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  1. UK website says 'most', but the post on Facebook says 'all'. Make of that what you will.
  2. On Edge in the Med last September we left it a bit late into the cruise to book any specialty dining, but found during the last half of the cruise there were restaurant staff outside Oceanview selling off unused slots at a discount. The dining times were not always a great choice, but we are not too fussy about that so got LPC for $40pp instead of $55pp. Wish we were onboard now. We are having a really miserable run of weather in UK 😒
  3. We always used to ignore the Future Cruise sales onboard - until we found out it is one way (the only way?) of getting a better deal when buying something onboard. On our Edge cruise in September we made a booking for a specific cruise in 2020, we got our Captains club upgrade, a specific cabin and extra OBC. We had the option of transferring the booking to our TA who then gave us extra discount and built a tailor made package for us around our chosen cruise. All very easy. I am looking forward to see what new options we will have to spend our OBC on Connie after her refit next year. Hope you enjoy Celebrity, it is our favourite so far.
  4. We were on Edge early September. We had OBC to use up so tried for a specialty restaurant booking on the last night but most were already booked up. We noticed waiters hovering at the exit of Oceanview at breakfast time, they were trying to sell off any remaining open slots at a discount and we got LPC for $40pp for a late sitting. We had finished packing by 7pm so this was a great way to finish the cruise. Amusing and very good food only spoiled for me and a few others by a sudden onset of bad weather causing a very rough ride - rather unfortunate, but that's the med in September for you!
  5. Turtles06 is correct, Silhouette is not yet supported on the app. Have a look at the app details on the Apple app store or Google Play and it gives you quite a lot of information about what ships are supported, what facilities are available, how to connect, and what devices/ OS versions are supported. So for jamer, yes you can use a tablet if it has a supported OS version, e.g. for Apple devices iOS 11.0 or later.
  6. Seems to me SV may be a good way to go if I book Edge class in future. On a quick check for a 10 night cruise in 2020 it seems to come out cheaper than the C3 we had this year. My only concern would be what's the ride like so far aft and high up? We have been in a forward cabin on Victoria crossing the Bay of Biscay in November - one of the most unpleasant experiences we ever had. Maybe it's not so bad aft? Anyone got experience of SV on Edge in bad weather?
  7. Being UK based I can only comment for what I believe to be normal here. I would be very surprised if anyone travelled anywhere without some insurance in place. There are plenty of horrific tales about people who need medical treatment/evacuation and the costs they face if not insured. It only needs to happen once in your lifetime to make it worth paying a lifetimes premiums. It is not only medical issues that can be costly, and even lower level losses can be distressing. I had my wallet taken from a buttoned down pocket in Venice losing luckily only 270 Euros cash and credit & cash cards. Well worth the cost of the insurance policy at £115 (we have to cover existing medical conditions, so it is a bit pricey). They covered everything. Just be aware that if you need to claim, make sure you READ THE POLICY and get all necessary documentation to support your claim e.g. police/doctors report.
  8. We just did a Med cruise on Edge and found the IV stateroom really well designed, but as said elsewhere, it is NOT a true balcony cabin. The old-style balcony cabins are few and in poor locations fore and aft, and are not fully open. They have what I would describe as a large Hobbit hole opening. The only problems we had with the IV bit was the internal sliding door restricts access to the bed if you have a room configured with bed near window, the blind and window were very slow and noisy in operation, and if you want to peek out (check if you are in port yet) you have to lift the blind pretty high to see out. We had some pretty rough weather and the spray reached our window on deck 12, then we could not see out at all. They did not start cleaning until we reached port the following day. Also deck 12 has an overhang. MC only parks on decks 2, 5 and 14 where there are no cabins so guests on MC should not be able to see into cabins. Note that in our experience the destination gateway can and does operate on either starboard OR port side when docked (depends which way round they park), but only starboard when tendering using the MC.
  9. The aluminium ones we saw on Edge looked to be 'Celebrity' branded. I would think that they probably still have 'some' major branded water available, but since most of these (onshore at least) are plastic bottles maybe they try to restrict their use. Sorry I cannot give you a definitive answer.
  10. We noticed on our recent Edge cruise that Celebrity do seem to be making some effort to reduce use of plastics. In the case of water included in the drinks packages this means for the classic package you get a ring-pull can of water, but for premium you get a screw-top aluminium bottle. So if you want to take water off ship (they have it available at the disembarkation point) the ring-pull variant is not so convenient. We managed with our classic package by getting the ring-pull stuff and re-filling a large plastic bottle we brought on board with us.
  11. I used the APP on Edge. Downloaded it in advance and used it to check-in in advance. You can take a picture of all guests ready for the Seapass cards and security and add personal data so you don't have to do that on embarkation and as Concierge we got expedited arrival so the only queue we had was for the security bag scanners. Easy. I found there was very little I could see or do in the app for onboard planning in advance, but once connected to the onboard wifi it was all synced immediately. Note that you do NOT need an INTERNET package, but you can connect to the onboard wifi and it asks if you want to buy Internet package, or just use it for the APP features which is free. I found my iPhone 7 only worked properly with the app if I disabled mobile data so it was not trying to use mobile broadband. If you use airplane mode as suggested in an earlier post this will switch off the wifi on your phone so the app will not work at all. When in port and off ship I switched mobile data back on, but this seemed to limit the functionality of the app. I tried setting the app to allow my phone to open the room door, but for me it did not work with iPhone 7. I intended to ask at the iLounge, but it was always busy when I passed by. I managed to use the APP to book a specialty restaurant on board without difficulty, and it was easy to put onboard events into your personal planner so you don't have to scroll down the whole daily list to find what you want. You do have to constantly press the refresh button in the app. Drag the daily planner up and refresh is top right. Then any changes will be synced to the app. If you have any doubts - do try it. We found it very useful. Happy app-ing
  12. Date of Cruise: 30 August 2019 Ship: Edge Cabin #: 12216 Deck #: 12 Cabin Category: Concierge C3 Cabin Location: Midships Starboard Bed Position: Near window Balcony Type: IV Balcony/Window Size: Standard Balcony/Window View/Obstruction: No Balcony Overhang?: Overhang from Oceanview cafe Magic Carpet Issues?: No Noise Issues?: Could hear chairs being scraped across one of the decks above Wind Issues?: No Connecting Cabin? Where Does it Connect?: Yes, connects to 12214 Suite Details: N/A Advantages/Problems/Comments: IV seemed a great idea, but operation of blind & window slow & noisy, and blind is a pain if you want to peek out. Never closed sliding doors because it reduces access to bed at that side. Other than that a really well designed room, especially the bathroom. Would You Book It Again?: Yes if I could not book a room with normal balcony - SV/FV etc. but they are more expensive. Photos or Photo Links:
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