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  1. I bring, in duplicate, all the medication I need for the duration of my cruise plus another week or two. I pack one set in my checked bag and one in my carryon bag it tote. Just in case one or the other is lost or delayed.
  2. I purchased a Smartscoot 3 years ago and have traveled and cruised with it many times. It weighs 39 pounds. If you remove the seat you have 2 pieces of about 27 and 12 pounds. It folds. It comes with a rack that attaches to the front that can hold a carryon suitcase. I drive it right up to the door of the plane and the ground crew stows it with the strollers and brings it to the plane door on arrival. I have no issues using it to check in for my cruise. As with airports I don’t have to wait/rely on someone to bring a wheelchair. In a regular celebrity cabin it is small enough to fold and keep under the desk. Or you can leave it in a more open space nearby the cabin and just bring the 4 pound battery into your cabin to charge it. It helps that it looks ‘cool’ for a scooter. 😊. I would say the only issue I have had with it is how many people stop me to ask about it! You can get more info at Smartscoot.com. If you give them code 6857 you will get a $100 discount. I hope your wife will not hesitate to get some type of scooter. There is no reason at all that she should miss out on cruising.
  3. Thanks very much! I have been to the Concierge lunch several times, but wasn't looking for vegetarian options and couldn't remember. This time our little group includes a vegetarian. Everyone's replies, and especially the copy of the menu have been very helpful.
  4. Instead of the door hanger, call in your order about a half hour before you want it served and ask that the food be sent at the same time (should be a given, don't know why that happened to you) and that the omelettes be fresh and hot. Hopefully that will work.
  5. Don't forget to tip the staff at Al Bacio when you get a complimentary tea or coffee. $1 per drink is my usual.
  6. Suggestions: Over-the-door shoe pockets for everyone's stuff. Hanging net shower caddy for everyone's shower toiletries. Lots of strong magnetic hooks - all the walls and doors are metal. Dirty laundry goes in the under-bed empty suitcases until sent to laundry. Suitcases under bed can also hold extra clothing/stuff.
  7. Strange...we got off reflection last month and had regular or egg white omelettes from room service almost every day and they were lovely. Big and fluffy and not overcooked.
  8. I know there is a vegetarian menu available for dinner in the MDR. Is there a vegetarian option at the Concierge lunch on embarkation day?
  9. Can anyone confirm if there are currently spin bikes on Silhouette and if so what brand? ie Peloton?
  10. And she is married to Reflection Hotel Director Christofe.
  11. A lightweight combination cable lock to wrap around the handles of a closed walker or wheelchair could work. Or to attach those or a scooter to a post, etc. This isn't for heavy duty theft prevention, but would make it difficult for someone who is mistakenly (or not), taking your mobility device. I sometime use it on my folding lightweight scooter. I just keep it attached to my scooter so it's always there when I need it. Something like this one: https://www.amazon.com/Lewis-N-Clark-Cable-Lock/dp/B00I5IWCPA/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=lightweight+wire+combination+lock&qid=1574873569&sr=8-1
  12. For those with reliable knowledge on the subject, a question: Is a dog considered a Service Animal if it is used to provide emotional support to individuals suffering from PTSD or who are on the autism spectrum?
  13. Just got off Reflection with Surf package. Could not send or download photos on What’s app. So did those by email. Otherwise worked well for our purposes of surfing web, email and what’s app messages.
  14. Is that the high speed WiFi or the new surf WiFi? Doesn’t say. Could likely be the latter.
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