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  1. I think the Grand and Owner suites also include: Priority Embarkation & Debarkation Priority Tendering Reserved seating for the shows Host Clarea is the expert - did I miss anything?
  2. Chetsky

    Just came back for Havana used Blexie OMG

    Email for Blexie is: blexie100588@gmail.com
  3. Chetsky

    Just came back for Havana used Blexie OMG

    Your review convinced me to book with Blexie - I'm glad to read such a positive review. How far is it from the terminal to the pickup point? We can walk but not too far which is one of the reasons I like being able to customize the tour. What was your your favorite part of the tour and what would you consider an appropriate tip? And lastly, is there a separate guide or is the driver and guide one in the same? Thank you
  4. Chetsky

    Majesty - Suite Perks ? ?

    "Asked and Answered !" Thank you !
  5. We splurged on a Royal Suite for a 4 day cruise to Cuba in June. We are Diamond members and know that because of the size and age of the Majesty there's no dedicated Diamond lounge. But what can we expect in the way Diamond or suite perks ? (I copied this from the CruiseDeckpland site - it is their description of the Suite amenities for the Majesty. - "Concierge / Priority Check In / Priority Luggage Delivery / Priority Debarkation / Priority Tender Boarding / Reserved Show Seats / Exclusive Lounge / Exclusive Full Breakfast Restaurant / Exclusive Lunch Restaurant / Thick Cotton Robes / VIP pool deck seating/ Complimentary pressing service on formal night.")
  6. We are trying to decide what tour operator to book for a "Havana by Classic car" tour. Is the driver the tour guide too or do most have a driver AND a guide? We are not big fans of walking too far so I am leaning toward Blexie Tours right now because they will modify their tours at your request. Anyone have recommendations for tour operators or specific sights to see?
  7. Chetsky

    Havana by limited mobility?

    Some advise please. My wife and I have limited mobility - we can walk but not far. We will be on the Majesty in June. Where do the cruise ship/ships dock and are there any steps to get in or out of the terminal? And how is the "outside world from the dock? We are considering the Classic car tour through the ship. It's listed as 6 hours but we want minimal walking and maximum sight seeing - from the car. Do these classic car tours allow you tell the driver what you want to see? Independent tours are out of the question - my wife thinks we will never see the states again if we don't take a ships tour.
  8. We are going on he Oasis in March. Anyone know if Diamond members get their three free drinks in the Diamond lounge or are they "loaded" on your Sea Pass? We just got off the Brilliance and the free drinks were pre-loaded on our cards and could be used in any bar between 5 & 8.
  9. Chetsky

    Diamond Member Benefits?

    We just reached Diamond status for our next cruise. The free drinks for Diamond members is a great benefit however. . . Do both passengers in the same cabin have to buy the Ultimate Drink if one does and the other doesn't? My wife does not drink at all.
  10. Can anyone enlighten me where the Muster Drill is held on the Majesty. Do you have to carry your life jacket with you to an open public deck and stand outside in the heat fro the duration? Most of the newer ships have the passengers go to various public rooms to get the info.
  11. Chetsky

    Majesty - Chefs Table

    Thank you for the quick reply. My wife does not drink alcohol - are there other beverage options? Is the entire menu the chosen by the Chef or are there any choices for the different courses?
  12. Has anyone had diner at the Chefs Table? We are going to try it for the first time. Where is the Chefs Table - is it in the Galley or a private room?
  13. You might be be in luck - typically there's not too many kids on a TA cruise. And most of the players on our cruise were spring breakers and tended to be a bit more rowdy. Stay on Guest Services - the least they should give you is some future cruise credit. Fair Winds and smooth seas.
  14. We had virtually flat seas for the majority of the cruise. However due to the size of the Vision it will rock and roll a lot more in heavy seas than the "Behemoths of the Seas". Roatan was a short walk from the pier to the "retail opportunities" on shore. Ah - the lines to get off ! I hate lines and never get off until it's "walk off" time. The ships passenger capacity is 2400 and I think on every port call 2000 of them want to be the first off!
  15. Yes, there was a slow debark because the Coral reef extends so far out from the island that Cruise ships have to anchor far away. The long ride on the tender boat plus the fact that everyone has to be the first to get off makes it at least 40 minutes to a 1 1/2 hour or more trip.