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  1. No experience with Joe Banana but I’d never switch from Romeinlimo-have used them for so many years and cities with outstanding results, most recently in April and May. As many times as we have been to Italy, they always give us the very best of themselves
  2. Enrico from Romeinlimo introduced us to all the little spots and foods we would otherwise never find, and we had actually met two years earlier on two RIL tours-he remembered everything about our time and my sister, who was my travel buddy. We were on multiple Roots tours then and RIL helped us complete our goals!
  3. Back from 5 days in Rome with a 10 day cruise, all Italian ports booked with Romeinlimo and after many years of using their services we consider them the best of the best for quality of service, professionalism, and a pleasure. We booked all our transfers, Rome by Night, a day tour to Anzio and surrounds, a Rome day to tour new places we wanted to discover, and more! We had Enrico and Franco, the best! We then booked during our cruise, had a fabulous day and a half tour with Luca in Messina surroundings plus a phenomenal day with Alex in Sorrento, who was our translator as well for a family meet. As always, on time and efficient, we had full days with immediate easy access everywhere we went, and again, after all these years, so very pleased.
  4. My vote is also Pompeii and Sorrento Amalfi via Romeinlimo, not Capri. That’s too hard of a day especially dealing with the times of the ferry. We’ve been in each of their vehicles, you cannot go wrong with their vehicle size recommendations. We had them quite a few times from Naples, just used them last year in Rome for 2 roots tours, Rome by night, etc, and just booked April for Rome, Messina and Naples. Years of business and all services superb
  5. I just returned from Rome 2 days ago and did 3 tours with Romeinlimo, whom I have used for many years. We did post-cruise touring this time. We always book the Vatican private tours with Romeinlimo, but this time we didnt. Huge mistake. Our associates did and zipped through, while we waited forever in security lines. Romeinlimo has always handled it for us in the past, they will handle it in the future. We also took two Roots tours, and Rome by night. All were fantastic, professional drivers, excellent communication from beginning to end, and Romeinlimo brought us to more new and amazing places than before. We did a Rome Surrounds day tour, fantastic. As a long time customer pre-during-post cruise, I would have a hard time trying a new company. They are the best.
  6. Just spent 3 tour days with Rome in Limo and after more than 10 years of taking cruises and also land tours, always booking Rome in Limo, we again had spectacular tours and great luck, from our initial transfer from the airport, to our return to the airport 10 days later. We toured Rome with Enrico , Bari with Angelo, and Grottaminarda with Stefano. We combined our 'regular' tours with searching for our roots tours. Every tour was customized to our needs both in advance AND on the spot, and as always, Romeinlimo did a fantastic job for us. We did not book the guide for the Vatican this trip due to our time constrains but have booked them in the past several times. Strongly recommend doing it. Every time we use Rome in limo, as proved again this past week, we learn more, do so much more, and enjoy it more than even the last time. Because of their diligence and professionalism, we found family and historical records this trip. Miracles happened, Romeinlimo has our gratitude!
  7. Our last trip to Italy both cruise and post cruise was fabulous, and Rome in Limo made it happen. We booked with Jany for day tours in Florence, Positano, Rome, Assisi, countryside, Pisa, and every day was perfect. We customized and were able to see so much more than big group tours, it's impossible to explain until you experience them for yourself. The reason we booked with Rome in Limo was because we have used them for as long as they have been in business, and their professionalism, customer service and attention to detail is exactly what we want and need when traveling, and has been consistent for all these years. We also have been with Rome in Limo in Sicily. That was also a great day trip. Even in Rome, our latest trip was a new adventure because Rome in Limo made sure we saw so many new aspects of Rome than our previous tour 2 years before. We are booked for 'Roots Tours' on our upcoming trip and will post about that soon.
  8. We book early, have used RIL at least 15 x and would never use anyone else. They booked Vatican guides for us twice, Pompeii guide once, and the rest of our experiences have always been amazing because our drivers are always amazing. they go to the last mile to make your experience excellent and special. Well worth every penny. Share tours have worked out well for people we know when they have communicated with sharers prior to arrival. We have share experience that worked great for the same reason- up front communication. For many years we have used RIL and are heading back in 2016 for more! Friends of ours just booked 4 days with them as well. You will be very happy.
  9. We have used them many times, plan to be back in the fall, and you can customize your entire booking to cover so much area that you will have a comprehensive view of Rome that you would be unable to get in one day anywhere else, with anyone else. Romeinlimo can pick you up, your luggage is protected, you can be chauffeured right up to where you need to be, which gives you so much extra time in the different sites. If you are taking the cruise the next day, you can possibly go to the Vatican early in the morning for 8am, go through St. Peters and still make your ship. Also, if your cruise brings you back to Rome, you can spend a second day there, even group in with another couple or three-some and cut your costs to a share tour. Most important, Romeinlimo is highly professional, satisfaction a given, and I can safely say that because we have been clients/customers for both cruise stops and land trips, and have been everywhere under the Sun with Romeinlimo. They are the best.
  10. We have used both, and have never once been uncomfortable. I like the sedans as well, because it gives you a different feel of luxury, and either way, you will have an excellent ride, and an excellent experience. I have taken more than 15 tours with Romeinlimo, so can easily attest to how fantastic we feel they are in terms of fun, creativity, service, professionalism, and maximizing every minute in Italy for the tourists. I have supported their services over and over because I believe them to be so far above the rest. We have had private tours in Italy, Greece, France, Turkey, Istanbul, and bar none, Romeinlimo is the best at delivering excellent product for the customers. I wish they were in so many other places!
  11. Using Romeinlimo many many times, we have always communicated our wishes prior to the individual tours, then Romeinlimo gets you there, gets you in, and gets you completely advised and timed so you can see and do SO much in the time you have to spend, you won't believe it. We have never been disappointed and have seen so much more than any other tours--you get back on your ship, and find out that you saw and did 15 things whereas other people saw 5, We have been using their company almost since they began the business, so I can honestly say we have a lot of experience with them--all of it professional, all fantastic
  12. not so nice to hear about the tour company, smart tours. too bad. we have always used one tour company with perfect results every time-and I mean at least 15 tours, both off ships and land in Italy and Sicily.
  13. Every tour is customized to your specifications by Romeinlimo so doing a tour share or just your own group is going to make for a phenomenal day! We have used Romeinlimo many times in all the cities they cover and had great adventures in new places as well. Every experience over these last seven years of doing business with Romeinlimo has been amazing and fun. Well worth every penny. We have booked tours off ships and tours while staying in Italy as well. All our travel companions have been thrilled with their Romeinlimo experiences as well
  14. I know many people have seen me on the boards supporting our tours with Romeinlimo over the many years we have used them. We have customized every single day we've booked. Jany has done everything in the most professional way, our Romeinlimo drivers are fantastic, and we see more of Italy than we ever possibly could without them. Both my husband and I, our kids, their friends, my friends and I, and other couples we have traveled to Italy with have all used Romeinlimo multiple times, have met many drivers, have just never once considered using another tour company since the first year we met Duman and his RomeinlimoTour experts. We have also been rescued by Romeinlimo here and there, including this past April when we (my traveling friend) lost a backpack of jewelry and expensive souvenirs at the hotel (post cruise), didn't realize it till we got inside the airport, and between Duman, the Albergo Del Senato hotel staff and two additional drivers, MIRACULOUSLY got that backpack hand delivered to us before we got on our flight. Needless to say, the stress level that day was incredible, but Romeinlimo went above and beyond to solve a huge, bad problem. After more than 18 days of touring over time with Romeinlimo and staff on individually planned itineraries just for our specifications, you can see where I am going with my fan page :) Enjoy! We are working on the next trip--wish Romeinlimo covered every country in EU, would be so easy to plan!
  15. we have done two wine tours with Romeinlimo, both fabulous, both totally different from each other. Each was from the Livorno area. We've actually used Romeinlimo since they began their business, and have used them all over Italy and Sicily as well--needless to say, after at least 18 individual days with their drivers, we are more than fans! What we get for our money is more than worth it. We have used them both off ships four times, and pre and post cruise three times.
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