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  1. I would like to remind all internet users...there is only so much bandwidth available...and if 1000 passengers are all trying to use it at the same time the speed will drop significantly no matter what service package you buy...the best times to get decent speed is early morning, late evening, during dinner and during major shows that will draw folks away from their electronics...and once you hit the inside passage connections will not be consistent...and non existent when viewing the glaciers...also due to steel and cables running through the ship...some locations are not good for connections...the better connections are upper deck outside...No matter what the advertising....internet speed on a shop at sea will rarely match the speed you get at home...so just brace yourself with an adult distilled beverage and 🤞🏿 when you use it
  2. Drop off parking goes to the first available...regardless of Uber...taxi or my cousin Vennie dropping you off...the traffic folks are trying to eliminate traffic on the Embarcadero At one point they allowed you to bring wine on and just charged corkage for consuming in public areas...but folks would board with cases of wine...and the different cruise lines figured that they were losing 💸💸💸 so now it is the first bottle free per adult passengers...$15 per bottle for excess...and they still charge an additional corkage fee for consuming your wine in a public area or dining room...for us 2/3rds of the time we aren’t charged for consuming in the dining room...so I don’t become cross the few times they tag me
  3. I used to follow the roll call for my upcoming cruises here...but can only access it through my desk top...is there some type of fix?
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