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  1. Agreed - It appears that Cococay and Great Stirrup Cay (NCL) will be OK.
  2. I have booked a number of GTY rooms. I have been happy with the rooms offered, and I have moved to other rooms in the same class that were open that I wanted to try. Most recently a nice deck 10 balcony on Mariner. REALLY STRANGE - Yesterday RC offered a lower price to pick your own room on one of my Navigator GTY Sept 23 booking - after final payment. I called RC and they let me pick the room of my choice - deck 9, zero cost. It pays to keep an eye on prices for your cruise.
  3. I believe these Oasis rooms have sofas. The adjoining door is near the bathroom. This video shows an example of two balcony rooms. 9250 may be different since it adjoins a larger suite. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=dVFEcHup5I0
  4. We had 7250 and enjoyed it. Good - clear view of water straight down (no lifeboats). Balcony is only slightly larger on one side (1 foot). Bad - This room is adjoining to the suite next door. We prefer non-adjoining rooms - many do not have space for a sofa.
  5. We have done both more than once. We enjoy "The Saints" a little more - more greenery, more stops. If you enjoy time off the ship the saints is the better option, if you enjoy days at sea, than pick the 9 day. Both trips are wonderful.
  6. The CruiseTT website shows 2 ships for the day we are there in Sept for a total of 6300 guests (NOS and GOS). I am not happy about that, but will let you know how that goes. Nov and December show some larger totals ......up to 8000 guests (Anthem & Mariner). Time will tell
  7. Good idea - take the trolley from the ship toward the Fort (uphill). It is much easier to walk back toward the ship - downhill. There is a nice walkway along the waterfront at the base of the wall that has a nice fountain and some historical markers. They also have a bunch of street vendors in this area.
  8. Probably the same guy - Same description an story, from the mainland, just got mugged, dad was hurt and is in the hospital, just trying to get home. We have run into this a lot in our travels. You can only cry "wolf" one time with me.
  9. Agreed - it doesn't make sense to rent a car in SJU as a port stop. The ship docks in town if you arrive as a port stop. If you are you are sailing from SJU and staying on the island for more than a day it would be different The RC dock for cruises out of SJU is across town and not near any car rentals. We rented a car from the airport once and never had any issues driving around and dropped the car in Candado. There are some rough areas, but I felt safer in the car than when we were walking. I was confronted by a tourist that claimed he was robbed when walking thru OSJ. Most of Old San Juan is very nice and not too far to walk, but some areas are very steep with narrow sidewalks.
  10. We have enjoyed all of the shows, but look forward to seeing the new shows and renovations. Oasis refurb completion is planned for Nov 23, 2019 (7 months and counting). A new show / set can take years to organize, therefore a large # of people would know by now. I have been holding off booking Oasis again pending the RC enhancement details.
  11. The real question remains - what show will be replacing Cats? Has there been any info leaks...or just the typical requests?
  12. Same thing on Adventure - no water shoes on the slides. Small area before the steps where you leave your shoes.
  13. I agree with your decision. We tried the Boardwalk once and would not do it again. Any OV would be the best option, CP is OK as well.
  14. You will not feel any ocean spray, but the balcony glass will become coated with salt . They typically wash the balconies once a week.
  15. Which ship? It is a connecting cabin on Oasis/Allure, but does not appear to be a connecting on Harmony/Symphony. We love this location. I did not find any issue with crowds. This area of the ship has no lifeboats blocking your downward water view. Thanks
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