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  1. Shawnino

    Can Oceania survive Viking Ocean?

    Let me spray the board here: To Flatbush Flyer: Agreed. We do tours in 8-pax vehicles all the time. To Babysteps: was there no other route to Chateau Margaux? As Painter Smurf might say, Sacrebleu-green! To RJB: I hear what you're saying, but most of these ports are one-shot-deals, so how do you pick carefully? Even when you pick carefully, it can go pear-shaped. I'll give you an example: On our last cruise through Civitavecchia (for Rome) there was an 'Insider Vatican' tour offered by O. Amazing. $900 pp, well beyond my budget alas, but other pax did sign up...only to have it cancelled two days before for lack of interest. It did look incredibly cool and for that kind of dough I'm not sure if you kiss the Pope's ring or if he kisses yours, but there was just tons of behind-the-scenes stuff planned. Too much, I guess, as they didn't get the required uptake. Max 8, apparently min >2. They ended up scrambling and found something they didn't end up pleased with. When we book privately, our tour always happens and we are satisfied 90-95% of the time. (As it happens that day in Civitavecchia was our Worst. Tour. Ever. Mamma mia, what a disaster...)
  2. Shawnino

    Outdoor dinner on Riviera

    Same, esp. with many dishes in MDR on heavy rotation.
  3. Shawnino

    Can Oceania survive Viking Ocean?

    Zero interest from me in paying for included bus tours as Viking requires. There is a time and place for bus tours. The time is never. The place is left for the reader to discern.
  4. Specifics can be given without giving people's names. Like this from EOH immediately above: " can only compare my previous excellent experiences with this one. Like eating in Prime C when the place was pretty much empty and being shown to a small table for four in the worst spot in the restaurant, ie right outside the swing door to the kitchen... " That's helpful. No one was named. No one needs to 'defend himself'. As it sits, we've gotten many overwrought stage whispers, but few examples of what exactly went wrong. As to the claim that a multibillion-dollar corporation is breathlessly following this thread, well.... Cruise Critic makes up a sliver of the cruising population. Our 'influencer' members influence principally among ourselves. A few complaints matter little. Completely vague comments matter even less.
  5. On the contrary, I think specifics would be illustrative.
  6. I run virus stuff semi-regularly, when entering personal info/cc I tend to use a vpn. I likely could do much better. Anyway let's hope they figure it out.
  7. Shawnino

    Keep being logged out

    Same here.
  8. Shawnino

    Room steward gift ideas

    They want cash, not junk nor stupid games.
  9. I was told my request would be passed on to IT, the end.
  10. Shawnino

    Keep being logged out

    I'm on Safari and it's the same problem. Once a basic utilitarian product is stable, I have no idea why developers have to keep tinkering with it. It's just a web forum; we're not trying to improve cancer survival rates. The forum we had five years ago was perfectly adequate. Last year, they even shut it down for a week for 'improvments' most commenters didn't even seem to appreciate after the fact.
  11. I'm not sure what the Marriott breach covered. In my own case, I've never provided that passport to a hotel.
  12. I don't think State would have that e-mail address on file, at least not paired to the passport.
  13. There's no reason for it to be provided in a pairing with my e-mail.
  14. Sorry if someone else has already posted a similar experience and thois is "old news". I was sifting through my Junk mail folder when I came upon one of those silly phony-blackmail letters demanding to be paid in Bitcoin. Basically the upshot is that the sender claims to have access to your e-mail account, computer, etc. and if you don't pay up a certain amount of Bitcoin, he will ruin your life. My blackmailer demanded $782 worth. Whatever. I get one of these a week. What made this one different was that as 'proof', the blackmailer told me that he first got access to my e-mail account when my e-mail password was (x------x). That has never been a password on any of my e-mail accounts, so the blackmailer is clearly lying. (x------x), however, corresponds to the number of a recently expired passport of mine. I know with absolute certainty that the only time I've entered that particular passport's details online was to do the NCL pre-check-in. Could the passport number have been retrieved from somewhere other than NCL's site? It's possible, but it's very unlikely. It's not my primary travel document and I seldom used it to cross borders. I never use it in conjunction with airline tickets, hotel reservations, or what have you. When I replaced it, I watched the Immigration official destroy it. So look: be careful out there. There's no cause for panic, at least not yet. This idiot doesn't even realise what he stole (or bought, or whatever). It is somewhat disconcerting that if he puts together the name with the address and figures out he has a passport number he could try to reconstitute a passport. (I'm not so nervous for myself: that passport expired.) Without a photo, I don't know how much value that has. But I'm going to call NCL tomorrow and ask them to clear the passport number out of their database, in case the breach is ongoing. You might want to do the same.
  15. Shawnino

    Culinary Centre bookings

    On our cruises the ones on port days might have space after boarding. Sea days: solid.