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  1. Yes, Azura were proactive and we were mollified by their attitude to the problem on board. However, our hearts sank when the same problem occurred on Ventura and we discovered that, not only could it not be repaired, but the problem covered a number of cabins. So daiB, I am curious as to what you could have done that we didn't. Bearing in mind that the problem covered a number of cabins and we couldn't all be moved. I should have got off and stayed in Madeira for a few days.
  2. Wow! I found this comment rather insulting. I am the wrong type of customer? Just what does that even mean?! We reported the problem promptly, repeatedly to reception and Managers. The problem covered several decks and many cabins so we wouldn't all get suites, no matter suitable a 'type' we were or who we spoke to.
  3. We have cruised, roughly 20 times over all, with Princess, Celebrity, Cunard and most often with P&O. The cruises were spread over the last 15 years and have mostly been excellent. P&O tick a lot of boxes for us and as we live in Southampton it's a great holiday option. It's so disappointing that I have now been totally put off going on another cruise ship. 2 cruises in 6 months covering 19 days and 17 of them with a faulty loo is going to knock anybody's confidence. Azura resolved the problem in a proactive way that left us feeling mollified but Ventura did not deal with it well. We also felt somethings were'lost in translation' . Apparently our comments have been passed to guest services.🤞
  4. . Yep! I had got that's what you meant. I was appreciating your comment👍
  5. We feel that the ensuite balcony cabin we paid for was not fit for purpose. We paid with a debit card😒 so assume S75 would not apply.
  6. 😳 It wasn't 'enjoyable'. Also, it was not nice waking up in the middle of the night with a dodgy tummy with our loo situated 12 cabins away! I suppose we could have moved into the inside cabin but I find them claustrophobic which is why we always pay for a balcony.
  7. Azura must have been the exception then as they really made us feel that they were disappointed that our holiday enjoyment was being impaired and really made an effort. Maybe it was because only our loo broke down on Azura whereas Ventura got overwhelmed with a widespread problem. Crikey! Am i sticking up for Ventura! Nooooo! 🤦‍♀️
  8. Yep! P&O provide a great product. I accept we have been unlucky. The way this last incident has been dealt with, plus it's happened twice this year has shaken our confidence, well mainly my confidence. I'm looking at land based holidays for next year and husband is not best pleased as he really loves cruising. I just don't know
  9. I do hope people are not implying we put unsuitable items down the toilet! I am aware if others do it has a knock on effect. As far as I'm aware, it was a part that needed replacing on the Ventura system and on our loo on Azura. On both cruises we were told it was an unexpected breakdown of a valve or part of the vacuum system.
  10. We have had a number of cruises with P&O and they were excellent. I'm sure you will have a super time. I think we have been super unlucky (which has put me off). We had an expectation of the way we would be treated and it didn't happen which has miffed us(polite way of putting it) The wait, stewards were wonderful and the food was just tooo good. As my waistline would prove. Go and have a wonderful time.
  11. We did complain within hours of boarding ( hate that word as we just don't like to complain. We prefer to go with the flow) or we reported the problem promptly, frequently and politely. We be in contact with P&O cruises and hopefully there will be a better response. Thank you for the email address.
  12. On both ships the problem was reported to reception a few hours after boarding. We were in contact with our Stewards, Receptions, Reception Managers and Deck Managers on both ships. Azura were very pro active and we were happy enough with how they dealt with the situation. The loo was fixed after 3 hours work by the head engineer after 5 days. Ventura did not deal with the situation very well in our opinion. My understanding is that the 'vacuum' problem affected a number of cabins and could not be fixed. All malfunctions were repeatedly reported and logged as per instructed by the deck manager to be passed onto head office. But this still resulted in a poor response from customer services on board who were invisible.
  13. These were our 7th and 8th cruises with P&O and had always been satisfied flushers. No point in saying the cabin number as it was a system that failed causing a number of toilets to pack up. Unfortunately, we were so reasonable about it others got moved and we, didn't. However, we did have the use of an empty inside cabin about 12 cabins along our deck to trot along to. We had no choice but to make it work. It's not ideal when of a certain age or when you've over indulged but let's not go there. We felt very down when we realised we had been unlucky with the loo, again! I wanted to get off when we got to Madeira but was persuaded to stay..The last two nights, as we rocked and rolled in storm force gales, I lay awake thinking, "I'm never doing this again!!!" but DH loves cruising. On a positive note, the food was great, as was Madeira, Las Palmas, Lisbon and we met lovely people.
  14. We have just got off Ventura and the toilet in our cabin was faulty the whole 12 night cruise. The last cruise we had in May, our toilet was out of action for 5 days out of a 7 night cruise but at least Azura dealt with it to our satisfaction, Ventura did not. This happening two cruises in a row is just depressing. Trudging round the public decks in a dressing gown early in the morning is just frustrating, embarrassing and inconvenient. At least on a land based holiday we could be moved to another hotel if needs be. Have we been extraordinarily unlucky or is it happening more? Should I give up cruises, this cruise line or book up and take my own chamber pot?! To P&O or not to P&O. That is the question
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