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  1. In the "olden days," I was able to book one person in a Haven cabin as a 5th or 6th in a 2 bedroom suite, and then get a single cabin for that same person. It meant paying a second set of taxes, port charges and daily gratuities, but it was worth it. It often caused a bit of confusion the first day or two (with Guest Services and Concierge trying to figure it all out), but I was able to do it 4 times. Jewel class ships 3 times, and Breakaway once. The last time was 2016. I haven't tried again, but it may not be a possibility anymore. My CAS booking agent did it for me (upon my request) and documented the reservations, but still needed to be explained once onboard.
  2. I requested the credit card refund, rather than the FCC's. You're right - NCL did cancel the cruise, and gave us the date of March 23 as the first day we could file for refund or FCC. Curious why it took my request today, as if I hadn't requested the credit card refund on March 23 - and why there aren't emails for the other 6 people (generic emails, without names were sent to me on March 23). I'll spend a few hours on the phone tomorrow trying to find an answer.
  3. I cancelled my Jade cruise on March 23, and received 7 emails confirming the cancellation (7 of us in the cabin). We opted for the credit card refund. I've been checking my NCL account, and the cruise still registers as booked (as some other Cruise Critic folks have mentioned). Today (out of curiosity), I tried cancelling with the online form, and it processed, and I received a single email "Cancellation Request Confirmation" - but just 1 this time. Has anyone experienced this? Cruise still shows as booked on myncl. I've tried calling CAS and been on hold for up to an hour, so haven't been able to talk to an agent about the problem. Thanks in advance for any thoughts.
  4. No cancellation email for me - would like to have one, but it may not happen. Good luck to everyone cancelling, that in 90 days (or even more, because that is for the "processing" of the refund), we will have our credit card refunds.
  5. I also saw the cancel for everyone on reservation part - thank you, udking - for the link. I just completed the one form and hoping it covers all 7 of us.
  6. Was hoping this would be available - am I missing something?
  7. I know we have to wait until tomorrow to see the online form for cancelling for either FCC's or credit card refund, but wondered if anyone had any ideas on how this will work. We are 7 in a cabin, and it would be so much easier if just one of us could do the paperwork.
  8. Isn't there usually a 3 month window from date of credit charge to do a charge back? If not, we have a chance at a refund. But if that date is adhered to, most of us charged with our credit cards much earlier than 3 months (or 90 days) ago.
  9. And if you should pass away, or NCL goes bankrupt - FCC is worthless.
  10. But if the first two on the reservation paid a higher price, and the next two less as 3rd and 4th passengers - they will get FCC's in the amount listed per passenger. People often divide the total fare by 4, even though passengers are charged different prices. It becomes murky if they don't travel together in the future to give the 2 that paid less the advantage of the higher fare credit by passengers 1 and 2. Maybe someone else could explain this more clearly....
  11. Yes, according to the NCL CAS agent I spoke with at length yesterday. She was surprised, as was I. Hoping it changes. I cancelled two that were before final payment (120 days), and she was told by a supervisor that I would receive my c card deposit and CruiseNext payment ($2000 for each of the 2 cruises) as FCC's. I'm not happy with that decision.
  12. We would love Barcelona - that has been tossed around as a possibility on other cruise sites. But above letter says no changes will be made after 30 days before the cruise. Don't know if that's written in stone, or not.
  13. I would cancel the upgrade advantage bids now, and add them later if you are definitely going to go on the cruise. I think ships will be sailing with lots of empty cabins, so maybe you can upgrade on board.
  14. I was told by CAS Arizona that taxes, gratuities and drink packages would only be refunded as FCC's. Hoping that is not true, but the agent today was sure of it (as of today, at least).
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