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  1. 1. Could not/would not help at all with specialty dining. 2. Could not/would not help people login to Ship's Internet. 3. Stops in Canaries cancelled well in advance. CD told pax on Concierge/Suite levels with private excursions booked to go to lounge, see Concierge with info, and Concierge would communicate it to private operators on Canaries. Well, our Concierge wasn't doing that no matter what CD said, thank you so much. We were told to go tell CD ourselves, and have CD find another solution. 4. Would not arrange for ship to take delivery of a package.
  2. On Riviera in November, a few cookies and cakes. Once, cheese. Was not worth the time in our opinion Our "concierge" was incredibly unhelpful, so after Day 4 we never darkened the place's door again except when we were explicitly sent there by the CD for help after port calls were cancelled ("concierge" was still no help). A nice sitting area for sure, but no nicer than any of ten others aboard. If all those places didn't exist (Martinis, Grand Bar, Baristas area, back deck behind Terrace, Horizons...) a person might seek it out.
  3. They would occasionally have nigiri on offer.
  4. Our experience similar. Also detailed (in separate thread) how the servers rather refused to give us more than two pieces of sushi roll at once. F&B Mgr. asked us how things were going one day and that was mostly sorted thereafter. And Pinotlover is correct--place can be like the Sahara Desert. Given that O's clientele is sufficiently midbrow, I think self serve would be fine. Agreed, the mass-market lines are buffets to avoid.
  5. Actually Petoonya, I'd very much apreciate it if you could send me an e-mail at gmail.com. We are looking at S. Pacific next year and I have a ton of questions that I'd be very much obliged if you could help on.
  6. Do people vomit/urinate in the hallways where you work? (If so, can you forward my résumé to HR? Cheers.)
  7. Wiser words never spoken. Dinner can always be arranged afterward.
  8. I think OP is implying non-cruise vacation. Something like a high-end hotel which might be American Plan or Modified Am. Plan.
  9. Sorry to read this. I haven't had a bad experience on Avianca but it's been a couple years.
  10. Sorry, Son. Let me be more clear for you: the planes were repo'ed. And now Avianca Argentina faces same fate: https://www.aerotime.aero/clement.charpentreau/22727-after-avianca-brasil-avianca-argentina-suspends-operations The mother company, Avianca proper out of Colombia, offered no rerouting.
  11. A note on Avianca: Anytime I've flown them they've been fine, along with their affiliates. But they have expanded and some of the regional airlines they have swallowed up have given them indigestion. Avianca Brasil, for instance, has been rather regurgitated. Our flights completely disappeared. Happy ending for us as we got on another Star Alliance carrier, but I would be reluctant to book any regional Avianca flights for the next while. (No reason to think Avianca proper out of Colombia is not OK.)
  12. What's the small town near Helsinki? I'm drawing a blank.
  13. I have spoken with a lot of Canadians who have done AI in DR. It's really weird: Out of dozens of people, only one has ever told me it was OK. Either it was "Amazing! Going back ASAP!" or it was the worst vacation they ever had. With apologies to Tolstoy, the unhappy vacationers are unhappy in their own ways. There is much of the gastrointestinal carnage you describe. There is overall poor accommodation and food. There is bad service. There is "nothing to do." There were people who felt confined because the resort was in a sketchy area. As to the Big Papi shooting, last item I read speculates it is a revenge shooting because Big Papi was getting his Little Papi acquainted with the wife of a jealous man. Such things are not limited to the DR.
  14. You'll be fine. I lived in the Caribbean six years (not DR specifically, did travel there plenty). Every island I saw has the sanitised side the tourist sees, and the sketchier areas mostly locals frequent. Things hit the news when those worlds collide and bad things happen. A person might ask "OMG is LA/Chicago/Florida safe for travellers?" after they've seen a shooting on the news in Compton/South Side/a high school. Kinda the same deal, really. Santo Domingo has its Compton. You want to stay away from that.
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