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  1. You should be good. Have a great cruise!
  2. What does your ship itinerary say? Usually you can take your own luggage off not too long after the posted arrival time—once clears security. Then, you must go through agriculture inspections before TSA security inspection at the airport. If your ship is in by 7am, you should be ok—especially if there are no other ships in port. The questions below can guide: what cruise line and ship? Do they offer self debarkation? day of the week debarking? what time does your ship arrive and at which port? Pan American or old San Juan?
  3. PRH

    Viking Jupiter

    We'll be getting off as you are ready to board.
  4. Intercontinental San Juan. Nice bar at the pool. Right on the beach, close to CVS and grocery stores. We’ll be back there in less than four weeks! Yea!
  5. Did your cruise go to western Caribbean? Did you have a lot of non-americans/canadians? We had same delay in January. Officer told us US border and customs now requires non-american/Canadians to undergo face to face interviews and document verifications which take longer. When go to western Caribbean fear that some might use that as pathway. Not sure I buy that as you cannot board without seapass,(even crew) but apparently has become much more stringent. Our boarding was delayed until 1:30pm.
  6. Does anyone have the dedicated TA number for MSC? Website has been horrible so the combination is irritating to say the least. She tried again this morning.
  7. Has anyone else’s travel agent been put on hold for more than an hour or more? We want to reserve an MSC cruise but our travel agent says she can’t get through. I called MSC directly and was told their call volume is high and so she had to call before 9am EST—she is located in Arizona. The person I spoke with made no apologies for this othe4 than saying I should not be using a travel agent and that it was my problem! Just wondering what your TA’s experiences have been with MSC. Thanks
  8. I was told two devices only on the Divina. This is not like celebrity where you can sign off and on and use multiple devices, just not at the same time. Each device is labeled—you can choose the name after. I purchased the upgrade to 4 devices and increased mb for the $27 premium upgrade offer (shown when I first signed in). I like to read multiple newspapers daily on my iPad but use my phone for other things. We ended up using almost 7mb over 10 days—which included researching flight changes and subsequent hotel arrangements due to storm cancellations. We received the standard package 3.5mb for the cabin—each of us had a unique internet number on our sea passes; however, the reservation was made by me and i think we both had to use my number to register our devices.
  9. I personally would suggest more time in Venice and Florence—and they are fairly close by train. Trying to do all three cities in the time you have will be frustrating since this is your first time in Italy. Venice and especially Florence are romantic and very walkable. Using a guide the first day is a great idea to get oriented. Florence is one of my favorite places on earth. For me, Rome is a big, busy city and not particularly pedestrian friendly in the larger scheme of things. Spent a lot of time in taxis in Rome-traffic is crazy—as in fast drivers making many quick maneuvers and loud horn honking. Whatever you choose, have a great trip! You will want to return!
  10. Old city of Valencia is worth it! We took a walking tour and were surprised by a festival day complete with parades and special music venues. We loved it. Wonderful food! You will need to tak3 transportation from the port.
  11. We loved the Copacobana. The chairs and umbrella were $20pp which also included a welcome drink. They had another deal going if you were planning to have food. No problem getting a taxi back. We went out of the terminal toward the taxi stand and when the dispatcher asked where we were going, she steered us to the shuttle—even when we asked for a taxi. Not sure what the solution is. We will be back there in March and returning to the Copacobana. Maybe we need to call them directly to order a taxi for us?? Will get back with what happens.
  12. PRH

    Drinks Package

    Viking does have their own “champagne.” But they also have several sparkling wines, including Proseccos. If you buy what you want, you are definitely going to enjoy it! Have a great cruise.
  13. PRH

    Drinks Package

    Just say no to purchasing the package! Your husband can still drink what he wants on a pay per drink and it will most likely be quite a bit less than the total cost of the package. Is there a reason you might still want it even if you don’t drink alcohol? Just trying to understand.
  14. PRH

    Drinks Package

    The money you “save” by not buying the package will allow your husband great freedom in what he wants to drink. Don’t pay for two packages. You will spend less by pay as you drink—unless he thinks he will drink more than $40 per day!
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