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  1. It was well in the 80s here on Friday and Saturday - cooler today but still nice.
  2. I recently went on a Princess cruise and had three bottles of wine in my hand luggage (there were four of us in the party so less than one each - I was just carrying it for everyone). I explained to the security man as it went through the xray machine and his reply was, " You can have 12 if you want. We are security and look for different things - we don't police alcohol."
  3. I've just come off a princess 'half-term cruise'. I am a teacher and it is our half term in the UK - a week's holiday. On Sapphire Princess. Lots of Americans were confused why there were so many children on the cruise! Tracey
  4. Following advice from an earlier thread, I also took out insurance with Medical Travel Compared and it cost £93 for a 1 week cruise to Spain for my mum (returned this morning). I was getting quotes elsewhere of up to £600 and it was way cheaper than the very cheapest one that I had found (and the other dearer ones I even took off baggage and cancellation insurance too as I purely wanted medical cover on the cruise). I am going to use tham again for her summer 12 night cruise and the quote for that was £140ish. My mum is 81 and has had 2 strokes, plus multiple medical conditions. Tracey
  5. Very helpful post - thank you. I have been searching for travel insurance for my 81 year old mother who has several medical conditions (including stroke) and medicaltravelcompared have worked out way cheaper than any of the ones I tried. Thank you! Tracey
  6. Me too. Sometimes the pool was quietish but usually several people in there at one time. We swam in there most days. Tracey
  7. That's probably as good as you are going to get. Are you going to enjoy that cruise now as you will be starting it on the wrong foot? Although, with no alternatives at the same price, that's a hard one. Have you gained from the April 2020 one which would offset the loss in the August one? Or keep the August one as it is, ask for the £100 to be applied to that one and cancel next April altogether? Actually, I got those costs £50 wrong now I look back. It was £849 for Azura and £899 for Ventura. Still £50 difference. Sorry! Can't be of much help!
  8. I know that when I booked Azura 3rd 2020 in January it was £799 for an inside and Ventura for 4th April 2020 was £849. Now Ventura is £997 so the price has gone up from when we booked but I am, in effect, getting it for £799 as it would be a straight transfer. You should be roughly the same for April 2020 cos I think you also booked in January. Your Britannia one, are they offering it to you at today's price or at the time you booked Ventura. I am guessing that this is the one you are losing out on? Can you not argue that?
  9. Are you getting Britannia summer instead of Ventura (I've lost track)? If so, you are getting a nicer ship (in my opinion - not in others) so is this worth paying another £154? I know it's not the same as what you originally had - but neither of us can have our original option so I have decided to just not worry about it. I'm getting £100 future credit, you are getting £250 in total benefits so I suppose you could argue that they have given you more than other passengers. Just unfortunate for us both that we had identical itineraries already booked 😞 Tracey
  10. I mentioned earlier that we did the Canaries cruise once before and the weather was good (better than our Easter Med). I have just looked at weather for Canaries for next week for when we arrive on Britannia. It's looking pretty good. And I had a quick look at the Med and the Canaries weather is better / more consistent. Might be a good time for you to compare the temperatures between the two as it is exactly this time of year that Azura / Ventura leave / would have left next year. Tracey
  11. Remember that they have automatically offered £50 per person OBC on the Ventura cruise (or a cruise at a future date). I'm happy with that as we will not be out of pocket like you. our situations are different. Negotiate with them over that amount. That costs the company way less than offering you money off the Britannia summer cruise. Tracey
  12. Would they give you extra OBC to compensat rather than reduce the difference in price?
  13. It probably is a cruise that you don't want to do (Crown Princess, 24th July) but I booked this one a month or so ago. 4 berth cabin and it was less than £3000 cos passengers 3 & 4 were £199 each. It is a cruise I do most years, around the British Isles - although you probably want to head off to the sun. I love the itinerary, the mix of international passengers plus I am elite on Princess so get quite a few perks. It is also supposed to the be the first 'Medallion' cruise for Crown Princess (they are revamping the fleet). Same ship as Ventura and Azura. Not many families though as they tend to head for the Med. But maybe worth a look? 24th July may be too early for you but the cruise is repeated every 12 days. I'm not going to go back and look at price for you in case it has fallen again (the closer the sailing, the more this particular cruise tends to fall). Does this appeal to you at all? Tracey
  14. How is the hot water situation with the pools and the spa area? Does that mean that they're not heating the pools or that the steam room is out of action? Tracey
  15. After I booked Azura April 2020, I found that it would be the last cruise before the refit and I was concerned as to the condition of the ship. Maybe it is good that we have been offered Ventura if you read this thread. I don't think I would have gone for Azura if I had known beforehand that it was going into drydock after that cruise... Reporting from Azura - very poor, and much in need of that refit!
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