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  1. Emphasis mine. This is really interesting. As I had mentioned in the first post, the antivirals crowd were getting no joy but the antibiotics crowd were doing better after 2-4 days. Evidence anecdotal of course. So maybe the virus was just doing its thing and the antibiotics were cleaning up secondary infections, I'm not sure. I guess we'll never know. That said, the air quality in our OV was poor--wish I'd thought to have asked to have had the filters changed. I spent a week in Brazil after the cruise (just got back), and after 24 hours off the ship I was coming around nicely.
  2. Great to meet you F2F on the cruise. What actually surprised me was this: this was our first cruise on A, a B2B as it happens. On both legs they had staff serving us in the buffet for the first 24 hours. I asked around and it seems they do this as a matter of course to minimise illness. What a great idea (like the fist bump). After a stack of people got ill, I was surprised they didn't go back to crew serving in the buffet. IDK, maybe it was because they were suddenly short crew as well 🙂 ? My wife thought the Russian speakers took the worst of the illness for instance, although most were only out a day or two.
  3. Disembarking TA this morning. Lots of us got sick on this cruise. Pax. Crew. Officers. Captain. Our stellar, indestructible cruise director Amanda was KO’d for three days and she could not do her cruise-ending show, so I’m guessing she had a near-death experience. most people responded to penicillin-type antibiotics after 2-4 days. I’m on day 6, but I’m slow. antivirals didn’t seem to help people, so thank goodness it’s not you-know-what. The guess is the air quality on the ship. Spoke with a couple people with asthma. They had the air filter in their room replaced and it helped. I wish I’d thought of that on Day 1. if we cruise A again, we won’t do OV—balcony or better so we can bring in fresh air.
  4. Wow. I never thought I'd see the words 'quality' and 'Korbel' used in the same sentence, even if not necessarily approvingly.
  5. Indeed. I can't imagine a lack of "island music" being a minus.
  6. Shawnino

    Carbon offsets

    Just send me your money. It's the same thing.
  7. I didn't quite "get" the review. A lot of moaning, and brutal grammar/punctuation that made it hard to follow, but in the summary ratings he gave 8 of the 11 categories (value for money, enrichment, cabin etc....) 5/5. So I was left thinking, "Which is it?"
  8. Let me guess: Corporations are People Too...
  9. I kind of considered that bar area as Overflow for Martinis...
  10. Sorry about that; I was clearly confused/wrong..
  11. Allilaguna red line or blue line (can't recall which... might be either) (8 Euro)
  12. Bottom of the Barrel decision from a Bottom of the Barrel line.
  13. Thanks to Gary and Rob for at least trying to run comps. I still haven't seen anyone stepping up to the plate with evidence that R/SS/SeaB/Cry prices up same as O, apples to apples.
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