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  1. We have not received anything yet either from NCL, and we booked thru CAS. I too have been checking a few times everyday.
  2. I do work in IT and find this very, very frustrating. I agree with previous posters. I just had a friend sign up and sign in for the first time yesterday - she too was very frustrated, trying to navigate around, post in a roll call, she found it extremely user unfriendly.
  3. I too have discovered the same thing. I've checked notification, everything is set as it should be. Very frustrating!!!
  4. The embarkation process was pretty quick for the Feb 25 sailing, up to getting on the ship. The lobby was packed and people were standing by the time they started calling boarding groups. That was nothing compared to the nightmare of disembarking the ship. It took us literally 1.5 hours to get off the ship, standing and snaking our way through the ship in line. All 6 of us gold and platinum members, with priority disembarking and the first color luggage tags. The communication was pretty nonexistent from the crew regarding disembarking. The Hotel Director had addressed the issue at the Meet & Greet, specifically telling the group that disembarkation doesn't start till 9:00 am, and the port is not big enough to handle the volume. We knew going in from that conversation that it most likely would be a nightmare, and not to plan to get off until well after 9:00 am. Not sure, but part of the hold up were some of the non US citizens that chose not to follow the calls for them to report to US Immigrations and Customs PRIOR to disembarkation. All of them had to report to the Bliss Lounge I think before they would let anyone leave the ship. This port is really a nightmare, and we personally will not sail from here again.
  5. We just got off the Escape a few weeks ago, and we made our 10:28 am flight out of Miami with no problems. This was the first time we did the self disembarkation, and guest services told us that people start lining up at 7:30 to get off. We were in line at 7:30, off the ship and through customs by 7:50. We were a little nervous that we might miss our flight when American moved the flight time up, but we worried for nothing. The other thing is, like one of the earlier posts, if you know airport procedures - especially Miami's, then you most likely don't need to worry. What helped us was being TSA precheck. The normal security lines were kind of long - there was absolutely nobody in the TSA Precheck.
  6. Has anyone received an upgrade for the Escape Nov 4 sailing?
  7. Thank you! If we just added and didn't change anything, would the 3rd person pay what the per person charge we currently have?
  8. can anyone tell me if it is possible to add an additional person in our stateroom prior to final payment? We booked thru CAS. If so, do we need to cancel original reservation and rebook? Thank you!
  9. LOVED your review!! If you are really some kind of author, I want to know your pen name. I would buy every book! Hilarious review - the best I've read in all the years I've been on CC. Thank you!
  10. Thank you all lfor taking the time to reply! None of the others have ever cruised before, so they would have nothing to compare it to. We were thinking this cruise for the price and the itinerary. A few of the group does smoke, and also likes to gamble, so smoking in the casino is a factor.
  11. Loyal NCL cruiser here, but looking to book Empress of the Seas for a girls getaway. Never sailed RCCL, but pricing on January sailing can't be beat. Going with 3 others that have never cruised before, and after reading some reviews I'm not sure if this would be a good first impression. I know reviews are subjective, and bottom line is you make your own fun. My questions are: Would you put 3 people in an inside cabin? Is the casino all non smoking? Can you order alcohol ahead of time for your stateroom like you can on carnival? Any other info on this ship would be greatly appreciated.
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