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  1. We went with Romeinlimo to wineries both in Florence and Sicily-phenomenal! Also Romeinlimo found me some wine I was looking for that is only produced in a part of Naples, served it to us over peaches. We have used Romeinlimo at least 28 times at this point, for wines, family searches-successful ones thanks to Romeinlimo, and countless other places and experiences-Anzio being one. They are a fantastic tour company well worth the dollars spent.
  2. No experience with Joe Banana but I’d never switch from Romeinlimo-have used them for so many years and cities with outstanding results, most recently in April and May. As many times as we have been to Italy, they always give us the very best of themselves
  3. Enrico from Romeinlimo introduced us to all the little spots and foods we would otherwise never find, and we had actually met two years earlier on two RIL tours-he remembered everything about our time and my sister, who was my travel buddy. We were on multiple Roots tours then and RIL helped us complete our goals!
  4. Back from 5 days in Rome with a 10 day cruise, all Italian ports booked with Romeinlimo and after many years of using their services we consider them the best of the best for quality of service, professionalism, and a pleasure. We booked all our transfers, Rome by Night, a day tour to Anzio and surrounds, a Rome day to tour new places we wanted to discover, and more! We had Enrico and Franco, the best! We then booked during our cruise, had a fabulous day and a half tour with Luca in Messina surroundings plus a phenomenal day with Alex in Sorrento, who was our translator as well for a family meet. As always, on time and efficient, we had full days with immediate easy access everywhere we went, and again, after all these years, so very pleased.
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