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  1. We still enjoyed ourselves enough on this cruise,so we did book another one while on board,one with way less sea days though. Was able to use transfer the credit to it. It will be our third VikIng ocean cruise.
  2. Yes there are sinks even if you enter from the infinity pool area,and a sink by the pool grill too. It only takes a minute
  3. On this cruise with you we were sent a 500 dollar voucher each against a future cruise.
  4. On the Star right now and they are still asking everyone to either wash or sanitize as you enter dining rooms. unfortunately do to high winds and seas had to miss Santiago de Cuba
  5. As of lunch today,we are able to serve ourselfs in the World Cafe.
  6. The staff are asking us to wash our as we enter dining rooms,they are not keeping salt and pepper shakers on the table . Even when we checked in for the cruise they would wipe down between passengers. I feel they are as much ch as the can to keep the Star clean.
  7. No mention of that so far.The spa and gym are open as usual,in the World cafebthey serve the food.
  8. On board now all pools are open,they gave us a letter explaining about the virus on the last cruise,and to remind us to wash our hands often.all is great so far
  9. We board the Star later today,will see what the situation is. At least she made to Miami on time
  10. We had no trouble getting off first,we just stood by the door and when they opened it up we were the first off. Our private tour company was there waiting for us.
  11. We did the Rhine gorge on a another boat with lots of people. Yes we slept on board every night on both ships.we heard from the crew the people who left the Ruby made 2 ship swaps. Sounds like the Danube is a mess
  12. On the last day of our 15 day Rhine/Moselle cruise.we were booked on the Jasper,started off on the Crystal,transferred to the Ruby after 4 days. Ruby is older no gym,rooms smaller. The staff were incredible though. Generally food was very good as was drink selection. The crew knows already they will not be completing the next voyage,wherever it goes to,more ship swaps ahead
  13. We left Breisach at 10 pm,will be changing ships tomorrow . Nothing else will change will still get the full Romantic Rhine Mosselle agenda
  14. jo-b glad to see you are having a great time. The only 2 differences I can see are the small pool and the salt therapy lounge. Not sure what else they could be missing. We fly out this afternoon. Thanks for your updates
  15. Got the email today saying we will board the Crystal on the 3rd. Will let us know then what happens
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