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  1. We’ve been enjoying specialty restaurants on X since they first appeared on the M-class ships many moons ago and remember Ocean Liners (Murano’s predecessor) on Infinity(?) charging $15 per person. Compare that to the $65 (Murano) and $45 (Tuscan and Lawn Grill) per person we paid on Reflection in December (no packages were offered) and it’s no wonder the specialty restaurants seem less popular than they used to be and X is more aggressively seeking to fill empty tables. .
  2. Tommy3Putts, enjoyed your review of Bliss. Thanks.
  3. Many cruises out of NY/NJ over the years on Celebrity, Royal Caribbean and Princess. Thinking about NCL for something different - but not too different!
  4. Fifty-six cruises under our belt, close to forty of which have been on Celebrity. We've also cruised on Princess, Royal Caribbean, Holland America and Carnival (one and done, a long time ago!). The last time we sailed with NCL was on Seaward back in the 90s and then shortly thereafter on Windward when it was brand new - so it's been quite a while. Toying with the idea of booking an NCL cruise out of NY since the pier is very close to home and not having to fly is tempting. Would like to know about NCL's strengths and weakness and if you've cruised with Celebrity, how NCL compares. Thanks.
  5. Long time X cruisers thinking of booking Edge but wondering if there are any traditional veranda cabins available. We're a bit skittish about booking an "infinite" veranda, considering some of the not so glowing reviews of the new balcony design, especially with respect to privacy and light issues. Also, in theory, "with the touch of a button, your entire living space becomes the veranda" sounds great. In reality, however, doesn't that also mean that "with a touch of a button", heat and humidity become the third and fourth passengers in your cabin?
  6. Update - three days since I was told a credit for twice-charged Murano dinner was finally issued to my credit card account. Still waiting...
  7. Computers are great - until they start doing things "automatically" and "automatically" screw things up. Everyone blames "the system", no one takes responsibility and more importantly, common sense goes out the window. Correcting a simple, obvious mistake becomes a team effort in futility. JMHO.
  8. Two Guest Services individuals were involved over a period of five days, in addition to someone in Miami who was contacted by GS to aid and assist in arranging a credit to our onboard accounts for what was acknowledged by all to be an erroneous, duplicate charge for dining in Murano one evening. Keep in mind, GS was successful in posting the credit in question to each of our three other cabins (which were likewise charged twice for the same dinner), but for some reason, crediting our fourth cabin left everyone helpless. Thank goodness the folks on the bridge are more competent.
  9. We're likewise Elite Plus. The discount automatically showed up on our bill for Lawn Club which we booked once on board but not for Murano or Tuscan which we booked using OBC about six+ weeks prior to the cruise. We didn't even bother trying to get the discount for either since we had bigger fish to fry. Doubt we will reserve specialty dining pre-cruise in the future. It seemed a good idea at the time but proved to be bothersome, especially since we've never had a problem with booking specialty reservations once we board.
  10. Finally! Just off the phone with a Captain's Club rep who was kind enough to elevate the matter to someone with a sympathetic ear, although despite my asking, she wouldn't identify her department. According to the young lady with whom I just spoke, our onboard account "clearly shows you were double charged for Murano, once prior to and once again during the cruise." "It's a simple matter," she said. "It should have taken Guest Relations five minutes to resolve it when you brought it to their attention." Hmmm...exactly what I've been saying for weeks! She promised a refund will appear on my credit card within 3 - 5 days. We shall see.
  11. I am more than 100% sure each of the four accounts had enough OBC to pay for the charges before the cruise. I have a printout from X showing that after each account was debited (pre-cruise) for a Murano charge and a Tuscan charge, there was still $50 OBC left in each account. Also, once we were on board, additional OBC from our travel agent was credited to each account. Three accounts were properly reconciled on board, one was not.
  12. Under ordinary circumstances, I would agree with you. However, we were traveling with our children and grandchildren on this cruise and we had a total of four cabins. The same double charge for Murano appeared on each of the four accounts. Four accounts were problematic, three were reconciled prior to leaving the ship and for some reason unbeknownst to man, the fourth has yet to be rectified. Even GR couldn't explain that.
  13. We had both refundable and non-refundable credit. The OBC we used pre-cruise to book Murano and Tuscan was charged against the non-refundable pre-cruise. However, Murano was charged against our account twice - once against the non-refundable credit and once again against the refundable credit. It is the second charge which was against our refundable credit that should have been credited back to us. In other words, we ate at Murano's once but were charged twice.
  14. Thanks for your suggestions. Thought of filing a dispute with AmX but because we had more OBC for the cruise than we actually used, there was no charge to our credit card account at the end of the cruise. Will try going through Captain's Club and if that doesn't work, will send an email to LLP, along with a printout showing dinner was paid for with OBC pre-cruise and our final bill showing dinner was also charged to our onboard account.
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