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  1. We did a Kennedy tour through the cruise line and the bus took us to the MCO airport after. It was a fantastic experience
  2. You could book air through cruise line. We have done that many times with fair comparable to doing on our own. If cruise line is significantly higher, I always counter "I see a fare for...." with them and can get it lower.
  3. Whatever you do, fly in the day before, or more, for the cruise. Recently we flew from Houston to Venice for a cruise with a change of plane in Amsterdam. This was booked through the cruise line. The Houston to Amsterdam was a 747 with an extremely long taxi out to the runway. We arrived in Amsterdam with just 45 minutes to spare to catch the flight to Venice. Luckily, they held the plane since many same cruise passengers were on the flight. We arrived in Venice WITHOUT our luggage because the luggage didn't get transferred in time. Luckily, we were spending a few days in Florence before 5he cruise and airline delivered our luggage to us. Unfortunately, other passengers to catch the cruise that day from Houston were not as lucky.
  4. Dream--you would have fun loving and great Texans on board!
  5. Why do you need it for second leg of you b2b since you are a continuing cruiser?
  6. You have all the ideas I would suggest!
  7. Bring a small bottle of dish detergent to hand wash any clothes
  8. We get the WiFi package, turn on WiFi calling on cell phones, and put phone on airplane mode. We can call and text each other on our cell phones. We also can do the same to those at home.
  9. We will be cruising embarking in Tampa. We fly in the day before arriving in Tampa at 10pm. Is there a hotel that offers airport shuttle pick up that late at night? Also, would like a shuttle to the port. Any ideas?
  10. My DH and I both use CPAP machines and bring our own extension cord that has a 3 plug on the end. If you have a power strip or extension cord, it cannot have a surge protector. We have not had any problems , but I think it might be the steward sees our CPAPS and know we need the cord. It also is in good shape.
  11. Change the passcode about a week, or how far out minimum to order online, so she can't get into the account. Save/move the confirmation email to an unrelated folder.
  12. Do they still have a stir fry station? Yum! I hope so since I will be on Miracle the end of September.
  13. We don't drink so don't know the exact rules. Yes, CCL's Cheers package cannot be used until later. RCL's Ultimate Drink package allows a select menu upon boarding. Whether they purchase single drink or use Ultimaye, RCL allows purchase. So can cruisers on CCL out of Galveston purchase select alcoholic drinks upon boarding?
  14. Unfortunately, I am bragging on Royal Caribbean that does allow alchohol drinking upon boarding in Galveston. Not sure what the difference is with their agreement with Texas' ATF, but RCL passengers can select from a few beers, etc, whereas CCL isn't allowed to serve until in international waters
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