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  1. O has relatively few accessible staterooms, and nothing above a B3. We noticed a somewhat older demo onboard Riviera, with a reasonably large collection of people (at least 50) using some sort of mobility assistance....from cane, to crutch (me), to manual wheelchair (me again sometimes), to electric scooter. There were always a couple scooters in the halls on our deck--they couldn't get in the rooms' doors. In the R-class refurb, no rooms are being made more accessible. I wonder if this is a conscious choice by O.
  2. Shawnino

    Looking at Oceania for the first time

    On Riviera B2B in November they had Singles gatherings at the back of Martinis on the first nights. There were very few singles, and I think that's because I only met one who managed to pay less than the full 100% supplement. As echoed prior, not sure you need Concierge class vs. Balcony class. Rooms the same. FWIW our Concierge was utterly useless--only word he knew was "no". As to the other benefits, we did use the three included bags of laundry. The Concierge Lounge was a nice place to sit, but certainly no nicer than any of a dozen public areas. It was a wet rainy day in Venice, so Concierge class was allowed on the ship a half an hour earlier than advertised--but any Balconies there early were allowed on with us. (Not a problem--lots of check-in clerks.) We did like the access to the outdoor Spa area on 14. YMMV, but a couple Balcony Cabins negotiated the same access by cutting a deal with the Spa directly. On the 16-day TA, they negotiated a fee of $300/couple. Agreed with Flatbush that I'd try something more unique than the Caribbean with O, but that's just me (us).
  3. Shawnino

    Strange phone call

    I hope they don't call me. I'm on the Don't Call List (not that Az would apply to that as I am a customer) and I get way too many calls from people trying to sell me stuff as it is.
  4. Shawnino

    AzAmazing Evenings: general question

    Always? Disappointing.
  5. Shawnino

    Riviera TA Missed Ports-- Odd Situation

    Odd--you said the opposite aboard at the Privée dinner.
  6. Shawnino

    Riviera TA Missed Ports-- Odd Situation

    This is an interesting question, and I know part of the answer (which means all I really know is that it is complicated). There are two separate issues. First is, which way is the money flowing on the port call?" Some ports, the ships have to pay to dock there. (Livorno) Other ports, they pay the ship. (Barcelona) Sometimes, it varies by season/date which way the money flows. (Rio) Many ports will offer ships a LOT of money if they will 'homeport' one ship there and use others to call there. Cruisers are often not great tourists on port calls (eat little, spend zip on accommodations, etc.) but if the cruise starts there it adds hotel nights, restaurants the day before etc. (In recent years, my town, Halifax, has been trying to attract this business. So far, the only taker is Hurtigruten.) Second is money lost vs money gained by having folks aboard all day. Lost: extra cost of lunch, lost excursions, as you point out Gains: More people in the Casino, at Bingo, drinking etc. Not sure how that adds up, may vary by line.
  7. Shawnino

    Azamara Misleads Again

    Kinda. On the one hand, sure, she should take all the time she needs. On the other, where the exact, precise issue is confused communications, I'm mildly surprised she's not posting more just to be living proof that clear communication can happen. My bet is that she has a few well-deserved days off.
  8. Shawnino

    Riviera TA Missed Ports-- Odd Situation

    I don't know where you've picked this habit up from, but it's most unfortunate. At least twice now in this thread, instead of trying to discuss facts, you're merely dismissive of people posting them. Inattention to customer service has crushed many companies. Many people on this cruise were not happy with what was at the very least poor communication about the sailing schedule. How you skip two ports and only pick up 60 mi. will, unfortunately, always be a mystery.
  9. Shawnino

    How long to disembark in Miami

    When we disembarked Riviera on Nov 27, instructions were: --out of the room by 8 --people with carryons could go whenever --people who put out bags the night before should wait for their colour to be called --everyone to be off by 9 There was a delay in clearing the luggage, and the first people were let off around 8:45-8:50. Our colour group was called at 9:30. A hash was made of the disembarkation with an accident on the gangway. We got off shortly after 10. Bags ready. Customs and Border Patrol was less than 2 minutes. In a cab at 10:15. If we'd had a flight before 12:30/1 we'd have been cooked. Govern yourself accordingly.
  10. Shawnino

    Azamara Misleads Again

    We are in Canada, and coincidentally on the same cruise as HCG. More than a mock booking,, we fully went through the whole process. Saved over $1000, and even more on the prior leg of a B2B. From the other thread on this board, however, (new us promotion) mileage is varying greatly, with most posters saying not only is there no saving, but the new promotion is well worse than whatever they were already looking at/holding.
  11. Shawnino

    Riviera TA Missed Ports-- Odd Situation

    Really SandJ? The bean counters could have prevented that? Do explain how...
  12. Shawnino

    Riviera TA Missed Ports-- Odd Situation

    Bandb, The oddity here was that --The Captain didn't seem to agree with Miami's call to get as far South as quickly as possible. --We were certainly in no short-term hurry as we stopped in Malaga as scheduled. --For whatever reason, the plan was not followed. In scrubbing two port days we picked up only 60 miles. Reasons for not adhering to the plan to head South were never communicated to pax.
  13. Shawnino

    New US promotion

    Glad uktog got better pricing--I hope it filters through to other cruises/cruisers. @kayakcove: I think what's annoying people are not the prices per se, but the lengths to which cruise lines go to in artificially raising and then lowering prices in an effort to mislead people as to the gravity of a "deal" they're getting. Azamara is by no means alone in this (O for instance has wildly inflated Brochure Pricing that utterly nobody pays) but that doesn't make it OK. I wish there was more transparency. Maybe I'm just disappointed in my fellow human beings. To put a twist on Willie Sutton's answer when asked why he robs banks ("that's where the money is"), cruise lines and other companies do this deceptive stuff simply because it works. If it didn't work, they wouldn't do it. Like how stuff gets priced at $X.99 instead of $(X+1)... it sells better. Oh well. I'll finish this post with a quote usually attributed to George Carlin: "Think about how stupid the average person is. Now realise that half the population is stupider than that."
  14. Shawnino

    New US promotion

    @vival: that's one of the legs that dropped for me. Forgot to add: in above post, prices C$.
  15. Shawnino

    New US promotion

    Wow... I'm very much the exception to the rule it seems. Under the old promo the two legs of our B2B (Pursuit, Nov '19, BCN--Lisboa--Rio) were $8200 ea. Rebooked this afternoon for $6700 and $7100, plus free wi-fi. I hope the prices get sorted through for everybody else in the coming days. S