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  1. I absolutely did not intend for this to develop into a discussion or debate on the merits of left vs right, nor of the previous American election. I apologize in advance if it does. And if it does, I suggest that mods remove it. I won't respond any further.
  2. Sighs... we probably wouldn't enjoy sitting together.
  3. To the folks suggesting tables for two, as retirees, every night is a table for two for us. Our fondest memories of our previous 15-ish cruises are of the amazing table-mates we enjoyed in the past. A great deal of the pleasure of cruising would be lost for us, sitting at a table for two.
  4. Our last cruise was shortly before the election.
  5. It's been a couple of years now since our last cruise. We were so put off with our last due to dinner companions with strong political views, that we finally moved to a table for two. We're Canadian and both of us have voted both sides of center over the years, depending on who is running and record to date. But on our last cruise, we simply couldn't get a table without conservative Americans who felt it was their duty to strongly lecture all the people at the table about the merits of Donald Trump. Most of these were retirees, apparently well educated and financially comfortable. This would occur at the assigned dinner tables, and often at lunch and breakfast in the dining room, where you're seated with a different set of strangers at each meal. It was so bad that we decided we no longer wish to cruise. It almost seems that dining room assignments might have to take political leanings into consideration, when making up the table assignments. Has anyone else experienced this? Any suggestions for being seated at a non-political table?
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