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  1. I didn't quite "get" the review. A lot of moaning, and brutal grammar/punctuation that made it hard to follow, but in the summary ratings he gave 8 of the 11 categories (value for money, enrichment, cabin etc....) 5/5. So I was left thinking, "Which is it?"
  2. Let me guess: Corporations are People Too...
  3. I kind of considered that bar area as Overflow for Martinis...
  4. Allilaguna red line or blue line (can't recall which... might be either) (8 Euro)
  5. Bottom of the Barrel decision from a Bottom of the Barrel line.
  6. Thanks to Gary and Rob for at least trying to run comps. I still haven't seen anyone stepping up to the plate with evidence that R/SS/SeaB/Cry prices up same as O, apples to apples.
  7. Just a few quick thoughts. 1. 'Aspirin' is the brand name for ASA, but it's a German brand name (Bayer AG). Denmark borders Germany (to many Danes' chagrin) so I would expect a Danish pharmacy staffer would know what 'Aspirin' is. 2. Even for countries that border one another, some fairly common (in one country) drugs are not legal in the other. 'Robaxacet' (active ingredient: methocarbamol) is OTC in Canada, and is presently Rx-only in the USA. When I wandered into a Walgreens looking for it in Florida 20 years ago, I inadvertently made the pharmacist very, very nervous. 3. Why N. Americans/Japanese call it 'acetaminophen' when the rest of the world calls it 'paracetamol' is beyond me.
  8. I keep reading this from different people. I'm not going to say that everyone's mistaken, but when I go price out cruises I'm actually interested in and try to apples-to-apples it as best I can (similar cabins; adding on to the O price for shore-ex; etc.), the luxury lines still come out 50% more expensive than O. What am I missing? Is it certain itineraries, certain times of year, what?
  9. I think a lot of people are ignorant as to how steak, and especially lobster, ought to be cooked.
  10. I'm on this one--not sure if it'll fill. Kind of a 'typical' Baltic itinerary (Helsinki, 2x overnight in Leningrad, Warnemunde, Copenhagen etc.) with a few days strapped on the end down to Amsterdam via Oslo. Other than the last few days, price-conscious cruisers can find a hundred ways to do it less expensively, and people who want more daylight won't be joining us in September.
  11. Or they could just pull their finger out and sort the Wi-Fi for everyone on board, rather than having to accommodate our individual needs. (It's wi-fi... not a piano in every cabin....)
  12. +1. The people actually looking to buy the crème-de-la-crap jewelry or the scratch cards where nobody wins can sniff those things out on their own.
  13. Indeed. Friends hoping to travel with us are suspiciously number-one for next October.
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