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  1. I can get in, but when I try and book, it's been citing 'site maintenance, we'll be right back'... for. three days.
  2. The whole thing is just Darwinism at work. The clever are going to listen to the established science and largely survive. The hicks and yokels are going to gravitate to the Yuge Idea of the Moment that someone has a gut feeling about, and suffer disproportionately.
  3. May 10 was (is?) the end date for the CDC's "no public gatherings of over 50 people" advisory.
  4. Emphasis mine. So what of the 4000+ pax wedding-cake ships? Elites aren't going to pay en masse to go on those ships as is. Scrap? Re-fit, which requires new capital? It think it's far more likely they'll just move further downmarket and go after the Great Unwashed more aggressively.
  5. I think it's so cute that some Americans let their government tell them where they can and cannot go. "Land of the free and the home of the Brave." OK then.
  6. Silly us, Roger, wanting our own money back. *sigh*
  7. Nonsense. Should we wait twice as long in the MDR because there are twice as many pax? No...larger ships have more staff. Larger lines should have more back office staff.
  8. Solid info. I'm not a practicing attorney either, but merely a constitutional theorist. While the ADA applies here, we mustn't forget that HIPAA likely applies as well--specifically, the privacy bits. If someone presents himself (say with a doctor's note to get that out of the way) as fit for travel, there would seem to be little in my mind that a cruise line could do. You could make the argument fore a forehead temperature scan or similarly non-invasive stuff, that such an ailment would have emerged post-doctor's-note. But I would expect that examination of underlying conditions, even if they were obviously apparent, would be a harder go. ***This is not legal advice. If it were legal advice, it would be followed by a bill.***
  9. Interesting questions. I was a victim of vaccine-related injury as a tot. (I remain a big fan of vaccines, and occasionally assist researchers.) I'm 47 now. So far, I've never been turned away from travelling anywhere, or from doing anything, because I haven't had a vaccine since I had the wrong'un. I wonder if this will change.
  10. We had same issue. Used CC to pay a bag fee with GOL airlines, somehow number got filched. CC company sorted it. Test charge allegedly came from hardware company in Arizona. More unsettling to us (and fellow cruisers) was that about half the ATMs in the crummy barn that they call a cruise terminal didn't work. They got you all the way to the last step with your debit card before saying the transaction could not be completed. (PIN in.) We only tried one machine. Others tried several. AFAIK nobody had any post-trip drama out of our group of CC friends, but it was un-nerving.
  11. I can see them keeping non-refundable SBC for as long as they're around. $250 SBC doesn't cost the lines anywhere close to $250.
  12. FF writes in part: ===== 2. With all the obvious and necessary caveats, a quick route to an effective vaccine is imperative. As I write this, I'm reminded of all the zombie movies that begin with a virus vaccine that has "a few screws missing." But, seriously, vaccine is the key and just how much can be fast tracked in clinical development/trials is the biggest unknown right now. ===== The vaccine likely won't be a panacea. Covid-19 is not the flu, but its mutation patterns don't seem to be very different from influenza, at least not early days: https://grapevine.is/news/2020/03/24/patient-infected-with-two-strains-of-covid-19-in-iceland/ and https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8146565/Scientists-Iceland-claim-FORTY-mutations-coronavirus.html (A note on sources: no idea about the first. Daily Mail is quite sensational but even if the number is 4 not 40, it's still four mutations.) Of course not every mutation will require a new/modified vaccine. Some likely will. I am a big believer in the flu vaccine but its efficacy rate floats between 40-60% most years. If Covid has a somewhat similar success rate, the vaccine will help some, but not how a vaccines cleaned up, say, Smallpox or polio.
  13. This assumes facts not in evidence, and goes against history. Some places will be far more hard hit than others, just like in every past pandemic. As to Oklahoma, even though the Coast Guard Institute is there (look it up), somehow Oklahoma City is not a port of call on most cruises I look at.
  14. CDC says no gatherings until May 10. Lining up to board is a gathering. June 1 for less affected areas. Asia, Italy, Spain, Washington State, California rather later. Gradual roll-out of ships over 4-6 months will be fine as half-wit, Spring Break millennials aren't O's target demo.
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