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  1. Exactly. Port calls to Leningrad and the Sakhalin are way, way up.
  2. The court challenge question is an interesting one. While anything anti-administration generally gets a hearing in the Ninth Circuit, I don't understand who would have standing to sue here. In the past, travel agencies/airlines have not been able to sue State over changes in travel restrictions. I don't see how cruise lines (with or without booked pax) would be different.
  3. Same things for us (Riviera Med/TA, November). Well, we never got perseverance points 🙂
  4. "Grand" voyages, the new bidding for upgrades, the ship with broken airco... who's making these decisions?
  5. I am very sorry to read of the OP's loss. And I'm annoyed to read of yet another poor application of the Jones Act, surely one of America's worst pieces of legislation. (Ask the American citizens of Puerto Rico.)
  6. Petoonya, just cos you are watching this thread, what is it about WS that you really like? I don't think I know anyone who has cruised them.
  7. I guess I'm the opposite: if someone wants to come on here and disparage O (or X, or A, or some letter in the Russian alphabet), I'm up for reading about it. I like the idea that this can be Cruise Critic sometimes, and not always Cruise Cuddle. I completely agree though: don't let them get you down about your choices. (I think when my wife and I get around to So.Pacific, we're looking at Aranui.) If you're happy on O (I am) or WS (I've never tried) or something else I think that's fantastic. The CC'ers I have on my 'ignore' list are not the haters but are the ones with 20,000 posts but nothing ever useful to say.
  8. We were on Riviera last year and they announced that Turkey dinner would be available in all Specialties as well as in the MDR. No good deed goes unpunished. The Cruise Director had to repeatedly announce that the turkey in the Specialties would be on-top-of the regular menu, not in-lieu-thereof. Furthermore, some agitated yokels crowded around the Dining desk on Deck 5 to try to swap their Specialty evening (that evening) for something later in the cruise. there seemed to be insufficient future slots, as there were few days left aboard. The staffer running the Dining Desk had been rather dismissive of people wanting extra/switched reservations all cruise, so people were in no mood to be dismissed on the occasion of a moveable feast, and paying it back. "We paid to go to Jack's, dammit, French Toast, French Fries, the French dressing, the whole thing, and you're going to move our reservation if I have to call Jack myself." We were able to snag our one extra reservation that night as many, many people did swap out. The coq needed more vin, as did our party, but the place was maybe 20% full so the atmosp[here was heavenly.
  9. Hmmmm my question stands: why have a Commonwealth if we're slapping visa requirements on each other Hmmmmmm
  10. Honestly what's the point of the Commonwealth if we can't expedite a little visa-free tourist travel between ourselves? May as well shut it down and save the money at this rate.
  11. What does that have to do with anything?
  12. Am I the only person who dislikes this notion of people inviting their friends aboard for meals on security grounds? We were on an NCL sailing in 2015 looping around the med. On the ship's previous 'loop' a group of people came aboard in Istanbul allegedly-for-dinner and swapped IDs with the actual cruise pax who had gotten on in Rome. By the time the ship figured out what happened, the Switchers had gotten as far as Athens and disappeared. Needless to say, security on our loop was unbelievably surly.
  13. Please consult an immunologist. As someone who has to travel unvaccinated, I can assure you that immunologists have lots of great advice whether you get vaccines or not. I think fewer over 60s are opting for YF vaccine after this: https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2019/jan/11/top-cancer-scientist-prof-martin-gore-dies-after-rare-reaction-to-yellow-fever-vaccination This gentleman was a huge loss to medical research in general.
  14. Are there sailings scheduled before yours? If so, drydock quite unlikely.
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