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  1. I agree with your decision. We tried the Boardwalk once and would not do it again. Any OV would be the best option, CP is OK as well.
  2. You will not feel any ocean spray, but the balcony glass will become coated with salt . They typically wash the balconies once a week.
  3. Which ship? It is a connecting cabin on Oasis/Allure, but does not appear to be a connecting on Harmony/Symphony. We love this location. I did not find any issue with crowds. This area of the ship has no lifeboats blocking your downward water view. Thanks
  4. We just arrived at Coco Cay - looks pretty rough from the ship.
  5. We are on Mariner now with Traditional dining on deck 5.
  6. Let me know if you have any questions. We enjoyed the ice show last night, but I’m not sure if “the key” is very successful. None of the reserved seats were used. Diamond lounge was was empty by 6pm.
  7. We will be sailing Mariner 4 day next week. I will post some pics from CocoCay in case you are interested. We have sailed Indy and enjoyed our longer cruises very much, but I wanted to experience CocoCay prior to the transformation. Cheap way to get out of the cold and give Mariner a try now that she is back in Florida. We were assigned Balcony room 1230 which provides a view forward as well as outward.
  8. Hello - We rarely take elevators and therefore prefer being in the back of the ship near the lobby exit. Benefits of this area: 1) No lifeboats below when you look down at the water 2) Quick access to central park if you stay on deck 8 3) Quick access to boardwalk and promenade if you stay on deck 6 4) Direct access from aft aqua theater stairs to deck 7 hallway 5) Close to dining (MDR, JRs, MiniBites, Windjammer…) Downside - when ship is on port it can be a longer walk to re-board.
  9. Thanks! Finally a step in the right direction. They added Bud Light on the Symphony, but this is better - too bad about the New Amsterdam
  10. We have done this after many cruises. Taxi or Uber drops you outside the rental car return for your chosen agency. You will need walk about 300 feet to reach the inside rental counter. I have found the savings more than covers the $15 taxi ride.
  11. This appears to be the new normal. The more I read CC the less I feel like making future cruise plans for 2020.
  12. I noticed separate areas in the Symphony Windjammer with Gluten free options. I only tried the desserts and ice cream. I hope you enjoy your cruise as much as we did.
  13. Park Cafe on Allure does not handle the crowds as well. The Deck 15 aft Mini-Bites restaurant is also smaller. No Bionic Bar - no big deal. Room layout/furniture is different - no USB ports. Otherwise it’s mostly minor differences in restaurants, lounges, decor.
  14. We have sailed all Oasis class ships recently including Symphony. Yes Symphony has some new restaurants and a much nicer solarium, but if you have not sailed Harmony then IMHO you should save $ and go with Harmony. Let me know if you have any questions regarding specific differences.
  15. Same problem on Symphony. Luckily another cruiser was nice enough to help others in until our rooms were available
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