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  1. Eggs have more than doubled in price. Most things have gone up with exception of gas.
  2. We were on a Baltic cruise last summer. There were people who did do the 1 day round trip to Moscow. It was a very long day. I think they left before 6 am and return sometime around midnight. I don't know if it was a princess tour or through an tour company such as Alla Tours.
  3. If any extra the last night cash out at the casino - refundable or nonrefundable.
  4. We were able to reserve anytime dining the 1st two nights of a baltic cruise last summer. After that, the dine line would not take reservations for anytime dining.
  5. We used the casino for an ATM in September.
  6. That is what we use on the ships that have the coffee syrup. We don't if we are on the Regal Class ships.
  7. We received one in February 2109, but not in July or September.
  8. We were on the Regal in July-Aug. Dine line would not take reservations in anytime dining. They did for the first 2 nights, but the remaining 9 nights they would not.
  9. It was not available on the Regal on our recent Baltic cruise. We normally have a card in our room and nothing on this cruise.
  10. I had an unused Ace of Latte a couple of years ago with a couple of punches left. The barista had to find a supervisor to find out what the card was.
  11. We just got off the Regal on a Baltic cruise. There were no free afternoon teas on this cruise, only the ones for a charge.
  12. It would be pretty hard for us. We live in Central WI and the drive time would be too much. There is no train travel here, so flying is our only option, if we want to cruise.
  13. WI issues the real ID and has for several years. When my wife's came up for renewal last month, she asked if could be used to go to Canada without a Passport. She was told no, only the states with the enhanced ID, not necessarily the real ID qualify. Apparently only a few of the border states have it.
  14. We just got off the Regal yesterday. We did wait for the omelet at the omelet station. It did not appear they were delivering any of them on the Regal.
  15. We have also seen this in restaurants in the US. We just returned from the Baltic yesterday. When we were in Germany it was tough to find a restaurant that took CC.
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