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  1. Moved on to what? There is not a lot of options that pay nearly the same in their home countries and the tourism industry globally is decimated... and with a staggered start up to begin with they will be staffing half or less of the ships... they will not have an issue getting back crew. They will send a few ships that are in other parts, pick up crew for various countries and do the same crew transfers a sea like they did for repatriation. There are plenty that are waiting patiently to return to work!
  2. The Ecstasy and Fascination being deployed to India and not having been upgraded I would put my money on saying bye bye to those two.
  3. Spirit and a Panorama are in a Manila. There are a few ships going from South Africa going to India (Ecstacy, Fascination ) I think the Valor and a Magic are off coast in England. If the crews have been offloaded to the transfer ships and they just have basic Manning there would only be less than 150-200 onboard so offloaded/supplies would be less often.
  4. Previously, I’ve only done online bookings, last month when 3 cruises cancelled, a PVP called me out of the blue. (I had resisted calling as the wait times were crazy). I have to say WOW, the guy is good. Got everything transferred, no extra $down when one cancelled a second time, answers any questions right away... Score!
  5. That is generally the plan. First to repatriate those onboard (which is easier said than done as many of the countries are not wanting to take their citizens back off the ships). Manila harbor looks like a cruise ship parking lot with 20 something ships waiting out quarantines and waiting for test results to come back before they will allow their citizens to return. Ultimately when they have a firm idea of restarting they can take on new crew/consolidate with existing and head back.
  6. 820 were laid off with an additional 580 on furlough through November (no pay but keep medical coverage) Between Miami and Miramar. Seattle and California between Holland America and Princess had 2000 Either laid off or furloughed. The president of HAL and Seabourne have been let go. as for it being “top trimming” from everyone I talk with there were some but also a lot of mid and lower. Especially those involved with the hotel and guest operations.... And lots of PVPs so you might give a “hey you still there” check if you have one. It was somewhat expected by most that this would happen, 6 months with no revenue it would be impossible to continue to pay everyone, even those who’s jobs were basically cut to 0. But always a shock if you are the one actually cut. NCL and RCCL had similar cutting last month so many were bracing for it but your never TRULY prepared. It’s rough waters for a lot of people who depend on the cruising industry. We can only hope for a safe restarting someday soon.
  7. Numbers definitely WOW... 45% of Miami based jobs cut/furloughed (1300 People) 2000 cut in California/Seattle with Holland America and Princess. Those who kept their jobs had salary cut between 20-50%. It was a somber day down here for sure 😞
  8. I know someone on the Fascination that says they are going to transfer ships cause it is going to India too. They will go on the Magic as it is headed to bring crew back to Europe. Panorama is on the way to Asia.
  9. My magic 8 ball said “all signs point to yes” ... it’s as accurate as anyone here at this point!
  10. My speculation.. Panorama is back to Long Beach, not big enough Asia market right now and Mexico will open ports. Magic will stay in Europe, maybe pick up some cruises over there until early 2021 Radiance dry dock on hold for long time in Cadiz Legend will pick up Gulf Mexico cruises (probably stay Tampa) Layup of a few Fantasy class vessels and a few conquest class until business dictates starting up (control supply to drive demand). Texas probably one of the 1st to start up then Florida... when? Best guess sometime in July with maybe 8 ships to start... That my guesses
  11. A back and forth trip to Europe to drop people would be 2-3 weeks max. A few ships might hang over there for a bit (Magic) . From west coast to Manila I would say they could arrive by May 6-8. The kicker will be if the ports A. Allow them to repatriate crew or B. Allow but require additional quarantine period before doing so. If that’s the case, it might cut is close. The east coast ones heading to Asia/India are a whole other story... they are a 25 day trip with drive by S Africa... they would have a RTW trip that’s for sure. But it looks like a staggered opening with ships not tendering sticking close...logistics are enough to make heads spin I am sure... so now they do the crew shuffle and head off to next adventure...
  12. Not disembarking anyone, they are provisioning for crew charters to return crew members home. Over the next few days there will be several ships stopping in Miami to supply for crew charters to South Africa, Europe, Phillipines and India. I think all personnel transfers are being done by tenders and no people coming onshore due to the govt Covid rules.
  13. No the Transatlantic ones were cold (Both were shoulder seasons spring and fall repositioning). The pacific Hawaii one was mostly warm, but still a bit cooler than I expected, (I am guessing because the air off the cooler waters were a factor). You could hang out on deck but the pool water was like ICE brrrrrr
  14. I lined up the family today with pool some floaties and pointed out the exits for old times sake!
  15. I’ve taken 2 transatlantic and 1 Hawaii to Ensenada and for what it’s worth, unfortunately I was a bit bored. First off as others have mentioned, the demographic was much older and frankly a bit boring. Generally I love sea days but after the 4th day I was ready for something different. Plus it as cold and not great weather. Too cold for the dive in movies and since most people were in bed by like 10 PM it was a bit ho-hum I was with people I knew so not a problem. I do like relaxing but perhaps not THAT much relaxing. The Hawaii crowd was much more lively but I was definitely ready to get off when we arrived. But I realize it is an ideal cruise for some people somthere is definitely a cruise for everyone!
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