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  1. Thank you all. We are 53 days out. Wondering if I should just go with this price drop or wait even longer? At what point did you find the second set of further reductions?
  2. Hello, I see that the cruise price has dropped for our November cruise. It is already paid in full. I could swear that I read somewhere about people receiving onboard credit if their cruise and there room category dropped in price. Can I call and receive an onboard credit? Also, what about the additional $50 excursion perk that has been recently offered? I see some people getting that added to their cruise, but wonder if that applies to us since we are already paid in full? Thank you in advance!
  3. Hi, Do you bring the NCL towels off the ship with you on port days? Are they bulky? In the past when we have cruised another line, we brought thin towels from home to bring to ports since the ship towels were heavy and bulky. What do you typically do? Trying to pack less this time. Thanks!
  4. Hello, Can you disembark at the ports at the time listed on the itinerary, or is that the time the ship gets into port? For example, the itinerary says we arrive in Roatan at 10 am....is that when we can get off the ship? Thanks in advance!
  5. Hello, My DH, kids and I would all like to access the NCL app for chatting (I know there is a charge) and planning, Does everyone make a different account and sign in with our reservation number? Or should we all sign in under one account? I'm assuming it's the first option, but want to make sure......Thanks!
  6. Hello, Can someone please link the current Escape dailies here. I want to try to plan out shows, comedy shows, and dinners. Thanks!
  7. Hello, I want to book shows on the Escape in November, but only After Midnight is bookable. Is the other main show The Choir of Man? It says book on board. Also, how long are they? Thanks!
  8. Our cruise with the airfare promotion is coming up in a few weeks. We are happy with our flights. We were given direct flights in both directions on American...Newark/Miami. Flying two days early and getting in at 2pm. The flight after we disembark is not until 7:45 pm, but since it's direct we are happy and have booked a day rate at a hotel ($89) for an extra day of swimming. Originally, our return seats were not together, but a call to American quickly fixed that (they put in we were a family and they opened up upgraded seats for us to be together).
  9. Hi, taking our first NCL cruise in 2 weeks. Now another family wants us to also go with them in November on a different NCL cruise. I see there is a 20% past cruiser discount but it looks like it is only for cruises after 2020. Also, I see the Cruise Next Certificates, but not sure we can use them if the cruise is 2 or 2 1/2 months later? The "get all promotions" special is running now, and I don't want to miss that either by waiting until late August to book the November cruise. What would you do? Thanks!
  10. Hello, we will be arriving 2 days prior to our NCL cruise which embarks out of Miami in a few weeks. We want to stay in South Beach for the 2 nights at a place that is reasonably priced and either on the beach or near it, with a pool, in an area with restaurants and things to do. We will have our 2 kids (14 and 12) with us. Can you please recommend hotels? We are unfamiliar and the listings are numerous. Thanks in advance!
  11. Hello. Is it possible to modify a specialty dining reservation party size? For example if the reservation is for 6 people and only 4 people ultimately decide to go?
  12. Thanks a bunch! Do you know what time we can access our room (to dump the carry-ons)?
  13. Hi, we will be cruising on NCL for the first time next month. What time can we go to the port/board? What time can we access our room? Thanks!
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