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  1. This will be our first time in the steakhouse, was wondering what steak is served with the surf and turf? Is it one option or can u choose TY:DIA:D
  2. Anyone know if they did away with the form on Sailings out of NYC? TIA
  3. hi, nice review so to clarify I can order the filet as regular size with my lobster? if so thanks so much for the info, I can't wait. 66 days to go til Horizon.
  4. I didn't know that, will check into that thanks.
  5. Thank u. I have also been seeing a lot of medical evac stuff and it's scary to think about.
  6. Thank u soooo much This is exactly why I was asking. It can get so confusing.
  7. Not canceling at all at least I hope not to, and no $2000 won't ruin me especially since this trip set is about $10,000 so that's neither here nor there. I guess my biggest concern was with the ships Drs. for any unforeseen emergency. Medical evacs. Things of that nature. Never had trouble with my bags getting lost thankfully. Everyone is healthy thus far driving 30 minutes to the port so no air concern so I guess it'd be any slips trips falls at beach pool. things of that nature. Thank u for the insight of travel insurance, that's what I was interested in. U were very helpful.
  8. Thank u Mike and I said fresh because I really wasn't trying to read back through anything today as the baby has been very fussy and I really do need to purchase Something because we leave in 63 days. I'd been struggling with the decision to even purchase because as I'd mentioned I haven't before but now with the little one I want it to have peace of mind. Again thank u.
  9. Hey guys, I know that there are already threads on this but I need fresh advice. This will be our first cruise with the baby who's 1 year old. Normally we haven't used any insurance.. ( I know we took chances) but since We're traveling with the baby I'm not comfortable traveling this time without it. I need help. How does one choose insurance for a cruise? What do you look for? I need advice. Any and all help appreciated. may I please have suggestions and any experience dealing with them? Thank You in advance.
  10. Thank u, this IS supposed to be a laid back forum and if a question is posed and u have an answer then answer it if not move on was not on here to be grammatically correct. Sheesh
  11. Hi if u don't mind I'm just wondering who u found the insurance with, I'm still on the fence with companies. Thank u in advance.
  12. Can't wait to get your take on everything. Again welcome back.
  13. There is No Charge for canceling Steakhouse, ONLY Chef's Table. Happy Cruisin'.
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