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  1. How does everyone know that they haven’t already filed paperwork to get the ball rolling? It’s not like they have to “announce to the public” their intent to re-enter. my best educated guess is they will start with employee only cruises maybe in December so there is nobody complaining about not getting to experience this or that and it does not put general public at risk. They can use the test cruises as training. This would also ensure that most everyone on those sailings had medical coverage... since it’s CCL health insurance. Just spitballing here... But if these go ok, i
  2. Ruling reduced to 30 days... Dec 1 startup still a possibility https://www.miamiherald.com/news/business/tourism-cruises/article246620348.html
  3. Boat originating in Bahamas... most likely Haitian. Happens often on Palm Beach Coast
  4. What difference does it make inside or outside US waters... because of CDC restrictions on crew movements on and off the ships they could not get technicians on/off ships inspectors would not go on because of quarantine requirements even while in port and many of the tests/work has to be down outside of port for discharge issues.
  5. Drydocks, No. They have been generally in cash preserving mode and getting technicians on/off the ships would be probably be near to impossible. Most/all have been anchored outside US waters only coming in to a port every so often for provisions and mandatory minimum staff changes. Several dry docks are scheduled before the ships startup.
  6. Speculation based on port operations I honestly doubt any November sailings just based on ability to get all proper certifications, inspection and crew with all the restrictions and limitations internationally. Sad because we had a Thanksgiving Cruise planned. Possibly a few sometime in December if for no other reason than to be able to say they were up and running in 2020. I suppose only time will tell.
  7. Well since the President and VP are now in quarantine because Hope Hicks tested positive (on the AF1 flight from a rally), I highly doubt ant meeting will transpire.
  8. Being the ship is too tall to pass the Panama Canal and has to go around South America, I think it will be staying put in Panama waiting for California to go online.
  9. Port employees at port of Miami terminal D were having a rally to Save our Salaries. It was aimed at the upcoming CDC decision.
  10. Well, not really. Other locations where they do drydocks (Bahamas, Cadiz etc) also we’re shut down for Covid... not like they could “pop in for a touch up” whenever they wanted. Plus how would they get all the workers/contractors there? They could not even get crew members off the ship to fly home. They stopped the Radiance retrofit dead in its tracks in Cadiz when this hit if you recall!
  11. My bet would bet would be on a “soft” restart with a limited number of ships sometime Nov/Dec depending on Covid situation and restrictions. This would give a chance to test protocols how to operate with new constraints as well to be able to stagger re-staffing and get all the ship upgrades and certificates/inspections up to date.
  12. I emailed mine last week and 2 were posted within 3 days and the other 2 denied as the current shareholders benefit is only for cruises before July 31 2021 as it so far has not been reauthorized
  13. I know... I was a bit skeptical but at that point I was exhausted from being on hold with them to try to figure out what I needed to do with all the cancellations etc. and was just happy to get to actually TALK to a human!!! I have been impressed with all he has been able to take care of for us. I even recommended him to my other cruise friends (one gets all the casino offers) and he sends her messages now to let her know when the new casino offers are loaded in the system in case she wants to book one, so she is thrilled! Strictly speaking you don’t NEED one and can easily do every
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