cruises to 2021, we now have a 2021 Alaska cruise we need to move to 2022. Anyone have any idea when these normally go up? Thanks
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