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  1. Hi. Thank you for the link..and ..we have huge..thread already!! Ann
  2. Hi... YOU ARE THE BEST....thank you so so much for your Live..I am on the Regal in April...doing the EXACT... itinerary....the other way..learned so MUCH........sad you missed several ports...but you made lemonade out of lemons!!!! WELCOME HOME!!! Ann
  3. Hi all Could not find a thread on this Can you add your tip to your folio... and how much do you tip Thank you...Ann
  4. Hi all Can you add the tip to your statement bill??? and how much do you tip.... Sorry..tried to find a thread on this but could not Thank you...Ann
  5. Has anyone been on Regal recently and can confirm Tea is served in the afternoon on Port Days??? Thank You
  6. Book as three cruises....you also will get a mini bar set up with each cruise....also the segment pricing may go down........ had my up coming Regal....go down three times...and got $$$ credited each time to my AMEX.... Ann
  7. Can you go to reception...and get the old type of key card?? .. When you have the medallion.....and have BOTH.. ....leaving on the Regal..in less than three weeks and has not shipped yet Thank you Ann
  8. Have you ever booked a Deluxe Balcony Obstructed.. and been up graded it says .. one category upgrade Thank you Ann
  9. Does anyone know if there is a place set up for Elite's ..with coffee, juice and danish before boarding the ship Thank you
  10. Dawn ..deck 9 lounge??? what is it Thank you..Ann
  11. Just saw the webcam!!! Sent from my K88 using Forums mobile app
  12. so BOTTOM LINE... what ports did you visit?? and how much OBC?? or other compensation.. Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  13. Hi..love this hotel and was there in March...PROBLEM ...isthe church bells.. across the street RING..every hour on the hour.. during the night..LOUD....might bother you!!!! Sent from my K88 using Forums mobile app
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